Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Mac-Beth - February 27
At the top of this episode, we see Kina doing some sparring with Randy. Kina can't imagine going home after making it this far in the competition. She's worried about Randy leaving and honestly she'll be sad because he's her boyfriend. Every morning, Randy feels like he's on the chopping block whether it's a girl Gauntlet or a guy Gauntlet and that puts stress on him.

The teams receive their next clue...

>Now that the teams are even, who'll step up and tip the balance at tomorrow's challenge? See ya at the port at 8 AM.

The Vets so far have won two missions consecutively and they're catching up and really excited to tie this game. Aneesa thinks that somebody has to go into the Gauntlet and take Beth out of the competition, because she's a deadweight. Robin, Julie, Katie, and Aneesa talking about getting Rid of Beth who's continuing to wreak havoc on the Veteran team. Then Beth shows up and agrees with what they're saying, but wants to hear from them to her face instead of talking behind her back. In an in-show interview, Beth says that Aneesa's the weakest link on her team and claims she hasn't seen her do much of anything yet. Beth is sick of everybody disrespecting her and getting treated like crap. Then Julie comes to Beth to make her feel a bit more better, but then she says someone should fight her in the Gauntlet and the negative energy is fueling her even more.

The teams then go to the Port Authority for their next challenge "Easy Does It". Each of the teams will be spilt up into pairs and each of them must jump into the water and separate. Then the players must climb up the ladders, then go across the deck on the platform and then back down on the opposite ladders they came up. When both players have their feet touch the water, they can let go of the ladders and go back to the starting point. When both players touch the dock, then the next pair will play. Each team will have a 10-minute time limit and if any player falls into the water while on the platform (which tips in a side-to-side manner) before completion, they must climb up the ladders again. If a player jumps off the platform, then it'll result in an automatic 10-minute penalty. But the platform is only held by two "pit points" so it will tip. The team with the fastest time wins this mission. Here's a quick look at their progress...

Alton and Landon - Completed in 1:37
Jamie and Jodi - Completed in 2:00
Kina and Jillian - Kina falls off the platform twice slowing them down, giving themselves the 10-minute max.
Ibis and Susie - Ibis falls off and can't reach enough to get to the top of the platform, giving themselves the 10-minute max.
Randy and M.J. - M.J. falls off and then in a quick moment of stupidity, Randy jumps off platform, getting them disqualified for the 10-min max.

Mark and David - Completed in 3:23
Robin and Katie - Katie's arms get tired at the top and the forces the pair to give up; 10-minute max.
Beth and Derrick - Beth's lackluster performance gives the Vets a sense of deja vu all over again; 10-minute max.
Julie and Aneesa - Aneesa falls off twice, enough said; 10-minute max.
Timmy and Brad - Completed in 2:45

As for the total times, we factor in that both teams were penalized a total of 30 minutes. But two pairs of each team did complete the course, so their times will be the deciding factors.
The Veterans total time was 36:08, but the Rookies...clocked in at a total of 33:37. So that means the Rookies win this time around and the Vets have Beth to blame for their loss. The Rookies now have $70,000 in their team bank account while the Vets are stuck at $50K. As for Kina, she wins a T-Mobile Sidekick 2 including a year subscription to their service.

The Vets make their deliberations as they decide to conduct a ballot vote, and they choose Aneesa to play against Beth in the Gauntlet. Then the wheel lands on..."Beach Brawl". Much to Aneesa's explosive reaction and Beth has the look of a deer caught in headlights.

Over at the Gauntlet just before the "Beach Brawl" game would begin. Beth unexpectedly decides to not do the game, because she won't put any baby oil on her body and fight her, because she claims that's very low-class and isn't interested in participating in it. T.J. thinks Beth is scared, but she thinks she isn't. Beth claims that she won't compromise values and beliefs, but the Vets could care less about that.

Back at home base as Beth goes home she gives her final thoughts. "Veterans, you gotta smarten up! You got to get Aneesa out of there now that she's captain. I'm sure that she'll take you very far with her cigarettes and her asthma and her mouth, so have a good time." In my opinion Beth, you should be in the Reality TV Villians Hall of Shame along with Omarosa, Trisha, and Johhny Fairplay (or as I would call him, Johnny Can't Play Fair).

The Vets in the end have their victory with Beth out of the picture, but will that help them get back in the saddle, you'll have to find out next week.

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