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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Blind Turst - March 13
At the top of this episode, Randy comforts Kina because she's being branded this "captain" and knows that it's pretty much a death sentence. And to deal with that on top of her boyfriend and everything else involved in the game and it would be horrible for Kina to be the last girl sent home from the last girl Gauntlet. Then Randy and Kina devise a plan for when their team loses the next challenge; And that's to fight against the weakest female player on her team in the Gauntlet.

The teams receive their next clue...

>TRUST ME! THIS PICTURE PERFECT CHALLENGE WILL BLINDSIDE YOU! Wear your bathing suits and tennis shoes, and be ready to leave by 9:30 AM.

According to Aneesa, knowing it's a girls Gauntlet is probably the worst feeling she has ever had since being there. And she may have to fight against another female player in the Gauntlet, should her team lose the next mission.

The teams go to the Port Authority for their next challenge, "Blind Trust". There two platforms suspended 20 feet above the water, connected by a balance beam. And above the beam, there are pictures of their whole team hanging up overhead. Each player will walk across the beam collecting a picture of themselves and a of a remaining team member that's not participating in this challenge. Oh, and the beam has different-leveled speed bumps that could hinder their progress. To begin, the first player will go across without a blindfold. Every player after the first will be blindfolded, then at the end point, they'll place the pictures in their respective boxes. Once they place their pictures, they must then take off their blindfold and then coach the next player in line. Each player will have a ten-minute time limit, and if a player falls off the beam, they get the full maximum automatically as a penalty. The first to get their entire team across in the fastest time wins the day's challenge.

This time T.J. tells the Rookies that they have to sit out one female and one male player in which both of them will be exempt from the Gauntlet. And Kina chooses Jodi to and M.J. to sit this one out. The Rookies go first, starting with Ibis...

1) Ibis - 1:09
2) Randy - 5:09
3) Jillian - 6:55
4) Alton - 8:39
5) Kina - 9:50
6) Landon - 3:41
7) Susie - 6:48
8) Jamie - 3:25

1) Katie - 2:00
2) David - 4:54
3) Derrick - 4:40
4) Julie - 5:07
5) Mark - 6:09
6) Robin - 4:54
7) Timmy - 4:31
8) Aneesa - 7:25

Well, sure the challenge involved no small feat, but none of the players fell off the beam. And the total cumulative times are...the Vets with 40:10 and the Rookies with 45:46. The Vets win this time out and they now have $60,000 in their team bank account with the Rookies' still sitting on $80K. And Aneesa wins a trip for two to Fiji furinshed by STA Travel including airfare and hotel.

In the deliberation, Kina makes a difficult decision by choosing to play aginst Jillian in the final women's Gauntlet. Then the wheel lands on..."Sticky Situation"...finally, something different. Jillian doesn't think that Kina made a good decision because there are other people on other team that haven't stepped up and messed up.

In "Sticky Situation" the object for the two players is to stop their opponent from passing them and sticking a ball to a target. The first player to score three points will stay for the remainder of the competition.

In the end, Kina wins another Gauntlet 3-1 over Jillian. Kina is now guaranteed to play in the final mission for the handsome reward. But this might come at a price as Timmy says her elmination means a lot for the Vets as it's going to definitely hurt the Rookies in the finals.

As Jillian packs up her personal property, she's very unhappy and it's hard for her to put on a happy face and she goes home pissed. But the Rookies have the beast (referring to Kina) here for the upcoming finals as she hasn't been able to finish in previous competitions according to M.J., he'll be one mad redneck if they lose the final mission.

But before the final challenge, one more male player will be gone. And with Jillian out of the picture, will there be damage done to the Rookies and will there me more of a benefit for the Rookies with the big finish just days away?

Those questions may be answered in the next episode of the Gauntlet II.

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