Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Rookies vs. Veterans: The Gauntlet 2
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Today is

The Pit - March 6
At the top of this episode we see Alton and Jodi seem to be getting rather close these days. Their teammates are hoping that it does not affect the team in any way. Ibis tells Jodi that in her opinion, that it hasn't been long enough for Alton to move on from his ex-girlfriend. Kina's worried about her tendency to look for love in all the wrong places and she wants to have a good relationship with a good guy which is hard to find in these situations.

The teams receive their next clue and it says...

>Good luck getting yourself out of this situation, it's definitely going to be the pits.

The guys know that today is a Male Gauntlet Gay, but no guy is worried because they are all fired up to win.

The teams end up at Angus Store Mangroves for their next challenge, "The Pit". This is where each team must get themselves out of a deep pit, using the tools and things at hand. The team who gets all of their players and the supplies out in the fastest time will wins this challenge. Each team has 30 minutes to try and have the players make their escape. Another way to win this challenge is to have the most players out of the pit, in the event that both teams run out of time. Once a player leaves the put, he or she can't go back down or else their turn will end in a disqualification. While one team is in play, the team not playing will be sequestered so that they won't get an unfair advantage.

One male player of the Rookies will not be playing in this challenge and will also be exempt from the Gauntlet; And the rookies sit out Randy.

The Rookies go first with team members just flying out of the pit. In a last ditch effort to get their last team member in the pit, Landon, Alton dangles himself as a human ladder. In the end only Landon was left in the pit giving themselves a score of eight players out of nine. The Vets have their end of the challenge to contend with and they also end with a score of eight out of nine despite the best efforts of Brad, Mark, and Timmy.

In the end, the Vets had eight players out in under six minutes, while the Rookies got their last player and equipment out in 26:29 giving them the win.

Their equipment made the difference this time and they win an additional $10K to their team bank account. The Rookies now have a total of $80,000 but the Vets are still sitting on $50K. And Alton wins a FinalScratch 2 DJ package for his team's efforts.

At the deliberation, the Veterans use the ballot vote method to choose Brad to play against Derrick in the Gauntlet. The wheel lands on "Captain's Choice" and this time around Derrick chooses "Name That Coconut."

In "Name That Coconut", the object is for the players to find the coconut first with the correct answer that answers a trivia question. First with five correct answers stays in the competition.

The first question is...

1) On the Inferno II, this cast member caused a huge fight between Robin and Tonya over Mark.

Derrick locked in with Beth, which is correct. Oh that Beth, she was and always will be a bee-yatch.

Derrick - 1/Brad - 0

2) Who was almost fired from her job in Boston?

And we're referring to the Boston season of "The Real World." And Derrick scores again with the correct answer of Montana.

Derrick - 2/Brad - 0

3) On the Real World San Diego, who was unable to get into a club because they tried to use a fake I.D.?

Derrick incorrectly guess Robin, giving Brad a free chance and answered Cameran, which is correct.

Derrick - 2/Brad - 1

4) During the first season of The Inferno, who smokes a cigarette while competing in an Inferno?

Derrick snuck in with the correct answer of Katie getting him to the halfway point.

Derrick - 3/Brad - 1

5) Who knocked out Mary-Beth on a face-off challenge on Road Rules?

Derrick got the correct answer of Jillian.

Derrick - 4/Brad - 1

6) Who had to go skinny dipping after losing a bet on Inferno II?

Brad got the correct answer of Jodi to stay alive.

Derrick - 4/Brad - 2

7) Who was sent home after losing in a bull-riding competition on the first season of The Gauntlet?

Derrick got the correct answer of Montana for the win.

And after a tooth-and-nail battle, Derrick wins as the little bulldog stays captain. Brad's hopes of winning this competition have now been dashed. Brad didn't see the loss coming and the team has lost another good team player.

Later that night, Alton breaks the news to Jodi that, to a certain degree that she's a 'transition' girl, but he thinks they could be great friends after the competition's over. The episode with Jodi and Alton wondering about the future of their relationship as the competition nears its end.

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