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Bad Asses vs. Good Guys: The Inferno 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Inferno showdown. This season, it's an old-fashioned battle between good and evil for that handsome reward.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

Dave Mirra
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
Packager: Bunim-Murray Prods., MTV
Airs: Mondays at 10:00pm ET on MTV

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"If Memory Serves" - May 30

At the top of the show, the teams are using the spare time to break out of the game's intensity. So they held a belly flop contest. All the guys individually jumped into the pool in and make so-so splashes, but brave Tonya goes in and blows away the male competition, winning the contest. With the silliness aside, CT starts talking to Rachel and Veronica about the pending Inferno. It's the last Inferno for the Men, and CT believes that the Good Guys are going to send in Dan. He seemingly poses the threat the least out of all the Bad Ass guys and the Good Guys will want to keep all their players. CT doesn't have a problem with this, saying it will only give him a bigger piece of the final check. Veronica personally thinks Dan's a better asset to the team than CT because he actually cares about the team. Dan also feels that he'll be nominated as he talks to Derrick and feels he's already proved himself in the very first Inferno, but he's ready to do it again.

The teams receive their next clue from Dave Mirra. They're told to meet him at the Grand Bay Hotel at 11 AM tomorrow. They're also told to wear team colors.

The next morning, the teams go to the Grand Bay Hotel. Which is the location for the next challenge called "If Memory Serves". The next morning, the teams follow their clue and meet at the Grand Bay Hotel with their team colors. Dave meets them inside the hotel and introduces their next mission, "If Memory Serves". The three rooms are displayed to the teams. One of them is fully decorated with Sharper Image items. As soon as Dave reveals the decorated room, the teams must memorize the order of the items and try to mimic them in their team room. Each of the teams will elect one leader to analyze the room up close while the others analyze from afar. They only have two minutes to memorize the room and ten minutes to mimic it. The team whose room is resembled more close will win the challenge.

While their teams strategize, the Bad Asses immediately choose Dan to be the team leader. Dan's a bit skeptical about leading, but agrees to it anyway. The Good Guys are a little worried that they have less people to work with. They choose Jamie as their team leader, and assign the other four players each a section of the room.

Dave now asks the team leaders to step forward and Jamie and Dan do just that. During their two minutes, Dan's having a little trouble with all the memorizing. There's so much detail to the room, and you have to know all of it. Jamie also makes her attempt taking in all the details, but it's a bit much for her as with Dan.

Dave gives the signal for the 10 minutes to begin. The teams then go off to their rooms. The Bad Asses also assign each of their players a section of the room. On the Good Guy side, Shavonda's flying through her section. It looks like the Good Guys are having a smooth mission. In some change of heart, the Bad Asses are also trying to cooperate with each other for once. Dan disagrees a little with Abe about which shelf the menu is supposed to be on, and Abe insists it's the bottom. Dan is trusting Abe's judgment. Dan and Jamie, however, are both having trouble remembering the main table for their teams. As time gets closer to expiration, the teams scramble to finish.

The 10-minute time clock has reached expiration. Now the rooms of both teams are inspected and points are being tallied for who has the best room. Because there are many perfections and mistakes on both rooms, it's definitely a toss-up. One of those mistakes include the menu placement on the Bad Ass team.

Dave announces their scores, the Good Guys got 61 out of 79 correct placings. The Bad Asses got 53 out of 79 correct placings making the Good Guys the winners. The GGs get another check for ten large, giving them a total of 60K in their TBA. The Bad Asses still have $70,000 in their TBA.

The Good Guys got more ecstatic then the Bad Asses after winning. They hate that the Good Guys could be closing the gap on their lead, and they want to work harder to keep hold of their lead. Now, it's time for the teams to conduct their deliberations. This is the last Men's Inferno of the series, it's an important one. The teams break off and start deliberating.

On the Good Guys team, Mike wants CT because he wants send a strong player home. Landon and Darrell want to nominate Dan because they want to eliminate a player on the BA team, and they belive Dan's the easiest target as far as the men go. The BAs want Landon, because they believe that he has been getting weaker as the game has progressed. They ask Dan his level of comfort, knowing that it's him that may be nominated. Dan looks like he's confident, but believes CT is just too desperate to win and get some money.

The teams meet up for the Inferno nominations. The Bad Asses nominate Landon, and he looks little shocked. The Good Guys then nominate Dan into the Inferno. Both men are a little disappointed. Landon tells Mike that he would hate to go home this close to the final mission. Dan also tells Tonya that he doesn't want to go home, and secretly feels there's a slim chance he will win, although he believes in himself. Jamie empathizes with Dan, even though she knows it's better for her team to go with someone who's less threatening to the team.

Will the Bad Asses maintain their lead over the Good Guys?
Will Landon and Dan win the life shields?
Who'll be the last man going home?

Those questions will be answered on the next episode of the Inferno II.

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