Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Time to Ride" - May 23

The episode starts with Tonya and Julie talking about their upcoming Inferno challenge. Julie would rather go against someone she hates, like Veronica. The teams receive their next clue via text messaging. It tells them to meet at the Marina by 10 AM and to wear team colors and tennis shoes. After receiving the clue, the bad Asses want to redeem themselves from the Good Guys destroying them in the "Riddle Me This" mission. Tonya also notices how Rachel, Veronica, and Tina are trying to be nice to her because she could win the 'life shield' and send them into the Inferno.

The teams get to the Marina and they see Dave and a bunch of Kicker 5150 Mini-Hogs. They'll be used in this challenge called "Time To Ride". Each of the players must balance on the bike and try to get across one of the two designated courses: a 16-inch wide path (Short Cut) or the 4 foot wide obstacle course (Long Run). Each player will choose which course they want and get across it in the fastest time possible. The team with the fastest total time wins the mission. Players are disqualified for either falling off the course and landing in the water or using their feet too much on the bike. And the racers of each team who get to the finish line the quickest will receive a 'life shield'.

Tonya makes it clear that she wants the 'life shield'. Everyone gets excited about riding the motorbikes. Having a little fun with the mission, The Miz (Mike) paints on a moustache on himself.

The mission begins and here's a look at how some of the players did...

Abram-Short Cut: Falls in getting disqualified.
Mike-Long Run: He loses control of his bike en route towards the finish line also getting him DQed.
C.T.-Long Run: Completed in 2 min 50 sec.
Landon-Long Run: Completed in 1 min 49 sec.
Tina-Long Run: Completed in 3 min 29 sec.
Shavonda-Long Run: She gets disqualified because her feet wasn't on the pedals the whole time.
Dan-Long Run: Completed in 1 min 46 sec.
Darrell-Long Run: Completed 3 min 16 sec
Veronica-Long Run: As with Shavonda, her feet were also not on the pedals getting her DQed.
Jamie-Long Run: Fell in the water leading to disqualification.
Rachel-Long Run: Same situation as Jamie's.

Both teams now have three disqualifications.

Julie-Short Cut: Julie goes against the team's advice of using the long path. Before she starts her turn, she says "The road to God is straight and narrow." Sorry, Julie the road led you into the water for a DQ.
Derrick-Long Run: Completed in 57 seconds.

Tonya takes her last turn taking the Long Run and has completed the course in a really good time which wasn't given.

In the end the Bad Asses win the mission with a time of 4 minutes and 11 seconds, incurring three DQs. The Bad Asses lost with a time of 4 minutes and 41 seconds, incurring 4 DQs. Julie's disqualification has caused the GGs to hand over the $10,000 check to the BAs. The BAs TBA total is now at $70,000 while the GGs total stands at $50,000. The recipients of the 'life shield' are Landon from the GGs with 1 min and 49 sec and Derrick with 57 sec.

Since none of the girls have won the 'life shield', it'll definitely be Julie playing against Tonya in the Inferno. Tonya says that although she didn't win the Shield, she enjoyed making the other girls squirm a little.

Nightfall is approaching and everyone knows what time it is...yes! It's Inferno time! Both teams meet up and both Julie and Tonya enter the fiery pit. They play the next Inferno game called "Patch Work". In "Patch Work", both women will be wearing gym suits with 27 patches of the opposite team on them. They must rip the patches off their opponents gym suits and put them in their baskets. The player with the most patches wins and stays in the completion while the runner-up goes home. Tonya gets fired up, and is ready to take Julie down, for the most part, just to prove herself to those girls. Dave bangs the gong and the girls start going at each other, trying to rip their opponents patches off. In the end, Julie ripped off 22 patches and Tonya ripped off...23 patches! You can't get any closer than that folks. Julie has been claimed a casualty in the Inferno and she's going home.

Tonya wins the Inferno, much to her excitement. As Julie's team says goodbye to her, their morale is dropping, as each of their players are being taken out one by one in the Inferno. However, Tina's a little upset that Tonya won by just one patch. Tonya says she doesn't care how she won, she's just glad that she proved she was just as strong as the other girls and could rub it in their faces.

With Julie gone, will the Good Guys prevail and rub victory in the faces of the Bad Asses in the next challenge?

We'll see about that next time in the Inferno II.

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