Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"What A Drag" - May 9

After a night of partying at a local nightclub, both teams get into their vans. The Good Guys start to get playful and Mike grabs Brad's undershorts and starts giving him an atomic wedgie. Mike did this as a joke, but somehow Brad gets more and more irritated with it. Then, the Miz plays a little too rough and rips the elastic off Brad's undershorts which drives him into insanity. Already a little drunk, Brad runs out of the van and has a fit. The Good Guys continue their laughter, not taking it that seriously. Back at the lodges, it's clear that Brad's angry at Mike. Mike doesn't see what the big deal is and tells Brad it was just a joke, but Brad doesn't see much humor in it. The teams receive their next clue telling them to hurry up and catch the bus at 9:30 AM and to wear sneakers and team colors.

It's now morning and it's also time for the next challenge. Mike's amped, wanting to win either the Life Shield or tonight's Inferno. And it is a very anticipated Inferno, seeing that Abram and Mike are two very strong competitors in the Inferno II.

Once the team's get to the location for their challenge, they see host Dave driving a car down the closed road. Dave hops out and welcomes the teams to their mission, "What A Drag". This mission is a drag race between two players. They must drive their cars down the road and their time stops once they stop at their finish line. In front of the finish line is a wall of margarita glasses. If thier car hits the glasses, they will be penalized with the slowest time plus an additional 5 minutes. The team with the fastest total time wins the mission and adds $10K to their Team Bank Account. A player of each team who completes their time trials the fastest will win the Life Shields. The teams break off to decide the driving orders and soon the mission starts. Although he's not presently going to the Inferno, Brad wants to win the Life Shield. He's worried that if Mike wins it he'll send him into the Inferno.

1. Shavonda VS. Dan - Shavonda finishes at 14.86 seconds while Dan finishes at 15.54 seconds.

2. Jamie VS. Rachel - Rachel hits the finish line first at 15.48 seconds. Jamie clocks in at 15.67 seconds.

3. Julie VS. CT - During that race, CT's car breaks down giving Julie the lead. Because CT has too much muscle for the car, it's out of commission and the races have been reverted to single slot races. CT restarts his time trial establishing a time 14.46 seconds. Then Julie restarts her time trial clocking in at 15.50 seconds.

The Good Guys are winning with 14.99 seconds. The Bad Asses total time is at 15.16 seconds.

4. Tina has her turn to race setting up a time of 17.93 seconds. While Darrell estabilishes a time of 16.16 seconds.

The Good Guys are still winning with a total time of 15.54 seconds. The Bad Asses are closing in on them with a total of 15.85 seconds.

5. Tonya goes first clocking in 19.16 seconds. Brad finishes with a time of 14.16 seconds.

6. Veronica goes first in meeting the rubber on the road with a time of 16.83 seconds. Mike met the rubber on the road faster with 14.01 seconds.

7. Derrick drives next with a time of 25.10 seconds. Landon takes the car next, but in a moment of stupidity, he crashed into the wall of glass giving him the total time of 5 minutes and 25.10 seconds.

The Good Guys are now hoping that Abram screws his race up to give them their back their win.

8. Abram goes last in the challenge and does break the glass clocking in at 14.80 seconds.

And thus, the Good Guys did not recover from Landon's screwup giving taking them out of their winning streak. The BAs now have raised their TBA total to $60,000. The GGs TBA total is still at $40,000. The bad asses are now stoked to win again. They even take a few steps to more team unification. And now the winners of the Life Shield are revealed. CT of the BAs won it with a time of 14.46 seconds. And Mike of the GGs won it with a time of 14.01 seconds. Abram is definitely going to the Inferno while Mike has to pick Brad, Darrell, or Landon. Mike's very excited to have won his third Life Shield and rubs it in the BAs faces a bit. Now it's time to decide which of males are going to be sent in Mike's place. The team decides the only fair way is to draw names out of a hat. They do so and Brad's name is drawn in coincidence. The other guys encourage him, saying he can beat Abram. Darrell mentions he's feeling a little bad about it because he feels he has had the lesser performance in the missions.

The nightfall is here and so is the Inferno! Everyone knows it is going to be the most intense Inferno yet. Abram will be competeing and Mike (the Life Shield winner) decides to have Brad take his place. Both the men are such strong assets to their teams that it would hurt their teams greatly if they were to be eliminated. Tonight's Inferno game is called "Balls In". Both players will start with 5 balls. The object is for them to try and move past their opponent and dunk the ball into the basket placed in the middle of a drawn circle. Hmmm, it kinda sounds like the Powerball event on American Gladiators. If they leave the circle with the ball in their hand, it's considered a dead ball. Also, if the ball is knocked out of their own hands, it's also considered a dead ball. Getting the ball in the basket is worth 1 point, and the player with the most points at the end gets to stay.

The game starts and Abram does all he can to analiate Brad including talking trash. Both Abram and Brad let themselves loose in this game. You can feel the tension in the air in the game as both men fight, push, and struggle to prove themselves. Abe went first in scoring goals while Brad did the defending. When Abe's turn is over, he scored three points. Then the roles are reversed with Brad scoring goals and Abe defending. After four balls were used up, Brad has two points. He needs the last ball to count, but at the last moment...he missed! Oh, what an upset! Abe wins 3 to 2 taking out Brad of the GGs best players. Tina mentions the BAs are taking the Good Guys out one by one.

That means Brad will be going home tonight. Abram feels great after winning, and yells up to the Good Guys for anyone else to come and take him on. This rubs Darrell the wrong way as he gets mad, telling Abram he'll kick his ass if he talks like that again. His team tries to calm him down as they say goodbye to Brad. The Good Guys take the loss pretty hard, knowing how valuable Brad is to their team and how much they'll truly miss him.

With Brad gone, will the Good Guys get back to their winning streak or get pummeled by the Bad Asses on the next mission?

Find out next time in the Inferno II.

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