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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Spare Tires - February 20
The episode begins with the players hanging out at a nightclub enjoying the fact that they're still here in the competiton, disregarding all the BS they've encountered in the past couple of days. Ibis says that the Rookies are a strong team and they want party it up and forget about the competition until the next mission comes up. Jeremy wakes up at around 1:30 in the AM and sees the players being completely wasted upon returning to home base from the bar. And according to him it's not good for the Rookies and they have no self-control off the field and that could be a problem on the field. Beth says she's one of the strongest Vets on their team, but she really doesn't know that people believe that she's a good compeditor. David knows that Beth wants to try and stay in the competition, which makes him feel nervous if she stays. David wouldn't trust Beth as far he can throw at her and thinks there's something engrained in her that's just naturally deceptive.

After the players have sobered up, the teams get their next clue...

> Challengers...DON'T GET TOO TIRED OUT TOMORROW. Wear your bathing suits and team colors and be ready to leave at 7:30.

David is a little nervous about going into the Gauntlet and if he does win there, he's gonna bite someomes head off.

The teams go to the Port Authority to compete in their next mission called "Spare Tires". And the way this works is that host Lavin will sound the horn and the players will individually dive into the water, climb up the ladder, and start making their way through a row of hanging tires. Each player will have to go through the course within a time limit of ten minutes. While a player makes his or her way through the tires, there's a release latch which when pulled drops one tire into the ocean which will make it difficult for the other players waiting for their turns. In an in-show interview, Jodi mentions that the last person of each team will remove two of the tires from the course. As soon as a player makes it to the last tire, he or she must then jump into the ocean before the next player has his or her turn until all of their teams players have gone through. As for the scoring, a player earns one point for their team for each tire he or she goes through. But if a player falls in and fails to complete the course, it's an automatic 'no-score' for their team and the next person has to drop two tires. The team who scores the most points wins this mission and it's a "Male Gauntlet Day" which will determine if Alton or Derrick could be sent home.

Brad remembers Beth's fear of heights that had made a small contribution to their four-mission losing streak they previously had and doesn't want her to pull the same sunt this time out. According to host Lavin, the Rookies have to sit one person out and they choose Randy. Jeremy's neck is on the line and doesn't want to go home by any means. The Rookies want to put toghether the best strategy possible to win. The Vets are making a list on what they're guess-timating each players ability to crawl through tires would be. Beth says she feels a lot more confident in going at the start. So their team takes faith in that and put her to the third person on the team to go. The Vets are really counting on Beth to pull through and just finish.

Here's a look at how each of the players (not including Randy) fared...

|Player |Tire Count|Player |Tire Count|
|Katie  |23 Tires  |Ibis   |0 Tires   |
|David |22 Tires |M.J. |22 Tires |
|Beth |0 Tires |Jillian|21 Tires |
|Brad |20 Tires |Jamie |20 Tires |
|Aneesa |19 Tires |Susie |19 Tires |
|Timmy |18 Tires |Jeremy |18 Tires |
|Robin |17 Tires |Kina |17 Tires |
|Derrick|16 Tires |Landon |16 Tires |
|Julie |15 Tires |Jodi |15 Tires |
|Mark |15 Tires |*Alton |0 Tires |
|Total Count: 163 |Total Count: 148 |

Once again, the Vets have won another challenge and $10,000 for their Team Bank Account. They are now up to $50,000 with the Rookies TBA still at $60K. And Derrick wins a Sirius Satellite boom box with a year's subscription to their service. In the Rookie's deliberations, Alton chooses to play against Jeremy in the Gauntlet, which he didn't expect. Jeremy thinks that Alton does not realize he's making a bad decision for him as an opponent. Then T.J. spins the wheel to land on "Capture the Flag" which is the game to be played. At the Gauntlet, Jeremy's veracity and competitve spirit wasn't enough for Alton's quick moves as captures the flag first.

In the end Jeremy did his best, but he's hurt now that he's going home. It also hurts even worse to him knowing that the last leg is right around the corner. Landon says that he's bummed to see Jeremy sent away, but it's important to have Alton around in the end for their team. Jeremy says that being withdrawn from the parties and late night drinking escapades really hurt him in the end, but it was a privelege being on the Rookies and gives best of luck to every single one of them.

Back at home base, the Vets victory did not excuse Beth from her lackluster performance on the day's mission. And it's continuing to frustrate them, especially Brad who says that Beth is a straight-up disease to the Veterans and that she takes zero responsibility for anything she does. Brad would absolutely love to get off of their team for the final mission. Beth wants her to be accepted as a player and wants her teammates to stop sabotaging her. IMO: Sure Beth, they'll accept you as a player...when pigs fly.

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