Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Dodge Yer Balls" - April 11
We start the episode with Karamo talking to Tina about the previous deliberation with some of the BA guys for the Inferno.  Karamo is not feeling too confident about what's to come in the competition.  He talks to Dan about how Landon would be easier to beat in the next Inferno mission.  Karamo also says he would rather lose to Landon, than to Mike.
Over at the hot tub C.T. talks to Abe about who they think is gonna win the 'life shield'.  Abe thinks it would be either him, C.T., or anyone except Karamo.  We'll see if they're right about that.  The teams receve their next clue on the T-Mobile Sidekick devices.  They're told to wear their swimsuits and sneakers and to get on the bus tomorrow at 5 AM.  The teams go to the beach for the next mission where they meet host Mirra.  This next mission is called "Dodge Yer Balls", which is a straight up game of dodgeball.  The object is to eliminate all the players from the opposing team.  They may do this by hitting an opposing player with a ball or by catching a ball thrown by a member of an opposing team.  Both of the teams will split up into two groups.  The winners of each group will then compete against each other in a final game to determine the mission's winners.  The winners of the mission will add $10K to their team bank account.  A member of each team who performs the best will each recieve the 'life shield'...and a Dell Inspirion 700m laptop computer.  The teams are so stoked on the rewards and Mike wants all of that.  Oh...and one more thing...they'll be playing dodgeball on the floating platforms.  When one group is playing, the other group will be in the water to fetch the balls and give them back to the team that's actually playing at that time.
Then host Mirra gives out some more information.  Each player must participate and each team will start with five balls each.  They can use the balls to defend themselves.  However, if they block a ball and their balls fall out of their hands, then they're out.  If a deflected ball hits another teammate, they are not out because it has to be a direct hit.  If a player catches a ball, they'll bring back someone else into play.  And thus ends the rules portion of the mission.
The teams then set up their order of play.  While Rachel is helping the Bad Asses set up their strategy, Karamo thinks they're using too much of it.  He says they're playing simple dodgeball and it's either you can catch it, or you're getting pegged.  Karamo also runs into another problem, the water at that beach is cold and he hates cold water, this could be a problem for the Bad Asses.  The Good Guys have to win this mission to balance this whole competition according to Mike.
Both teams are ready and have their orders.  Then Dave asks if there's anyone not participating.  Karamo is starting to make the choice of bowing out, but Tina interrupts by saying he's participating.  Host Mirra reminds the players that they must participate.  If they don't participate, their individual team split up will forfeit the match.  Here are the pairings for round 1.
Round 1
CT Julie
Abram Shavonda
Derrick Jamie
Rachel Jodi
The Bad Asses know that they're gonna eliminate them one by one.  They've talked Karamo a little bit into stepping into the cold water.  Then...all hell breaks loose!  Some members of the Good Guys team scream when they find a snake in the water.  Unfortunately, this isn't helping Karamo's fear of the cold water and he eventually bows out.  Hey Karamo, how can you expect to come a challenge and not get wet?  Hello!  C.T. says Karamo is honestly not good to their team.  Because of his participation problem, it's kind of easy to see why.
The mission begins when the big blue ball (thrown by Dave) hits the water.  And just like that, C.T., Abe, Derrick, Rachel, and Tina dominated in round 1.  We then move on to round 2, but Karamo is staying put getting the Bad Asses disqualified.  That means the Good Guy group of Brad, Darrell, Landon, and Mike win round 2.  It all comes down to the third and final round to determine the challenge winners.  The Good Guys fought tooth and nail, but it wasn't enough to knock out the Bad Asses giving them another win.  The Bad Asses total is now at $40,000 while the Good Guys total stays at $20K.  The recipients of the 'life shields' are Landon for the Good Guys and C.T. for the Bad Asses.  They also each receive that Dell Inspiron 700m laptop computer.  They've also got to decide if they want to use the shields at the Inferno.
Landon talks to his teammates about him sacrificing himself into the Inferno, but Mike disagrees.  Mike has never lost an Inferno like that and he's a good pressure player.  According to Landon, if Mike goes into the Inferno, he might actually kill Karamo.  And of course Landon doesn't want that and he wants that pleasure of sending Karamo home.
The teams are now in the Inferno and Landon is thinking about the decision to save Mike.  Mike and Karamo now enter and walk to the center to Dave.  Landon then decides to sacrifice himself and save Mike, being confident in his decision much to Mike's dismay.  C.T. decides not to save Karamo after his bow-out in the previous mission thinking that he's definitely going home.  Tonight's Inferno game is called "Knock Your Block Off". To objective is to knock off their opponents block off their helmet while jousting.  A hit below the belt enacts a disqualification.  If any of the players step out of the perimeter, they'll be set back in and restart.  The gong sounds to start the competition.  In the end Landon wins rejoining the Good Guys, and as for the Bad Asses, they'll continue without Karamo.  Abe, C.T., and Derrick didn't give Karamo any goodbyes because, according to Abe, he didn't have any dignity and does not deserve respect.  Karamo calls Abram, C.T., and Derrick b*tches to him as he gives his final words and leaves for home.  As for Mike, he is relieved that Landon won the Inferno game.
Closing this episode, the teams go to a nightclub dancing and stuff.  The Bad Asses realize that the stress they endure is helping them win.
Will the Bad Asses' stress win them their next mission? Will the Good Guys get back to their winning ways?  We'll find out the answers to these questions next time on the Inferno II.

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