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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Piece By Piece - March 20
We start off this episode with Kina talking to Alton about whom to send into the Gauntlet if they lose the next mission. They think they'll send Randy in if that happens. That's according to Kina on the team consensus when she talks to Ibis.

Over in the kitchen Aneesa, Julie, Robin and Katie make cookies for the Veteran guys who are nervous for the upcoming mission. Outside Randy talks to Kina about him hoping to win the next challenge or the last Gauntlet game if it could lead to that. Randy knows that his butt is on the line if the Rookies lose the next challenge according to team consensus.

Back inside home base, Robin, Julie, Katie and Aneesa send the baked cookies over to the Veterans Men room. Then all the players join toghether at the dinner table and get their next clue...

>Hey Challengers, I hope you brought your ice skates...

Actually Timmy made it up, but the text message actually reads...

>We're getting down to the wire! Don't let things come apart! Take a ride with me tomorrow at Canoe Bay at 9:30 AM.

There's nothing more Mark would like to do than to save Derrick from going into the Gauntlet and having a chance to go home. And he'll do everything in his power to keep him in here and not send him in what he calls the Pirate-filled sandbox.

The teams end up in Canoe Bay and are greeted by host Lavin who's riding what I beleve is a BMX-style bike. It will be a part of their next challenge called "Piece By Piece". The objective is for their teams to disassemble their bike (BTW: they have T.J. Lavin's autograph on them), put it back toghether, and race it. Each team will be separated into two sub-teams, the disassemblers and the assemblers. The disassemblers will run to their BMX bike to take it apart (as the name implies) piece by piece using the tools provided. Also the teams will be equipped with walkie-talkies so the disassemblers will tell the assemblers what's going on. Then the assemblers will put the bikes back toghether then the team captains will ride them to the start/finish line. If a team's bike is put toghether incorrecly or if there are pieces missing, they must go back to the assembly area to fix it. The team whose correctly-assembled bike crosses the finish line wins this challenge.

The Rookies gain the advantage as they've completed the first stage. And unfortunately, the Vets couldn't catch up as Alton successfully crosses the start/finish line with the correctly built bike. The Rookies add one more $10K check for a total of $90,000 in their team bank account while the Vets stay at $60,000. And alton wins a Schwin T.J. Lavin Series BMX bike (featured in the mission you've seen). While the Rookies celebrate their victory, the Vets have to go through losing one more player in the final Male Gauntlet.

For the last time, the Vets have their deliberation. But the decision for an opponent of Derrick has become a very difficult one. Derrick decides and insists to have a ballot vote. But it ended up a split decision between Timmy and David and called for a re-vote, and then once again ended up another tie. Then during a discussion the teammates get upset and Derrick hasn't stepped up, and then and then gets mad because of their teams indecision and breaks the table. Then Timmy decides to step up and be his challenger. Then T.J. tells Derrick to spin the wheel for him and it lands on "Reverse Tug-of-War". At this point Timmy doesn't believe in this game and it's better off that he goes home. Even if he does lose the Gauntlet game it wouldn't have mattered to him, because of so much diversity going into the finals. But David wants Timmy to stay in the game and wants to see Derrick gone.

At the Gauntlet in "Reverse Tug-Of-War" the stage is set for the Vets as they have to watch two of their most beloved players go head-to-head to make it to the end in the most emotionally charged Gauntlet of the competition. If you've been following this season, you'll have noticed that in recent Male Gauntlet games Derrick had managed to hold onto his captain title four consecutive times, which was no surprise to Mark. Will Derrick hold onto his captain title for the fifth consecutive time, or will he finally go down?

Well we won't find out now, but we will at the start of the next week's episode of the Gauntlet II.

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