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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

Pull Me - February 13
We start this episode with Mark saying to the other male Veteran players, "At this point every guy we lose makes us weaker and any guy they lose (referring to the Rookies) at this makes them stronger. Brad believes their team captains are about to kill the morale of their team by starting up the crap and getting drama going. David says that Beth is conniving and she's constantly trying to create divisions in the team. And as a captain she wants respect but he doesn't hear her, if she wants to be respected she needs to speak up if anything and contribute a good plan.

Over at another room we see Kina talking to Beth that this competiton is about a popularity contest. Beth says their team doesn't think she's an asset to them. Then we see Kina at a table with Jodi, Jillian, and Ibis. Susie says that they're completely a unit and they isolate and shun her and Cara away, leaving them to bond with each other which makes them more mad. This also worries Cara and Susie about how their alienation from the other women on their team will affect their chances in the game. Kina says they're good compeditors, but they isolate themselves all the time and feel that may make the team less cohesive.

The teams get their next clue...

>Don't let your team down, meet me at the Port at 9AM. Wear your bathing suits and tennis shoes.

The Veterans are set in an attempt to end their four-game losing streak with the next challenge. The teams go to the Port Authority for their next challenge called "Pull Me". There's a platform suspended 20-feet above the water, and using the rope a team must hold their players up on the platform for as long as they can. When they can't hold on any longer, they must let go of the rope letting their players hit the water and thus ending their turn and stopping the clock. Then their opposing team will do the same exact thing and when both teams have their turns, they'll switch roles with the players on the platform pulling the rope and vice-versa. If a team-in-play's time exceeds 30 seconds, the player in the anchor position must let go of the rope. The team who accumulates the longest time after both of them have two turns wins this mission. And today is a "Female Captain Day", which obviously means a team has to lose a player.

The Rookies start with their first heat with M.J., Alton, Jeremy, Jodi, Susie, and Jillian being the pullers. They estabilished a time of 11 minutes and 11 seconds. The Vets have their end of the head with Mark, David, Beth, Robin, Katie pulling the rope. They're using their body weight for the most part instead of pulling to hold the rope to resist the fall. 30 minutes have passed letting Mark let go of the rope. They estabilish a time of 33 minutes and 1 second, giving them the lead. We're now into Heat 2 and the Rookies have Randy, Landon, Jamie, Ibia, Kina, and Cara pulling the rope. Randy releases the rope after 30 minutes, but lost strength then setting up a time 30:10. The Vets have their last go-round with Timmy, Brad, Derrick, Aneesa, and Julie pulling the rope. They finish with a time of 27 minutes and two seconds. In the end the Rookies total time was 41 minutes and 21 seconds. The Vets total time hour and three seconds...they've finally won a mission!

As far as the new Team Bank Account totals are concerned, the Vets now have $50,000 while the Rookies still have 60K in theirs. With Beth as the female Vet captain, she wins a year's supply of movie tickets from Fandango. Remember back a few episodes ago where Beth talks about Montana and saying that "Karma's a b*tch and you got yours", well that will also apply to the other teams loss. Now the Rookies have to lose a player, and they first must deliberate. Over there, Kina then chooses to do battle against Cara in the Gauntlet. Once again, T.J. spins the wheel and to my lands on frickin "Captain's Choice". Come on, I know that a wheel has an equal chance of landing on each space, but this is IMHO frickin ridiculuous to see "Captain's Choice" land most of the time. Anyways, Kina chooses to play "Name that Coconut", may the best girl win. Kina wants to see how the team forms without Cara, and she knew what was coming to her.

In "Name That Coconut" the players compete to find the coconut first with the correct name that answers a trivia question. First one to five points stays in the game, so here we go...

1) Who did Julie mudwrestle in The Real World New Orleans?

Kina put the moves on Cara locking in on Julie first which is correct for the 1-0 lead. This is going to be a grueling battle.

2) Who replaced Puck when he was kicked off of The Real World house?

Cara locked in Jodi first, but was incorrect. Then Kina got a free chance to lock in on Joanne (from the San Francisco season) which was the correct answer. Kina still leads 2-0 as we move on to the next query.

3) Who was the first person ever voted off Road Rules?

I'll give you a hint, it was back when the said show started using the voting element in Road Rules: The Quest. Kina pulled another fast one Cara with the correct answer which was Jisela. She's now at the half-way point, but Cara is still not doing so hot which is painful for Susie to watch.

4) This cast member was not allowed to return to college after their participation in the Real World.

First clue, it was from the New Orleans season. Second clue, nowadays she can be seen on the G4 tv show "Electric Playground". Once again Kina quickly answered Julie to score her fourth point.

5) Who has a matching tattoo with Landon?

Despite Cara's best efforts, Kina correctly answered M.J. for a 5-0 shuout.

Unfortunately Kina got her wish by sending Cara home and makes it official according to Randy that Kina deserves to stay in the captain's seat.

We're at the end of the show where Cara packs up her belongings and says goodbye to friend Susie. Then Kina shows up and tells her she did a good job and then gives her an opportunity to say something. Cara says to Kina that in the future as like a team captain and she was not being a team player when she was excluding her from things and being a horrible captain and she doesn't know anything about her. But Kina decides to change the subject and tell Cara she did a good job in the game and that was the bottom line. Kina thinks that with Cara gone, the Rookies are at more of an advantage and the new school will win hands down and probably won't be a competition. Cara and Susie will still be friends in the end.

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