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Season 2
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Today is

One Fur Ball Breaks Up - January 20

Well then, glad you got a case of nachos & soda, because it's about time for the results portion of "Dancing With The Stars." Who's up for elimination? Could it be P.? Could it be Tia? Could it be George? Or can it be anybody else? Let's tune in & find out.

We start out with Tom in an empty ballroom again welcoming us all to the show, and we show the entire routines in their entirety again. Jerry got us going with his jive, but the judges were'nt buying it, in fact, he says he's been criticized by the judges. Next up, Giselle did a tango, and again the same result happened. She says it was so disappointed, she thought she did well. Drew was never disappointed with his jive and shot himself all the way to the top. Drew says he's been hitting it hard this week, but George hit a homerun himself with his tango, and asks "Is it about the entertainment?" That question was asked when Lisa entertained us with her jive. She says she came out slow & build faster. However, Stacy's tango responded quickly as she went into a tie with Drew & Cheryl. Tony said it really had aggresion, but P. didn't have aggresion as he took up last place. Finally, Tia talks about the final move performed in her tango and would love to do it again. But, it'll be someday as...

WE ARE LIVE! We start back up with the condensed highlights where Drew led early, but Stacy tied it up for 1st place. It was a battle for survival between Tia & Lisa, but the judges gavve the real drama on the bottom 3. Now here's how the scoreboard looked after last night:

1. STACY & TONY-27
3. TIA & MAX-26
4. LISA & LOUIS-25
7. JERRY & ANNA-19
8. P. & ASHLY-14
In a twist that changes the show, we reveal the 1st 2 couples safe in random order, and the 1st one is....Stacy & Tony! Also getting a free pass for another week...Jerry & Anna! We'll reveal who else will get the passes later on in the show.

Over in the locker room, Jerry says he feels great, and the strategy's working, P. says Len takes it more personally and Giselle says she's having the time of her life, but who's time is over now? Right now, we get a group dance's 4 men in black and 4 men in dresses, meaning that it's a dance off to the theme from "Rocky." Jonathan & Anna will go first, next up will be Tony & Cheryl, followed by Louis & Ashly, and finally, Max & Edyta. Afterwards, all of them performed in unison, they both spin around, and end the song by having all women dip to the floor. That was one big group dance you've just witnessed.

Next up, The Style Elements Crew performing to the Black Eyed Peas' "Hey Mama." They're not just dancers, they're just breakers, poppers & lockers, spinning on the floor or just standing up. All of them ending by forming a chain, but one must get out of this chain link fence for good. Who will it be? Let's eliminate somebody!

Earlier, Jerry & Stacy are safe. Let's see who's the 3rd one safe as we reveal...Tia & Max! and up next is...P. & Ashly! Followed by...Lisa & Louis! And then....Drew & Cheryl! It's down to either George or Giselle. Who's getting the goodbye, and who's getting the safe pass? The one person to say goodbye is......................Giselle & Jonathan. George & Edyta remain safe for this week. As we end the program, Giselle & Jonathan take their last dance to Leann Rimes's "How Do I Live?" And it'll end the program for another week of competition. See you next week as another couple will say good bye to this competition. Until next week, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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