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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Rickshaw Races - January 16

We start this episode off over at home base where Beth is talking to David. Beth is minding her own business and trying to stay out of trouble. She's hoping that she does get a decent chance to compete and win the competition. Beth was actually disappointed upon finding out that Tonya wasn't going to be in this challenge, because she was all prepared to get her back. We then see a clip from the Inferno II featuring Tonya throwing all of Beth's clothes in the pool. David is definitely going to keep Beth at an arms length and watch her closely, because he knows she may pull something.

The teams receive their next clue on their T-Mobile Sidekick IIs telling them to meet at the Dwight York Stadium at 9:15 AM. Ruthie, as the current female captain, is feeling nervous knowing that her head is always gonna be on the line every time their team goes into the Gauntlet. Some of the people may have not been feeling Beth so much. Montana remembers doing the very first season of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" back in 1998 with Beth and they didn't get along at all. She says that Beth was exactly the same as she was ten years ago and has never shown personal growth then, except from her thighs.

The teams meet with host Lavin over at the Dwight York Stadium for their next challenge entitled "Rickshaw Races". There are two rickshaws, one for each team. The objective is to get all of their team members around the track, inside the rickshaw. The teams will consist of six drivers composed of three males and three females. The first team to cross the finish line wins this day's challenge. And it's also a "Female Captain Day" with the female captain of the losing team getting a one-way ticket to the Gauntlet. Since the Vets have two more players than the Rookies, as told by T.J., they have to sit out one male and one female. Two of the Vets who sit out are exempt from getting sent into the Gauntlet in case their team loses. The Vets are thinking about who'll sit on the sidelines in this challenge. Then in an in-show interview, Beth says that Montana is flipping out because she might actually have to prove herself and run. Montana and Bet's discussion is de-unifying the team according to Ruthie and is distracing their gameplan. Beth says to Ruthie that Montana is trying to manipulate the situation so that she could sit out and she hasn't stepped up. Montana says that Beth is scared and thinks she knows that she's on the chopping block and it wasn't the teams best interest she has in in saving her own self which was her own interest. Eventually the Vets decide to sit out Montana and Syrus during the girls squabble. Here's a look at the running order.
RUNNING ORDER Veterans Rookies
1 Kina David
2 Alton Robin
3 Jodi Beth
4 Jillian Julie
5 Landon Timmy
6 MJ Mark

At the end, the Rookies cross the finish line first. They add another $10K to their team bank account with both teams totalling $30,000 each. And Kina, as the current female captain, she wins a $1,000 Best Buy gift card. As for the Vets, Ruthie's automatically in the Gaunlet and must deliberate on her opponent.

In the Vets deliberation session, the team votes for Beth. Then T.J. spins the wheel and lands on "Challenger's Choice" and since Beth is Ruthie's challenger, she picks the game. And for the third time this season, they play "Reverse Tug-O-War".

The teams go back to the Gauntlet where Ruthie and Beth take center stage. Once again there's a flag on both sides of the Gauntlet and the first player to grab it (while being pulled by a 10-ft. rope) is the captain while the loser goes home. Initially Beth was gonna throw the Gauntlet, but T.J. isn't having it after what he has witnessed in the previous female Gauntlet games. After the game was too close for comfort, Beth got to the flag first finally putting away Ruthie much to the horror and disbelief of Montana and the other teammates.

As Ruthie packs her bags, we get one final in-show interview in which she gives advice on not stopping the fight and that people in past have proven that the people are manipulative. And as this episode reaches and end, Beth rellies in her victory while she moves into the Captains Quarters. Derrick's hoping that Beth doesn't go on a powertrip as having her as the female captain is being a scary thought to him. According to Beth, if the Vets lose another mission, then she'll try to send Montana home.

And that's all for now, we'll see you next week for a recap from the next episode of "The Gauntlet II".

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