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Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"Zip Up" - April 25

At the top of the show... Rachel mentions that the game has just begun. Derrick just didn't feel right around such crookedness. Veronica shouts out the Good Guys they'll be on the naughty ones next time. Veronica's concern right now is the Inferno, she has to go in there and beat Jodi. According to Veronica, if the Good Guys team thinks they can pull one on her, they've got another thing coming. Veronica mockingly asks if she would like to throw someone else's clothes in the pool right now. Her teammates get a good laugh out of it.

There is no laughing matter for the Good Guys though. Jodi mentions that the people aren't happy with what happened last night. But as long she has the other Good Guys behind her, she doesn't care what the BAs say to her. Jodi's hoping to win the 'life shield' in tomorrow's mission. Brad tells Jodi that the only person that can beat her is herself. He's worried that the pressure may cause Jodi to buckle. Brad also says the team can not afford to lose her.

The teams pick up their T-Mobile Sidekick IIs to receive their next clue. They're instructed to be ready to leave at 11 AM wearing team colors and sneakers. And also to get ready to live it up. The GGs are down three missions at the moment and they're dying to get a win according to Brad. The teams end up at the location for the next challenge called "Zip Up". 100 meters up atop of the crane are two identical lines. The goal is to travel across the lines as far as possible. Players will be suspended from a zip line. Below them are travel lines that they'll be used to pull themselves across the line. Meter markers are attached to the lines to indicate how far they've traveled. When the horn is sounded, the two-minute time clock begins. The team logs the longest total distance will win the challenge and add $10,000 to their team bank account. And a member of each team who travels the farthest distance will each win the 'life shield'...and a 42' flat-panel DELL TV screen. Mike really doesn't care about the life shield, he wants the 10Gs and the plasma tv.

HEAT 1: Abram VS. Mike - Abram takes the Superman position while Mike gets a little caught off guard. Mike is in the standing position which gave him a disadvantage giving Abram the early lead for the BAs 20.2 Meters to 17.3 Meters.

HEAT 2: Dan VS. Jamie - Dan pulled off a 16.4 Meter-16.2 Meter lead over Jamie. It was THAT close! Jamie really made it up in the last 30 seconds.

HEAT 3: Tina VS. Shavonda - Tina moved along smartly with 18.0 Meters. Shavonda struggled and ended up with 13.9 meters.

According to CT, they thought the Good Guys team was gonna be tougher than they really are. He thinks that mentally the BAs are starting to beat the GGs down and starting to wear them down physically.

After three heats, the GGs logged a total of 47.4 Meters while the BAs logged a total of 54.6 meters. The BAs lead by 7.2 Meters, so they are winning, but we're not done yet.

HEAT 4: Tonya VS. Darrell - Darrell moved 20.2 Meters father on his line. Tonya moved 15.8 Meters on her line. The GGs are now in the process of catching up.

HEAT 5: Derrick VS. Julie - They were neck and neck until Derrick gets ahead. Julie prays to get strength to continue her pull. Unfortunately the praying didn't help for Julie and will only settle for 20.4 Meters. Derrick did a much better job with 26 Meters even. He's hoping no one else goes farther than 26 Meters.

Going into the 6th heat, the BAs are winning 96.4 to 88 even.

HEAT 6: Veronica VS. Jodi - Jodi had good progress adding 21.2 Meters to the GGs total. Veronica bit the dust, so to speak, adding 15.8 Meters to the BAs total.

Jodi has got a confidence boost after her heat, but according to Veronica that doesn't mean she's gonna beat her.

HEAT 7: Rachel VS. Brad - Brad took a big lead in this heat, 28 Meters even to 19 Meters even over Rachel.

HEAT 8: CT VS. Landon - Landon wins the heat adding 33.5 Meters to the GGs total score. C.T. managed to add 26.2 Meters to the BAs total score.

And that's it, the final results are in. The BAs recorded a total of 157.4 Meters. But, the GGs won this challenge with a recorded total of 170.7 Meters! The GGs TBA has been raised to $30,000 while the BAs still have $50,000 in theirs. CT and Landon's big scores got themselves the 'life shield' and the plasma TV. And since neither Jodi nor Veronica have won the shield, they'll definitely be competing in the Inferno. Jodi's feeling confident about what's to come, but Veronica thinks she'll be overconfident.

The teams take ther places in the Inferno. There's no way out now for Veronica and Jodi, except for winning. The next Inferno game is called "That's a Wrap". The objective is for the players to mummify themselves. They must grab the cloth to be wrapped tightly around themselves by spinning around. Then they must run across the court and to rip their flag off to signal a win. Whoever wins this Inferno challenge will return to their teammates. The runner-up on the other hand, will be sent packing. Brad's still confident that Jodi can win as long as she keeps her head in the game and stays focused. Landon gives her advice on how to win this game.

The game begins, but Jodi ran into trouble with the cloth rapping. That affected the outcome when Veronica gets done with the wrap-up, she gets to the flag and rips it out. Ultimately, the GGs nomination of Veronica proved Jodi's downfall. Veronica and the Bad Asses were so happy and excited that they don't have to see Jodi any more. Jodi feels sad after that loss. Rachel mentions that because Veronica won, she also won because she would go crazy without her. For Derrick, it sucked seeing Jodi leave. She was a huge part of the Good Guys according to Landon. On Jodi's final video message, she tells the Good Guys to do so well, win all the missions and get rid of all the Bad Asses.

We end this episode by Veronica saying, "For all you good guys out there that think that you guys finish first, it ain't gonna happen this time. It ain't gonna happen!"

Will Jodi's departure prevent the Good Guys from winning?

You won't know the answer unless you see the next episode of the Inferno II. Good bye folks!

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