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Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Shirt Off Your Back" - April 4

This episode begins with Beth packing up her belongings. And according to Beth, It has been really hard for her to sleep. She wouldn't have to feel like she doesn't know where her property is. Beth says she needs to leave and there are other things she could be doing. And this stress is not worth it to her. Beth comes to Karamo for help with her bags. He's the only person on the Bad Asses team whom Beth is comfortable talking with. Beth tells Karamo that she's leaving the competition and also feels that her property isn't safe here. It was the team that drove her to leave and not to participate. And Beth couldn't be in a situation where she doesn't feel safe. Beth knew she could probably make it to the end of the competition and keep screwing the Bad Asses over even more. But Beth just doesn't want to deal with it anymore. Karamo is trying to convince Beth that it's not going to happen again; And that the teammates who don't have any drama with Beth have told her it won't happen again. However, Beth is still "gung ho" on going home. Beth said that in the real world she would never let anyone treat her in that way. She really thinks those people are evil. Beth hugs some of her teammates and then takes off for home.

Over at the hot tub, some of the guys and Julie were talking about the situation with Beth. Then they receive their next clue on their T-Mobile Sidekick device. They're told to leave at 11:30 AM and to wear team colors. Mike and Abe are talking about how they disliked the Bad Assess gunning for Mike and the Good Guys are gunning for Abe. According to Mike, people think that him and Abe have an alliance. He doesn't have an alliance with anybody and he wants the best competition to make it to the end and the same is for Abe. However, Dan is thinking there may be alliances.

The teams go to Marina Puerto de la Navidad for the next mission with the exception of Beth who has already gone home. The next mission is called "Shirt Off My Back". The teams will put on sets of Speedo clothing and then be lined up on the beams. The object is to take their set of clothes to be passed to their teammates. To begin they must put their clothes on the order displayed on the racks. The girls will always keep their bikini layers on while the guys have to wear those Speedos. The girls have to wear three shirts and two pairs of shorts. The guys have to wear three pairs of shorts and two shirts. They have to take the clothes to be traded to the on the teammate to the right of themselves. If they fall off the beam, the must go to the back of the line but still have to do the trading of clothes with the time remaining.

The teams get themselves changed and, according to Julie, those guys look amazing in those Speedos. Apparently for her, it's said that the guys have bigger boobs than her. Mike's speedo somehow isn't complementing his body. The teams are now lined up and the mission begins at the sound of the horn. The Good Guys are starting to feel the shakiness of their beam as they're doing the changing. The Bad Asses are also feeling the shakiness of their beam. Then Dan falls in and gets his clothes wet which gets a sticky feeling. Then the Good Guys give a signal that they're done with the changing. And after Dave checks things out, they get their second consecutive win an another $10K to their team bank account. The Bad Asses still have $30K in their account while the Good Guys raise theirs to $20K. Now its time for the teams to consider their nominations for the Inferno. This time it's men only.

During the Bad Asses deliberation, Karamo disagreed with C.T., Derrick, and Abe on who to nominate for the Inferno calling their votes weak. But Abe voted for someone else instead of Mike. After the deliberations are done, the Bad Asses nominate Mike into the Inferno while the Good Guys nominate Karamo. They grab their figures and place them in the Inferno mini mock-up. According to Mike, he had already won two life shields previously. Karamo was a little pissed because his male teammates didn't listen to him about nominating Mike. C.J. then says in the past couple of days Karamo's attitude has been wearing on people. He also says there's no chance he'll win the 'life shield' tomorrow and it's gonna be him, Abe, and Derrick. C.T. also goes on to say Karamo dug his own grave now he's gonna get buried.

Over at the lounge, Abe talks to Derrick about how he doesn't think he can vote for Mike again. Abe says if one more person accuses him of having an alliance, his patience will likely run out. Then Tina starts talking with Mike and Veronica about alliances. Then she accused Mike of having an alliance with Abe, and then he got pissed. And as the show closes, he throws out a glass.

Wow, this competition has surely got more and more hot! You'll have to tune in next time in the Inferno to see what happens next.

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