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Today is

Overtime - February 17

What happens when all of the dancing is over and there's still work to be done? The Results show! Welcome to it, I'm Pierre Kelly, and we're here to figure out who's on the finals.

First off, a preview of the pratice scene where Ashly Delgrosso and our host, Tom Bergeron get prepared for their routine. Now, on to the highlights where Stacy & Drew tied for the top spot. Lisa continued to rise up from the leaderboard, and she says she would just feel a little jiffed, but Jerry Rice felt stiffed as he went last and said he's not going to give up. Meanwhile, an encore is waiting to happen and that's...Drew & Cheryl. They made the rhumba happen last night. That does not count towards the votes. Over at the locker room, we get highlights of the couple's 2 performances starting with Stacy & Tony. How does she wants to win? She says...ask the boss...okay, next up, Lisa & Louis, and despite getting close every week, she has to thank the fans, and lastly, Jerry & Anna, who he says it's all about the fans, becuse later tonight, we'll reveal who the fans wanted in the final 3.

Time now for a performance by Canadian jazz singer Michael Buble singing Van Morrison's "Moondance" and it's Nick Kosovich and Andrea hale to take the floor. Nick does a pick & spin, while Andrea did some twirls. Nick did a kneeldown and they both went to Michael himself. Meanwhile, we get a segment on the 4 couples strengths & weaknesses and as Bruno tells you, it's a clash of the titans. Len says Drew comes to the floor and gives it 100%, but Carrie Ann says he hits nice lines, but doesn't finish it completely. On to Stacy now, and Len says she's naturally talented, but Carrie Ann suggests she looks cute and pretty. Then comes Jerry and according to Len, he looks likes a dancer and must work very, very hard if he makes the finals. But Bruno says he needs to start working on his feet more often. Finally, Lisa. Bruno says she brings an incredible energy to the show and she is most improved.

RIght now, who did the judges impress for? Carrie Ann said Drew & Cheryl, Len said Jerry & Anna and Bruno goes for Lisa & Louis. Something came up in practice and Tom wants the comic elements designed to be comic. Now, in the ballroom, it's Tom Bergeron & Ashly Delgrosso doing a quickstep to "Come on, Get Happy." Tom took his hat off and tossed it, and they both went around the floor, but Tom did a run & kick move. They both did some footwork and some foot bouncing, and Tom did a grab & dip to end it. How did Len impress it? He says it was truly a dance of 2 hearts. Way to go, Tom. You sure enough danced your heart out.

Michael Buble returns to do "Save The Last Dance for Me" along with Alec Mazo & Edyta Sliwinska. Alec did a hat swap with Edyta throught the number and did a hat on Edyta's foot move. Edyta did some spins & a split and both did some footwork. Edyta did a jump & carry move while Alec did a run and split-through to end it. Next up, a segment on their unsung heroes. Jerry's wife, Jackie says when he came to the show, it was something totally not him. Drew's brother and Jessica Simpson's former husband, Nick says he saw his dance shoes with 2 in the heel. Lisa's husband, Harry Hamlin of L.A. Law fame says he can clam down within 2-3 seconds and she does her personal best. Jerry's 49er teammate Steve Young says if he lost, he would not be suprised. Jackie Rice says he wants the show's trophy next to his collection of trophies he won. Old-school wrestler hulk Hogan says Stacy is using the attitude to dominate the competition, and former FOX NFL Sunday studio analyst Ronnie Lott says if he wins, he'll shed a tear. RIght now, 1 couple will shed many. Let's eliminate somebody!

In random order...going 1st...Drew & Cheryl! 2nd up...Jerry & Anna. Now it's down to Stacy or Lisa. Who did they got rid of?.........................................Lisa & Louis. Stacy sticks around for the finals next week. We get a video tribute for her and a final dance to "Didn't we Almost have it All?" by Whitney Houston. Next week, all hell will be broken loose as Drew, Jerry and Stacy get set for the finals. I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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