Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Fill in the Gaps" - April 18

The show begins with Mike and Jodi staying up late together. Jodi made a bet that she really didn't make, but Mike insists she did. The bet was if Jody loses on a card game, she would strip and jump in the pool. Apparently she lost and now she strips nude and jumps into the pool. Neither Mike nor Jodi have mentioned what kind of card game they played, but my guess would be poker.

Tina is with Rachel, Tonya, and Veronica over at their bedroom. Tina shows off some of her model pictures to Veronica. Tonya mentions that the other three girls are a team and that she isn't part of it. They in no way respect her and she's a joke to them. Jodi talks with Derrick, a friend of her. Sure they have friendship now, but it may soon be put to the test.

The teams receive their next clue on their T-Mobile Sidekick II devices. They are told to go to the Grand Bay Hotel tomorrow at 10:30 AM and to wear their Speedo swimsuits and sneakers.

The next morning, the teams are now at the hotel for their next challenge called "Fill in the Gaps". The objective goes like this, there are two plexiglass walls (one for each team). Behind each wall is a 200-gallon tank filled with water. The hoses connect from the tank to the holes on the wall. The goal is to hold back the water by blocking as many of the holes as possible. The team who loses the most amount of water in the quickest amount of time loses. The team who keeps the most water in their tank in the longest time wins. A team's time clock will stop when the water in their tank goes below the marked line. Each team will split up into two groups and two heats will be played. One group of each team will play one heat while the other groups will play the other heat.

Landon Tina
Julie Rachel
Shavonda Dan
Darrell Abe

The groups are the being told by host Mirra a quick piece of advice...which is to think "airtight." Dave sounds the horn and the mission begins. The Good Guys tank has 50% of empty while the Bad Asses have 35% their tank empty. Then the Good Guys' tank is 85% empty and the Bad Asses' tank is 75% empty. When the clock reaches 3 minutes and 48 seconds, the Good Guys run out of water. The Bad Asses win the first heat by being out of water at 4 minutes and 10 seconds. We'll see if the Good Guys can win the next heat.

Mike CT
Jamie Derrick
Jodi Tonya
Brad Veronica

The Good Guys are trying their hardest while the Bad Asses are being given good directing by Dan. But eventually the Good Guys empty their tank first giving mission to the Bad Asses. The BA's official time was 6 minutes and 11 seconds while the GG's official time was 5 minutes and 35 seconds. The Good Guys are now starting to feel discouraged. They feel upset at the way that the Bad Asses keep winning. Mike mentions that after the missions they can't even look at them. After the Bad Asses add another $10K, they now have $50K in their TBA while the Good Guys still have $20K. Host Dave announces that it's time for deliberations for the Inferno. This time the women will take their turn.

During the deliberations, the Good Guys want to do anything possible to win. They throw out the names Tonya and Veronica. Jodi says that if she goes in, she'd rather go up against Veronica. While Shavonda and Jamie are feeling comfortable with Tonya. A plan is made that if whatever name the Bad Asses call out, when they go first, they will base their decision on that at the last minute. Jodi believes that it's not dishonest, we'll see about that. Meanwhile, the Bad Asses are thinking about Jodi being the nominee, while Derrick says he can't bring himself to vote for her, since they are such good friends. We now see Derrick and Jodi's friendship being put to the test.

It's now time for the teams to announce their Inferno nominees. The Bad Asses go first and just as the Good Guys plan, they nominate Jodi. Jodi then calls out Veronica's name. Later, Rachel overhears the Good Guys' plan and informs the Bad Asses about it, which angers them. They think it was a shady move and they are wimps for doing it. Even Derrick confronts Jodi about it, telling her it was dishonest and unlike her. Jodi denies the wrongdoing, although it hurt her knowing Derrick is upset at her.

Later on that night, the conflict boils over with the two teams. The Bad Asses angrily confront Jodi, Tina said it was definitely a "punk ass" move on her part. Jodi feels ganged up on, and the Bad Asses are using intimidation on her and know she's not mentally ready to take on the mess she just made. The Good Guys say it was all part of strategy and don't feel guilty about it. Mike tells Jodi the game always gets like this, but she starts crying, buckling under the pressure. And that's where this episode ends.

Will the Bad Asses intimidation send Jodi into the Inferno?
Will the Good Guys bounce back from their losing streak?

We'll find out the answers to these questions and much more next time in the Inferno.

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