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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Gauntlet showdown. This season, players that have been round the block a while take on the newbies of MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
EP: Jonathan Murray
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Airs: Mondays at 10:30pm ET on MTV

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Chock Full o'Coconuts - December 12

It's time to see who'll be the first one to go home in this recap of episode number two of "The Gauntlet II".

We saw Jo snap at the end of last week's episode. Joe is threatening to leave the house and she's calling the Trinidad/Tobago Police on her cell phone. Jo claims she's being manhandled and attacked by her other players and she's got wrist marks to prove it and somehow, she can't trust anyone. Ruthie doesn't know what's going on with her, is she drunk or crazy? She then answers "Jo was crazy." The police car came to the parking lot and some a personnel escorts Jo out. We've finally got the message that Jo has quit the competition. And at that point, the Rookies don't know what to do now that their female captain has left. Alton doesn't think that any of the other female Rookies will step up to the captain position after Jo's crack-up.

The teams meet with host Lavin to compete in the next challenge called "Chock Full of Coconuts". But before the rules get explained, T.J. got word that Jo left. So that means a new female captain for the Rookies will be assigned. Kina will be that person based on progress made in the initial challenge. Now on to the rules of the current challenge. There are 200 coconuts and two bamboo sticks for each team. And the teams must transport the coconuts using the two bamboo sticks and place them into their circle. Another player of each team must pick up any of the coconuts that get dropped on the way or have fallen out of their circle when the team of two returns with the sticks to their starting point. The first team to get 200 of the nuts in their circle wins $10K for their team bank with the male captain winning a $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card. Today is a Male Gauntlet Day so that means the captain and another male player will battle it out later.

The teams now have ten minutes to decide who's paring up. And after the time is up, they're off and running. In the end, the Rookies got 200 coconuts first and crossed the finish line giving themselves the win. They win $10,000 for their Team Bank while Alton wins the $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card.

Then the Vets now deliberate on who will go up against male captain Adam in the Gauntlet. Mark suggests to vote using the secret ballot, but Derrick disagrees saying "This is bulls**t" and acting like an a**hole in front of their other teammates. Brad worries that Derricks testosterone factor is getting out of hand and it will spark tension in the team and it isn't good for them. They eventually go with the secret ballot method and their ballots decide that Derrick will go against Adam in the Gauntlet. Then T.J. spins a ship wheel to determine the Gauntlet Game they'll be playing. And they'll play "Name that Coconut" and Adam wants to get Derrick off the hot seat because he starts too much s**t with the other players and could create problems down the road.

The teams to go the ship to play "Name that Coconut". This game has 32 trivia questions with 32 answers marked on coconuts in which they all revolve around the 32 castmates of this season. Both Adam and Derrick will begin at their starting lines to be asked a question by T.J. When he bangs the gong, the players then must find the coconut with the correct answer and race back to the starting point. On the playing field, one zone is the "safety zone" where no body contact must be made until they reach the other zone the "battle zone" where they could push and shove their opponent to get to the coconut with the right answer. If a player gets the answer first before returning to the starting point, their opponent can block him and take the coconut away and cross to the safety zone himself. If the first one to the starting point is correct, he scores a point. If the answer is wrong, then their opponent can find the correct answer uncontested. First to five points wins the game.

Here's the first question...

1) On his first challenge, he was the first cast member to be sent home. On his second challenge, he was the second cast member to be sent home.

After the gong sounded, the Adam and Derrick tear up each other at the "battle zone" until Derek gets to safety and locks in first with Ace, which is the correct answer.

Adam L. 0 - Derrick 1

2)This cast member was the final replacement in Tahiti.

Derrick locks in with Jillian which is wrong. Then Adam gets a free chance and locks in with Jeremy which is correct.

Adam L. 1 - Derrick 1

3) Who won the "Smell This" Inferno in the first season of the Inferno?

Once again the contestants wrestle for the answer and Derrick incorrectly answers Aneesa. Adam then correctly answers Katie to steal the point.

Adam L. 2 - Derrick 1

4) During ther season, which cast member had a relationship with a member from the casting department?

Derrick correctly answers David for a 2-2 tie.

Adam L. 2 - Derrick 2

5) Which original male cast member never made it to Argentina on Road Rules 13?

After another quick wrestling session, Adam incorrect answers Ibis. Then Derrick gets his free guess with Danny which is correct.

Adam L. 2 - Derrick 3

6) Who was sent home for being afraid to rappel down a mountain?

Adam locks in first with the correct answer of Gisela for a 3-3 tie.

Adam L. 3 - Derrick 3

7) Which cast member was accused of trying to kill another cast member during a challenge?

Adam wrestles to lock in Cameran, but she's not that person. Jule was the correct answer given by Derrick on his free guess.

Adam L. 3 - Derrick 4

8) Whose butt sent them home on Road Rules 13?

Derrick made the quick lock-in to answer Ibis giving him the win.

Adam L. 3 - Derrick 5

Well, the Vets have lost Adam L., a great player. Now they've got to deal with Derrick the a-hole, as the new male team captain for who knows how long. Timmy says that Adam's departure is very detrimental to their team and sadly, Derek has a lot to prove to this team. Adam never regrets being a team captain and he could do it again if asked. Now Derrick moves his belongings to the Captains Quarters. David is really sad that Adam's gone, and Derricks ego and bravado is really gonna hurt their team for the rest of this game.

Join me next week for another recap of the next episode of the Gauntlet 2. Where I'll be doing this on location from Del Valle, TX. Where I'll have e-mail access there.

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