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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

body Painters - January 9

The next episode of the Gauntlet II will not just be a work of art if there's any indication. We start at the Club 330 & Divers Den, where Brad is talking to Derrick about how he's been acting a little bit differently since he came in and put himself in the captain's chair. And Brad's curious to know what's going on. But Derrick's got enough stress on his mind and doesn't need to hear that from Brad. In response Derrick acts abrasively to Brad. Derrick says in an in-show interview that Brad deserves to get hit in his mouth.

Back at home base the teams pick up their T-Mobile Sidekick II to read the next clue. It tells them to get ready to paint the town red and blue, and to be ready by 8:30 AM. Both teams have won two missions each overall according to Mark. It's really important according to Mark for the Vets to pull away and get a 3-2 lead. He also mentions that it's a Male Gauntlet Day and the guys have to step up and focus because they don't want to lose any more guys.

Alton as the current male captain, has his job to choose which of the other Rookie guys to go up against him in the Gauntlet if they lose the next mission. And according to Alton, it puts on a lot of pressure at least for him. Jamie trusts Alton and thinks he has the ability to know who he wants until the end, it's ultimately his butt on the line.

The teams go to Canoe Bay take on the next challenge in the Gauntlet 2's roster called "Body Painters". Each of the canvases have a designated color and the objective is for the teams to paint them completely wearing only speedos. M.J.'s feeling nervous upon recieveing the notice because he's gonna have to put on a banana hammock. He can only imagine what his buddies back at home could be saying. One half of each team will be the appliers while the others will be the painters. The appliers will apply the washable paint to the painters who'll then rush over to the canvas to completely cover over it with their bodies. Once a team completes their canvas, they then must run over to the shower and get completely cleaned up for the next canvas. Teams can transport the paint anyway they want to, but they can't cup with their hands and can't put it in their mouth. The first team to complete all six of their canvases will win this challenge.

The Rookies figure that the guys have the bigger backs, so they dump the paint on their backs and have the girls smooth out the paint on the canvases. But that strategy didn't work out as the Vets win this challenge and $10K to their team bank account. They now have a TBA total of $30,000 with the Rookies still having $20K in theirs. And Derrick wins another $1,000 Best Buy gift card. It was a close race, not a blowout by any means.

Now the Rookies go through another Gauntlet Deliberation. Alton chooses to do battle with Adam this go-around. According to Alton in another in-show interview, they all love Adam and he's and awesome person but these are very physical competitions and so far, the bigger guys are huge assets. Alton spins the ships wheel and lands on "Captain's Choice," then he chooses "Capture the Flag".

He chose this game because it match up the most of what Adam's looking for to show that he wants to be here. Landon has a lot of respect for the way Alton is doing it as far as giving Adam a fighting chance, but at the same time he doesn't think that it's a smart move for their team. The best thing according to Landon, is to have Alton on their roster at all times and picking "Capture the Flag" is risking not only Alton himself, but the Rookies as a whole.

The teams go to the Gauntlet for a battle between Alton and Adam in "Capture the Flag." For those of you who haven't seen it before, a cargo net is positioned at the center of the Gauntlet. The players are at either side of the net and the first one to capture the flag is the male team captain. In the end Adam put up a valiant effort, but it wasn't enough to beat Alton to the punch. Host Lavin was amazed by the contestants fast climbing on the net. Although Adam's going home, he feels like he gave it his all.

As Adam leaves the home base, in his last in-show interview, he's extremely unhappy that his time in the competition is up. But he feels that he's given his shot in the Gauntlet and gives all his respect to Alton, the Rookies and the rest of the active castmates in Trinidad and Tobago.

At the episode's conclusion Derrick's happy to get some sleep, but not before Brad steps in talking to him how he's changed and how he wants to challenge Derrick in the Gauntlet if need be. Derrick doesn't want to hear about it, but Brad said an expletive to him rasing Derrick's level of anger. As he's getting defensive, Brad somehow gets defensive back. Katie plays the role of the mediator to Derrick while Mark sets Brad straight. They eventually apologized, but Derrick says that if Brad ever tests him again, he'll be going into the Gauntlet.

Join us again next week for another recap of the next episode of the Gauntlet II, bye folks.

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