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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Balancing Act - January 30
We start off with Jillian talking to Cara and Susie that she was the one who told the Rookies, because they should know that there was talk of throwing guy missions. She didn't present that they were really gonna do it. Then Jillian quickly runs to the Rookies female captain Kina and shares the information a cross-team alliance. So now that makes Jillian the hero while leaving Cara being officially vilified. Cara is telling Kina she has to let her know what went down and that she's still being looked at weird from the suspicion of an alliance with the Vets. But Kina doesn't necessarily agree with having another meeting. Then Ibis says that if Cara's gonna say what she told them in front of whole group, it's gonna really make her look really bad and that's ditto for Kina. Eventually Kina advises Cara not to rehash this alliance controversy and it's also unnecessary. Then Kina walks away from Cara after telling her she can have her meeting. In an in-show interview, Kina says what was said was a proposition. She doesn't care if Cara had 10,000 meetings where she's talking the entire time, nothing will change that proposition. Cara thinks that Kina isn't even willing to hear how it could have gone, because her head is set on where it went although she wasn't there.

The Vets have heard about the alliance where David, Brad, and Timmy were supposedly to be working with Cara and Susie. Essentially they were going to keep each other in the end, but in reality David would never trust Cara and Susie as far as he could throw them. But this alliance issue had got Brad feeling violated and he lets his teammates know he's here for his team. The teams get their next clue on their Sidekick IIs telling them to meet at the Tobago Port at 9:30 AM for their next challenge. This suspicion is still clouding the Rookies, but they must come together to continue their winning streak. The Vets are currently on their losing streak and Julie says the thing about Beth, the Vets current female captain is that her and the teammates are forced to swallow their pride and to be nice to her. If they don't, Beth may screw the team over. Montana then says Beth is a weasel and has all the credibility of a late night infomercial. Beth faces the fact that she and Montana will never be friends and then says that if the Vets lose the next mission, she will take Montana into the Gauntlet.

The teams go to the Tobago Port for the next challenge called "Balancing Act". The teams are shown a structure hanging 20 feet above the water. The objective is for each team to get as many of their players across these ropes. The players will use only a rope between two of them for support. If a team of two in play lets go of the rope at any or falls into the water, their turn automatically ends. The team who with the most players transferred wins this challenge. The Rookies lead-off team is be Alton and Landon going with the strategy of having pairs be of equal size and weight. Here's a look at the results table...
Rookies Veterans
Alton/Landon 1-TIME: 11:28 Syrus/Mark Failed
Jillian/Kina Failed Derrick/Katie Failed
Susie/Kara Failed Robin/Julie Failed
Jereme/Jamie Failed Montana/Aneesa Failed
Randy/M.J. Failed Brad/David *Disqualified
Jodi/Ibis Failed Timmy/Beth *Failed

*Brad and David let go of the rope while in play and then touched each other.
*Timmy and Beth could not move beyond the starting position and took too long to make progress.

And Beth's stonewalling hands victory over to the Rookies as they win one to zip. They get $10,000 making their team bank account total $50,000 while the Vets still have $30K in theirs. The Vets grow frustrated with Beth's performance in the already-played mission. This is a Female Gauntlet Day and Kina wins a $1,000 Fossil Jeans online gift certificate. But once again, the Vets have to lose another player.

In the team deliberation, Montana knows that she's on the line for going into the Gauntlet and she thinks it's ridiculous having Beth on their team. The team chooses Montana as Beth's opponent because, and Julie thinks, Montana is closest to Beth in size and the team wants to get rid of that. Then T.J. spins the wheel to once again land on "Captains Choice" and then Beth chooses to play "Reverse Tug-of-War". It looks like the Gauntlet will be the stage for the settling of a long-standing grudge.

Both teams get to the Gauntlet with Beth and Montana taking center stage and the Rookies will find this match entertaining. In "Reverse Tug-of-War", there's a flag at both ends of the Gauntlet. The first player to grab the flag first wins tonight's game. In the end Montana's efforts were no match for Beth's agility as she grabs her flag first. Unfortunately the Vets will have to do more sucking to up Beth for another two days, much to their dismay.

Back at home base, after the Rookies have experienced one hell of a week of emotional drama. And Jamie says it's important for us to maintain solid unity and not let it be jeopardized by a rumor that's totally unfounded. But despite that, Kina doesn't trust Cara and Susie, and with three more girl Gauntlets, she obvious knows who'll she pick if the occasion arises.

Although Montana's sad to lose to Beth, she doesn't think any woman will beat Beth in "Reverse Tug-of-War". And thus she's sent home and Beth definitely feels like she's getting her revenge on Montana for allegedly being so evil to her. And we close this episode with these infamous last words from Beth. "But you know what Montana, Karma's a b*tch and you got yours."

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