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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Moving Pyramids - December 26

So far, the Gauntlet arena has seen more quitters, jerks, and loudmouths than the bloodthirsty competitors. But this all changes when an old score needs to be settled.

Danny's been butting heads with Rookie teammate Jodi because he's still feeling that she was the reason he was sent home from Road Rules Extreme. The teams then wear their thongs
and g-strings (no that's not a mistype) for their next challenge to see who's "on top" of things.

The next challenge is called "Moving Pyramid" where teams have to have form a human pyramid. In that, the player at the top must grab as many flags as they can and place them
onto their belts. If their pyramid breaks down, they must regroup with a different player at the top. The teams are given one hour to collect as many up to 16 flags as they can.

In the end, the Rookies collected 15 out of 16 flags as they cross the finish line. They did this thinking that the Vets won't make it after getting their last flag. But they thought wrong as the Veterans win their second mission in a row. The Vets now have $20,000 in their team bank account while the Rookies still have $10K in theirs. And this is the first time in the Gauntlet II that male Vet captain Derrick has received a $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card.

The tension comes to a head after the Rookies lost the next mission. While Ace and the Vets celebrate their victory, Danny gets mad at Jodi, accusing her of having always had it out for him. This meltdown might have helped Danny blow off some steam, but it also had his teammates sent him to go head to head with Alton in the Gauntlet. And by a spin of the ships wheel, they'll play "Beach Brawl".

In "Beach Brawl" the two players must push and shove each other until one of them is completely out of the circle. But both players will be greased up in baby oil to make things a
little difficult. It's a best of five match-up where the first player to win three rounds gets control of the male captain title. In the end, Alton makes short work of Danny in a 3-0 shutout.

At the end of the show Danny has animosity towards his team. He thinks they've lost a good competitor and may lead to the Rookies loss for the competition as a whole.

This is my last recap for the Gauntlet II on location from Del Valle, TX. I'll be back next week at my current home base of Cloquet, MN for the next episode of The Gauntlet II. I hope you've had a Happy Holiday whether it's Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah and I'll see you in 2006.

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