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Today is

The Nine Innings of Dancing - January 12

There's a lyric in a Christmas song that says "Nine ladies dancing," but we got 9 men dancing as well. Wait a second, we got 9 couples. That means it's "Dancing With The Stars" time. Hi everyone, Pierre Kelly giving you the play-by-play action as the stars master the quickstep & the rhumba. After each routine, the judges will rate the couples from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, and 30 being the maximum. If you get the lowest public votes, you get sent home, just like Kenny Mayne did last week. His bad cha-cha moves were not enough to stay safe over Tia & Max. Who'll stay safe this week? Let's rock!

Batting leadoff, Lisa & Louis. Last week, they waltzed into an average score. In practice, they showed off their skills by dancing on a pole. They're now in pole position as they take a rhumba to Elton John's "Your Song." First, both do a spin and then get a little romantic. Later, Lisa did a spilt & a shimmy on her own. Both did some spins, and Lisa made her own twirls and a dip to rise when the song ended. Now we'll take a pit stop with our judges: Carrie Ann said it was a shaky start, but needed to live it up there. Len said it was a great start to the show, but needs to work on spins, and Bruno said it was like a wild kitten. Did they got their engines running or got sputtered? To the scores we go:

LEN: 7
Total: 20
Not a bad start, but we still got plenty of dancing left.

2nd up, Drew & Cheryl. Last week, their cha-cha danced perfectly being the 1st couple to take the lead and stay off elimination. Can they do it again? This week, they'll quickstep to The Pointer Sisters' "Neuton Dance." To start off, they did a line-up shake, and then they danced around the floor. Next up, they dazzled the crowd with some fast footwork, and went around the floor again.Then, they did some bouncing around on the floor, did a kick, and then Cheryl did a twirl & dip to end the song. Now let's head on over to the judges: Carrie Ann said it saw 1 stumble, but everything was great, Len said it was fun, fast & fantastic, and Bruno said they we're super sonic, but only missed 1 target. Can they hit the bullseye or get struck by lightning? Let's ring in the scores:

LEN: 9
Total: 27
And they take the lead!

3rd position belongs to Tia & Max. Last week, they knocked Kenny & Andrea into elimination. For practice, they had to work on them hips by a hula dancer. Can they make waves tonight? They'll take a rhumba to Samantha Sang's "Emotions." Both did a slow dance at the start, but Tia responded with a dip. Tia later did a swevre & a bend, followed by a dip to the floor. Later on, Max did a knee spin, and getting near the end, Max was still on his knees while Tia was standing. Did they give a wipeout for the wrong moves? Let's surf to the judges to see what they think: Carrie Ann said it brought it out, but needs to sharpen the edges, Len said it was a little bit nitpicking, and Bruno said it had such natural senssuality, but didn't key the level. Was this they key to being in 1st? Unlocking the scores:

LEN: 8
Total: 23
But hang in there. Carrie Ann mistakenly raised up a 7 paddle and said "8" giving it 22, not 23. Bad Carrie Ann, Bad Carrie Ann!

4th, George & Edyta. Last week, they started the season out with a whimper. Can they bang out their best moves? They'll take a quickstep to "Top Hat, White Coat & Tails." Edyta was spinning, but George threw the hat & cane away. Both did some kicks, and went around the floor. By the break, both did some improv tap dances solo. Break was over, and Edtya did a jump over, and by the end, she did a leg lift & a dip. Are they doing a little better? Carrie Ann said was charming & elegant, Len said it had everything in the kitchen sink, and Bruno said George is like the master of Illusion. Can they use magic to make Drew & Cheryl disappear? Wave your magic wand and make the scores appear:

LEN: 7
Total: 22
And they tie Tia & Max for 2nd place.

Doing 5th, Tatum & Nick. Last week, she used her acting talents to waltz into safety. This time, she'll rhumba to George Michael's "Careless Whisper." By the opening seconds, Tatum did a mid-air leg lift, and later, did a dip. Both did a spin around, but Tatum wowed with a split. Both held for a leg hang to end the song. Will she keep up her talents? Carrie Ann said her legs were not in style, Len said every line was fantastic, but her leg work was like a trifle, and Bruno said it had great quality, but they got to keep their performance through the body. Can they make it through 1st place? The scores go like this:

LEN: 6
Total: 17
And they get tanked in the cellar.

Up next, Jerry & Anna, Last week, they tackled the cha-cha, but in practice, they went to the 49ers practice facilty to work on their moves. Now, they go to work doing a quickstep to "If they could see me now." Anna was on the floor, but Jerry ran to the floor by the intro. Both went around the floor, but Anna did some fancy footwork of her own. They gallop around the floor again, and Anna did a kick again, and both worked on their footwork. By the end, Anna took a jump to Jerry. How did they do? Carrie Ann said the posture was great, Len said it was a great routine, and Bruno said they need to be light on their feet. Will get make light moves into 2nd place? Only the scores will know:

LEN: 8
And they take 2nd place.

Stacy & Tony are up. Last week, they waltzed into 4th. Can they sizzle into first? They'll rhumba to Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like a Bird." Tony got a kiss on the hand from Stacy, but she did a dip from there. Stacy also did her own spin & hang, and a leg lift and dip to end the song. Can they fly into first? Carrie Ann said the technique was immpecable, Len said it was absolutely fantastic, and Bruno said it was exquisite technique. Will it be a sizzle or a fizzle for the scoreboard? Right now, the numbers say:

LEN: 10
Total: 29
And the lead is stolen from Drew & Cheryl.

Going up next, P. Miller & Ashly. Last week's "gangsta cha-cha" was a flop. Can they flip into 1st? They'll take a quickstep to Cherry Poppin' Daddies' "Zoot Suit Riot." They went around the floor first, then Ashly did a kick of her own. Later, Ashly did a dip, and to end it, she did a spin & a dip. Will it be better than last week? Carrie Ann saidit hit every step, Len said it was better than last week, and Bruno said the ice melted, and a dancer is started to emerge. Will they emerge into first? Only the scores tell the tale:

LEN: 5
Total: 16
A little better, but they're in the cellar.

Gislelle & Johnathan are the last up to dance. Last week, they waltzed better. This week, they'll rhumba to Berlyn's "Take My Breath Away." They danced in the band area at the start, and Giselle got a leg lift, but when they went to the floor, Giselle did a dip, did her own spins and an air split. By the end, she did a split on the floor. Now we go to the judges one last time: Carrie Ann said it was graceful & powerful, Len said it was a little bit hard, and Bruno saidit was sexy, smooth, and it had lovely turns. Can they get a 30 in just a split second? The scoreboard, onle last time, blurts out the final numbers:

LEN: 8
Total: 24
And they head into 2nd place.

We tally the scores up for a recap: Stacy & Tony are in pole position with 29, the silver medal has Drew & Cheryl with 27, the bronze goes to Giselle & Johnathan with 24, 23 goes to Jerry & Anna, Tia & Max and George & Edyta share the score of 22, Lisa & Louis have 20, Tatum & Nick have 17, and way back there is P. & Ashly with 16. And with that, we're all done here. Tune in tomorrow to see who made the grade and who didn't in the results show. We're on a 23-hour break. See you tomorrow when we dance with the stars.

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