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Today is

One Big Super Bowl Dance - February 2

"Stop! In the name of love!" and turn off that XBOX 360 mess. Because "Dancing With The Stars" has "an invitation across the nation" to see our couples "go to a go-go" as they master the samba, and after that, all 6 will "shop around" for the best moves as they take to the floor in a big group dance. The couples will dance, and when that's over, our judges will rate the whole thing from 1 to 10. Whoever's last in elimination will have "tears of a clown" and be out of here for good. We all "know who's losing" a couple last week, and it was P. & Ashly. Whose "world will end the moment" elimination time comes? "Let's Get it on!"

Getting the party started, Stacy & Tony. In practice, they saw a real samba dance, and they'll see how it pays off as they dance to Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious." By the 1st verse, both turned their backs and did a butt shake. Both did some arm raises, but Tony took a knee, did a shake, but by the end, Stacy did a fall back, a back slide-through and a swerve to end it. Now let's get a first glance of the judges: Carrie Ann...stands up & clap for the routine, Len said they're such an impressive couple, and Bruno said Stacy is a weapon of mass seduction. Will they be in missile command for 1st, or will their hopes read "The End?" Shooting the numbers:

LEN: 10
Total: 30
Now that's how you start a show.

2nd, George & Edyta. Last week, he played "Zorro." What will he do this week? At practice, they went to a zoo. Now let's see how they act like animals as they dance to "Conga" by Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine. George led the band, while Edyta did some moves down the entrance area. George switched roles to dancer as he took the floor, and Edyta did some samba moves. Edyta also did a squirm-through, and a flip & split to end the song. Now we follow our lead to the judges: Carrie Ann said they were so entertaining to watch, Len said they were dancing for joy, and Bruno said the performance was like a fruit cocktail. Will get get squished and turn into fruit juice? Let's go to the scoreboard:

LEN: 8
Total: 24
And it's 2nd place joy for them.

And 3rd up is Lisa & Louis. Last week's performance put the nail in the coffin on the show. After an appearance by her husband, Harry Hamlin of L.A. Law fame, let's see how they act like screwdrivers as they dance to "Le Freak" by Chic. Both went to the band area to the floor at the start, and both did their own chest shake. Louis did a little arm rolling, but Lisa made up with a leg hold & dip to end the song. Let's hope they don't freak out on the judges: Carrie Ann said the performance came up a notch, but the samba was missing, Len said he couldn't agree with Carrie Ann and Bruno said it was gorgeous & luscious. After a snippet of the group dance rehearsal and a few commercials, we get these scores:

LEN: 9
Total: 25
That'll take them to 2nd place.

Up 4th, Tia & Max. Last week, they turned P. & Ashly's championship dream into a nightmare. Will her dream continue? Let's see how they do to No More Tears (Enough is Enough) by Donna Summer. Tia did her own intro to the floor, and busted out a few solo moves, while Max walked down and did nothing. Suddenly, he ignited it with his dancing moves, but Tia threw some clothing articles away. Max, however, did a solo shake, and told the crowd to get up. Both did some arm rolling, a disco gesture, and a knee dip by Max to end the song. Now we go over to the judges: Carrie Ann said the middle portion was great, Len said it was more like Baltimore than Brazil, and Bruno said it was like a Zigfield Follies beauty queen. Was it turning into a fad or a folly? Only the scoreboard will know:

LEN: 7
Total: 22
And they end up in dead last.

In 5th position, Jerry & Anna. Last week, they went from 0 to 120 in 90 seconds with their Foxtrot. Can they shift into 4th gear? For practice, they got Jerry's daughter, Jada, to help him out. Now let's see if the help pays off as they dance to "For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder. Both did some shaking with their backs turned in the band area, and as they went to the floor, Anna did a merry-go-round move, and also did a sqiurm-through, a kick, some salsa moves, and a few spins. Give credit to her, but was it enough credit for the judges? Carrie Ann said they were such a joy to watch, Len said it was much better, but the posture was great, and Bruno said Jerry was cracking the world tonight. Now let's crack some numbers on the leaderboard:

LEN: 8
Total: 23
And they go to 3rd place.

Way up last, Drew & Cheryl. Last week, a higher score decided to let the rivalry of Stacy & Tony go on. Let's see how that continues to "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. Both went from the band area to the floor at the start, and both did a samba roll, but Drew took a portion of his shirt off, and both had fun with it. Drew threw the portion away, and Cheryl did a dip, while Drew did a knee move, but Cheryl pushed him down to end the song. Now we head on over to the judges: Carrie Ann said they did a great job, btu needs to watch the shoulders next time, Len said it got flair & exuberant and Bruno said they were on target again. Now we get the scores one last time:

LEN: 9
Total: 28
And that's good enough for 2nd place.

Before we get into the group dance, let's take a look at the scoreboard:
Stacy & Tony have a perfect score of 30 and they secure 1st place, Drew & Cheryl have 2nd with 28, 3rd has Lisa & Louis with 25, George & Edyta have 24, Jerry & Anna have 23, and Tia & Max are in last place with 22. It seems that the other 4 couples have a 1-point differential in the standings.

Before they take the floor, they rehearsed with Gustao Vargas, and as he says, there's a lot going on, and there were a lot. George gave us some comic relief, and broke it down with some Spanish. Meanwhile, DWTS was turning into the WCW as Cheryl hit Drew in the nose and he was left bleeding. Ouch! Meanwhile, the channel changed into a daytime soap opera, as temper flared in the room. Anna & Max exchanged words, while the rest did the same thing. When the smoked cleared, they go to the floor to dance to "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" by Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine and they danced in unison. There was a lot of action individually, like 1 couple who took a knee, another one that has Cheryl doing a dip, and another couple like Edyta who did a dip. All did a big ending and there was one couple who flashed a few V signs. And with that, I'm about to sign off for the show. Tune in tomorrow to see which couple is facing the STOP sign as elimination time comes. We're on a 23-hour break. See you tomorrow when we dance with the stars.

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