Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
Catch it: 10p ET MTV Mondays

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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Riddle Me This" - May 16

On the night after the Inferno, both the Good Guys and the Bad Asses are out partying at the local nightclub. Both Landon and Derrick have had quite a few drinks. They begin playing around with each other which leads to them wrestling against the van and on the street. While Landon is slightly scraped up, Derrick ends up with a lacerated ear. When they arrive back to their lodges, Landon is now black out drunk and collapses asleep on his bed. Everyone then begins writing things on his back such as "Enter Penis Here", "I Love Landon", etc. Derrick returns from the hospital with stitches on his ear. He then decides to get back at Landon by shaving a part of his hair off his head, leaving him with a bald spot. Note to Landon, don't mess with Derrick, under the influence or not.

The next morning, Landon wakes up to find the "novel written on his back" and a bald spot. Derrick and him laugh about it, and they try to decide what to do about it. Landon decides to shave his head down the middle, leaving him with a little hair on the sides. Back in the first Inferno, Abe showed us the Mohawk. Now Landon shows us a much different haircut. He likes it, mentioning it looks cool on him. Tonya still has beliefs that Tina, Rachel, and Veronica think of her as a weak link and exclude her. But Tonya still is capable of doing the challenges no matter what they say. Julie comes to Tonya with some support.

The teams receive their next clue via text messaging and they're being told to be ready to leave by 11 AM and to wear team colors, swimsuits, and sneakers.

The teams arrive at Isla Navidad for their next mission that's aptly called "Riddle Me This". Each team has a piņata of a cow and a wolf, a haystack, and a rowboat. The teams must solve the riddle and transport the items across the lake in accordance to what the answer to the riddle requires. Only their arms and hands are allowed for rowing. Already, Julie believes she knows the answer to the riddle. The cow can't be left alone with the hay because it will eat it. Likewise, the wolf can't be left alone with the cow because it will eat it.

During their strategizing, the BAs are really beginning to butt heads. The level of their arguments have been increasing each mission, and now they've raised their bar. The GGs on the other hand, couldn't be more unified. As the mission starts, the teams go to their separate boards and then open their covers to reveal the following...

Your team must get a cow, a wolf, and a stack of hay across the lagoon to the island. You can only carry one item at a time in your boat. You can't leave the cow and the wolf toghether or the wolf will eat the cow. You can't leave the cow and the hay toghether or the cow will eat the hay. The first team to safely get all three items to the island will win this challenge.

They start working together and, sure enough, Julie was right about the riddle. Both teams must now transport the items. The BAs seem to have the early lead at first, but then water begins to get into their boat and have an affect on their rowing. They all start screaming and yelling at each other during the mission, while the GGs are a few inches ahead of them. To get ahead, they decide to try and block the GGs' boat to prevent them from leaving the dock. Unfortunately their plan backfires when their team boat starts sinking and they must evacuate their boat. The GGs reach the shore first and win the mission. They then sit back and laugh at the BAs' situation. It's clear that, on the Bad Ass team, their forceful personalities are clashing. Everyone wants to take charge and nobody on that team is really thinking clearly. Rachel belives that time has finally caught up with them. They have been fighting all this time, and they've always managed to win. But this time, it has bitten them right in their bad asses. The team decides they should try and work together more.

Dave congratulates the Good Guys on winning "Riddle Me This" as he gives the check for $10,000 to be added to their team bank account. The Good Guys now have $50,00 in their TBA while the Bad Asses still have $60,000. Now it's time for nominations for the upcoming Inferno. It's a women's Inferno this time, and the teams break off to make their decisions.

The Good Guys have their deliberations over who they should pick. Julie says she's confident going against Veronica. Shavonda and Jamie say that if they are going in, Tonya is their best bet. With the Bad Asses, on the other side of the coin, it's no question. They decide unaimously to nominate Julie. The BAs think Julie is the strongest Good Guy female right now, and they want to take her out. They warn Veronica that if Julie knows she's going in, she's going to probably gun for Veronica. But Jodi's infamous vote switch leaves Veronica to wonder if they will target her again and switch their vote. Rachel goes over to the Good Guys' lodge and asks them if they plan on switching their vote again. The GGs say no and they'll play clean, but Julie silently admits to herself that she's thinking about it.

It's now time to announce the nominees for the dreaded Inferno. The Bad Asses choose Julie this time. Before the Good Guys announce, Veronica gets up thinking it's going to be her. But they didn't and they call out Tonya instead. The two women now must prepare for battle against each other. Tina, who we all know doesn't really like Tonya, is anticipating the Inferno. She jokes that it's a match between the Devil and Jesus.

Will the Good Guys win the next mission to even up the score?
Will Julie survive elimination?

Tune in next time on the Inferno II.

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