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Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Past Real Worlders and Road Rulers come back for another Gauntlet showdown. This season, players that have been round the block a while take on the newbies of MTV's reality franchises.

Recaps by Brian Moore, GSNN

TJ Lavin
Creators: Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray
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Royal Rumble - December 5

Last season on "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge", we've seen the Good win over the Evil. But this season we ask the all important question, who kicks more a**...the veterans or the rookies. 18 of each team will have to endure not only the challenges, but the figurative backstabbing and what not as they compete for $300,000 in cash and prizes in "The Gauntlet 2". Think of it as the X-Games meets a soap opera of a twisted kind.

Let's start off by meeting these 18 Veterans...

Mark-Road Rules: Season 1
Robin-Real World: San Diego
Derrick-Road Rules X-Treme
Brad-Real World: San Diego
Ace-Real World: Paris
Timmy-Road Rules: Season 2
Julie-Real World: New Orleans
Beth-Real World: Los Angeles
Syrus-Real World: Boston
Montana-Real World: Boston
David-Real World: Seattle
Katie-Road Rules: The Quest
Adam L.-Road Rules: The Quest
Gisela-Road Rules: The Quest
Ruthie-Real World: Hawaii
Aneesa-Real World: Chicago

And the next 18 make up the team of Rookies...

Jodi-Road Rules X-Treme
Jillian-Road Rules X-Treme
Danny-Road Rules X-Treme
Ibis-Road Rules X-Treme
Kina-Road Rules X-Treme
Randy-Real World: San Diego
Cameran-Road Rules: San Diego
Adam K.-Road Rules: Paris
Joe-Real World: San Francisco
Landon-Real World: San Diego
M.J.-Real World: Philadelphia
Susie-Road Rules: Australia
Cara-Road Rules: South Pacific
Jeremy-Road Rules: South Pacific
Jamie-Real World: New Orleans
Alton-Real World: Las Vegas

The new cast arrives to Tobago, but they discover that they've been dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Right off the bat, the teams are divided into two sub-teams one with all men and one with all women. The first challenge of the season is called "Royal Rumble" and they'll be battling their own teammates. This is played like "Kind of the Hill" where the objective is for each sub team to push each other off the floating platform on the water until one is left standing. The said player then is the captain for that sub-team having one male and one female captains for each team as a whole.

The male Rookies take the first heat with Alton winning the title of Captain. The second heet sees the Vet guys playing rounds of "Rock-Paper-Scissors" for the elimination process. In the end Adam is the male captain for the Vets.

In the third heat, the Rookie girls also use "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to have Jo be the female captain in the end. The final heat sees the Vet girls go at it leaving Ruthie to be the female captain for the Vets.

The captains all receive a check for $1,000 from Energizer and get their own room and a huge bed at a gorgeous, clean house.

After the teams have been accustomed to their temporary living quarters, they all go to the sunken pirate ship which is the set-up for the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet 2 consists of 15 challenges, each of them is worth $10,000. On the weeks of play, there'll be Girl Captain Days and Boy Captain Days. The team who loses in a challenge must deliberate on who to go up against their own team captain in The Gauntlet. The winner of the game there gets to be the captain while the runner-up goes home.

Later, the cast holds a huge birthday bash for Mark. Everyone's having a good time, except for Jo, who sits out in the car and complains to her father in England on the phone. Upon her return to the house, she discovers chocolate sauce all over her bedroom floor. Then Jo loud snaps, announcing her desire to leave the house. Well, this is going to be one totally insane season! Another recap on next week's episode next time.

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