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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Buck-a-Neer - February 6
We kick things off in this episode with Alton talking with Jodi at home base. Alton mentions how crazy this competition is for him and it's a lot of pressure being a captain. Alton says to Jodi, "General Landon just gets pale when I walk into the Gauntlet." Jodi just enjoys Alton's company and thinks it's nice to have somebody there that makes her feel comfortable to sit back and talk to and it doesn't hurt that Alton's hot. Alton's attracted to Jody after coming off a deep relationship with Irulan from as seen in a clip from the very first Gauntlet back in 2003.

Next we see Beth talking to Syrus about which two of the men on their team are weaker. Syrus saas it's him who is one of them and Brad. According to Syrus, his head will always be kind of on the "chopping board", but he'll never give up in the competition.

The teams get their next clue...

> BE READY TO GO BUCK WILD! Wear your team colors and be ready to catch the bus at 9 AM.

Derrick mentions that the Vets had lost three challenges in a row and it's also a "Male Gauntlet Gay" so it's his butt on the line once again.

The teams go to Canoe Bay and meet with host Lavin for their next challenge, this one's entitled "Buck-A-Neer".

The first team will be loaded up on the bronco-like contraption held by bungees. The opposite team will hold the ropes, pulleys, and bungees to create a "bucking" effect to knock everybody else off the Buck-A-Neer. Members of the team on the contraption are not allowed to use their hands and can't touch the person in front of or behind them. All players on the team have to use their legs to squeeze the barrels at all times. If after 30 minutes, a team fails to get the job done, then they'll trade places with their opponents and try to knock one of them off. If they also fail, then the challenge will go into an "All-Star Round" where there'll be four members of each team on the Buck-A-Neer with the whole team trying to knock one off.

T.J. conducts a coin toss to determine which team goes first on the "Buck-A-Neer" and the Rookies won the toss. The Vets are doing their best to knock the Rookies off, but nothing has happened as they are hanging on for a wild ride. The Vets have no strategy and have no clue what they are doing. Therefore, all their efforts were null and void. The Vets are now on the contraption while the Rookies have to knock off one of the players. Jodi came up with the right strategy at the right to knock Syrus off the contraption and thus winning this challenge and saving Alton's butt from the Gauntlet. The Rookies have won four missions in a row and now have $60,000 in their team bank account while the Vets still have $30K in theirs. As for Alton, he wins a Magellan Roadmate 760 GPS system.

Back at home base, the Vets once again have to lose another player. Beth doesn't want Syrus to be sent home, and Derrick doesn't want to decide so his teammates have to vote. After the votes have been tallied, they choose Syrus. Then T.J. spins the wheel and once again, it lands on "Captain's Choice" and Derrick goes out on a limb and chooses "Beach Brawl". His decision surprises David because of a difference in weight between Derrick and Syrus and he's thinking that the former doesn't have much of a chance of winning. Syrus knows he's never going to give up thinking that this is an event that he can beat Derrick in. Derrick's decision even surprised Alton and Jodi after the deliberations.

Over in the Gauntlet playing "Beach Brawl", size did not matter once again as he lost the match to Derrick 3-1. Consequently, the Vets losing Syrus won't be of much help later in the competion but did set fear to the other men that they may lose in the Male Gauntlets. Beth's sad that Syrus is gone from the game questioning her strength going solo.

At the end of the show we see Jodi and Alton continuing their relationship hoping it'll last beyond Tobago.

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