Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Never Ending Climb" - May 2

At the top of the show, we see some of the players partying and going crazy. This is mostly to release the stress of the game. Abe makes a confession to Dan that he's still pissed that some people believe he's Mike's ally. Dan tells him that Tina was the main source of this idea. He says she's full of crap and doesn't know what she's talking about half of the time. Mike, on the other hand, is worried about the upcoming nominations for the Inferno. It seems that he's always a target during the Men's nominations and he really can't understand why. Tonya's becoming more and more upset about the way she's being treated by Veronica, Rachel, and Tina. She just wishes they would treat her with a little more respect.

On the morning of the mission, some people are discussing their relationships with their families. Jamie asks Tonya the one thing she hoped she didn't ask, if she was close to her parents. Tonya replied no because she was shipped around in foster care most of her childhood. Jamie now can see how Tonya's need to be loved is still inside her.

The teams arrive for their next challenge, "Never Ending Climb". They see a huge setup with ladders and walkways that are held by a crane high above in the air. According to the rules both teams will compete in separate heats. Each player will climb up the contraption and pick up five beaded necklaces, come down to solid ground, and place them in their team's bowl. Each team will have collected a total of 40 necklaces in all. Since the Good Guys have only seven participants left, they must pick one player to run twice because. The team who collects all their necklaces in the fastest average time wins this mission. A 1-minute time penalty will be incurred for whenever a player falls off the contraption before getting the necklace. A 5-minute penalty will be incurred for each player who backs out of the mission. Those penalties will be added to their total times if necessary.

While the BAs are strategizing, Dan's becoming increasingly annoyed with Tina. Her, Veronica, and Rachel are pushing themselves to the forefront, trying to forcefully strategize for their team. Some how, it gets a little too forceful for Dan when they question his abilities to perform the mission. Dan's not the only one feeling the heat, when Tonya mentions she used to be a rock climber and can do it, the other girls scoff at her. Borrowing a quote from Rodney Dangerfield, she gets no respect, no respect all.

In the Bad Asses heat, Veronica is making good progress until her necklace gets caught in her harness slowing her down. During Tonya's turn, she gets disrespected by Tina, Veronica, and Rachel. Tina has had enough after Tina, Veronica, and Rachel stepped away from her. During Derricks turn, he fell off before getting the necklace which means he must wait one minute on the ground before completing on his second attempt. Here's a look at the times they've recorded.
Player Time
Veronica 3:47
Tina 4:17
Rachel 8:24
Dan 13:09
Tonya 15:49
CT 19:53
Abe 23:30
Derrick 31:37

If the GGs don't screw this up, they may have another win on record. But before their heat, Julie becomes very emotional. She begins crying and says she hates heights. Her team is hoping she'll be able to pull off a good time. Landon takes a slow approach to the contraption. Mike somehow gets stuck at the first level, but later on he falls off. However, because he grabbed the necklace before falling off, he's safe from disqualification. When it's Julie's turn, she has a hard time climb up to the second level and saying some curse words in the process. But her cursing helped her get through the mission without any more problems. Landon gets his second run to complete the GGs heat and here are the recorded times.
Player Time
Landon 3:10
Mike 8:36
Brad 12:47
Jamie 17:40
Darrell 20:00
Shavonda 21:06
Julie 23:56
Landon 23:46

In the end, the Bad Asses recorded an average time of 31:37. The Good Guys recorded an average time off...27:11...they win! The GGs TBA is now up to $40,000 while the BAs TBA is stuck at $50K.

It's now time for team deliberations and it's the Mens Inferno this time. Dan sees that Tonya is visibly upset after the mission. He asks her what's wrong and she says she feels disrespected by the way Tina, Rachel, and Veronica treated her during the mission. They yelled at her and complained about her time, when Tonya says she did a good job, and better than some of the guys. Dan tells her to not worry about it and just ignore them. After her talk with Dan, Tonya says she's through trying to be friends to them.

The Good Guys, during their deliberation, have to decide between CT and Abram. They worry about picking CT, since he has won all of the Life Shields for the challenges. The Bad Asses, on the other hand, want to choose Mike again. Dan becomes upset with this, saying it's only for personal reasons and not strategic. When Tina gives him attitude, Dan then becomes heated. He says they aren't playing the game how it should be by yelling at Tonya all the time and making some insensible decisions for the Inferno nominations. He tells to Tina "if you don't like it you can shove it".

The deliberations are over and both teams gather to announce their Inferno nominees. The Bad Asses, nominate Mike for the 3rd time in a row, which isn't a surprise to him. Mike announces it's about to be a rematch as he nominates Abram. This occurred because on "The Gauntlet", Mike eliminated Abram. Now the buddies are pitted against each other once again. Abram says that Mike's a good friend but when it comes to the Inferno, he's going to have to beat him.

Later on the night, Tonya confronts Tina, Veronica, and Rachel about how they've been disrespecting her. Tonya also says that all she wants is a little support from her team, since the other team told her she did a good job. All three of the girls basically laughed her off. Veronica thinks that Tonya is trying to victimize herself and make them out to be the villains. The girls then walk off, making fun of her, while an Tonya tells them in anger that they can kiss her ass.

Will the Good Guys win the next mission to even up the score?

It's the only question I can think of at this moment, but it'll be answered on next weeks episode of the Inferno II.

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