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Today is

And So it Ends for One... - January 6
"Dancing With The Stars" has reached the results portion of the show. Tom Bergeron & Samantha Harris will pass out the report cards to the couples to see who scored an A on Chemistry (That is, if they make good moves together) or an F for making poor moves. There's only one way to find out, so let's get going!
We start things off with what happened last night. There were some that made the grade, while others just flunked out. Kenny Mayne gave us his opinions on the judges after his dance routine, while Stacy's team talked about what happened last night. Drew gave it the best performance of the night that rocked the public, and gave himself a plan on winning. Meanwhile, P. & Ashly flunked out their cha-cha moves, but Ashly says he needs to be more committed, while P. says he does not want to change for these judges. There was one man who had the fast feet, and Jerry Rice brought it down. Although Jerry said it was just a little dance, it showed off his football prowess. Highlights are over and we get a check of the scoreboard:
3. TATUM & NICK-23
4. STACY & TONY-22
5. JERRY & ANNA-21
6. TIA & MAX-20
7. LISA & LOUIS-19
10. P. & ASHLY-12
Meanwhile in the locker room, Kenny showed us to the camera a picture drawn by her daughter, and then Samantha turned to P. & Ashly. P. says Ashly is a drill seargant just to do his thing. Back out on the ballroom, we get a group dance from the dance pros doing "Sign Your Name" by Terence Trent D'Arby. Max & Edyta will start things out doing a cha-cha. Edyta got the crowd going with a leg lift. Then, it was Louis & Ashly's turn. Louis took a kick, and then swung Ashly around with a rag doll spin. Then, they switched back to Max & Edyta. After that, the track switched to "Mack The Knife" and Johnathan & Anna came on. They both spun so fast, they almost got dizzy. Nick & Andrea rounded out the dance by waltzing around and doing a quickstep. All of the dance pros lined up to grab & position each other to end the song. That ends the group dance for this week. I'm sure they'll be many more of it to come. 
Up next, we get a segment on what dance pros & stars say about eliminations. Louis comments on who might be eliminated, then Ashly thinks it may be intense if you're safe. Jerry also claims that he want to get through to the next round. Meanwhile, Len wants to congratulate the couples for a big Thursday, but thinks that Drew danced the best, Jerry was fantastic, but P. is a fantastic partner and listened to her moves. We then move on to a performance by legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach singing "The Look of Love" with the show's singers. Adding that is Nick & his wife, Lena for a dance. Throughout, they showed off their moves including some spins by Lena, a leg spin by Nick, Lena showing off some twirls, and both doing some spins. Getting near the end, Both danced behind their backs, while Lena did some spins & a knee dip to end the song. That was a great performance, but who'll look for the Exit door first? Let's Eliminate somebody!
In random order, the first couple to make it through...Drew & Cheryl. Up next, it's...Giselle & Johnathan. Followed by...Tatum & Nick. 4th up...P. & Ashly! Next up....Stacy & Tony! We're halfway there, and up ahead is...Jerry & Anna. Followed by...Lisa & Louis! And up next, it's...George & Edyta! So now, it comes down to either Tia & Max or Kenny & Andrea. Who'll mark a big red X and who will circle the safe spots on the scorecard? And the public wants to get rid of.....................Kenny & Andrea! Tia & Max remain safe for next week. Kenny & Andrea will take the last dance to Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now," but I must leave for now. Join us next week when someone else will leave this ballroom immediately. I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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