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Today is

CRASH!! - February 10

Tonight, one couple will go home crying to their mommies while the other 4 survive. Welcome to your basic Friday entertainment show we call the "results: show. Let's go berserk!

We start out with the highlights of last night's program where Drew put up a strike and he said...WOOO! (too much caffeine), however Stacy responded with a knockdown making this rivalry go to overdrive as both scored the perfect mark. Lisa climbed up the scoreboard and showed another whole side of her, while George tried to put some entertainment, but the judges weren't buying it. The big tangle to have yet get out of was Jerry. He couldn't get anything going thanks to the judges and said if he doesn't get rewarded, he leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Who else will leave a bad taste in their mouth tonight? Over in the locker room, we get highlights starting with George & Edyta, and he said he admired the people he done this. Next, a highlight from Jerry & Anna, and Jerry said it was exactly planned as underdogs. Will they be for another week?

You heard her sing "These Words" on the radio, but now she's here doing "Unwritten" on this ballroom. It's Natasha Bedingfield, and she's brought a backup choir along on the stairs. Over backstage, we get 2 highlights in 1 reel. First, one from Drew and the other from Stacy. Stacy says she so happy with her performance, but George surprises us by showing his wedding band. Next up, it's a segment on the physical body and what happens during rehearsal. 1 person says each couple practices 6-8 hrs. a day. George says there are a lot of body parts that scream at you, Lisa says her hips were sore, Jerry had his hips & back sore, but according to Lisa, the feet is the worst part of every couple. Sometimes, wardrobe can be painful. George says his jacket was too tight. Often times, they lose weight. Lisa says her body has changed dramatically. Now that everyone is healed, one's gotta hurt.

In random order...up first...Jerry & Anna! And that's followed by...Drew & Cheryl! The other half of the final 4 won't be revealed until later in the show. Right now, who did the judges like? Carrie Ann said it was Jerry & Anna, Len said it was Lisa & Louis, because Lisa flew around like a butterfly, and Bruno said it was Stacy & Tony, because she gave a performance full of joy. Meanwhile, The Rising Star Dance Academy consists of Max's students. 1 named Sergey & Michelle, another named Boris & Nicole and 1 more named Valentin & Valeria danced the jive to Lou Bega's "Mambo #5" and they all danced like experts.

Backstage, what do they think when one's going home? Stacy says she's definitely concerned about it, Lisa says anything can happen, and doing a little math? Meanwhile, Tony & Cheryl will recreate a scene from a film called "Dirty Dancing" featuring Bill Medley and her daughter singing "I've Had The Time Of My Life." Both went to the band area for some moves, Tony did a solo, and asked the crowd members for a dance. The crowd carried Cheryl to the floor where she did some air bike kicks, and the rest danced while Tony & Cheryl danced slow.

Now a segment on how a dance pro teaches a star. Nick says they teach a different set of methods used to teach somebody. Louis says a good teacher is not a teacher, but a coach. Cheryl says it was the most intense experience of my life, and Edyta says seeing George was mission accomplished. Only one team is a mission failure in this ballroom. Let's eliminate somebody! Earlier, Jerry & Drew remain safe. Let's see who else is safe starting with...Stacy & Tony! Well, it all comes down to either George & Edyta or Lisa & Louis. Only one won't survive and that's.................George & Edyta. Lisa & Louis remain safe for next week. Before we end it, we get a video tribute from them, and as we end the show, we see them take a last dance to "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton. The final 4 is in place and next week will be a good one. I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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