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Today is

Out of This World, Out of the Ballroom - January 27

It was a night to remember. It was the highs & lows of a mad hot ballroom, and in an hour from now, one couple will kiss their championship dreams goodbye.

We start off with the highlights of what happened. Drew & Cheryl thrilled the crowd with their Paso Doble "Thriller," and Drew said it was the best paso doble he could do. Stacy put the "fox" in foxtrot, she says, with her best foxtrot that came up short of 1st place. Lisa's paso doble was dead-on, but she says she wants to be the idols someday, meanwhile Jerry was back in full swing with his fox trot, and scored a touchdown after fumbling with his jive last week. However, the judges were mortifying the dance of death, thanks to P.'s poor paso doble. Highlights are over, but who got the encore? It was Drew & Cheryl. They copied the paso doble from last night, and had nothing to do with the results show. Over at the locker room, they show quickie highlights starting with Tia & Max. Tia said she zigged what she's supposed to zag, and we get a replay on what happened. Stacy & Tony are up with a highlight, and Stacy said she was stressing out so bad. Finally, Lisa & Louis' highlight. Lisa said it wasn't the best routine she's ever performed, but will she bring out her best next time?

Oh look, The Pussycat Dolls are here to perform "Don't 'Cha." Much credit goes to the lead singer for getting to the soprano at the break. The song went from original and sped up to remix getting near the end. Back to the locker room for more highlight shorties, starting with George & Edyta's Paso Doble. Then came P. & Ashly's paso doble, and in his best Tony Montana impression, P. said he was out there dancing doing the best he could do. Lastly, Jerry & Anna with the foxtrot, and Jerry said it was fun, but George gave him butt pants. (ooh!) Up next, a segment on rituals before the routines, like Jerry laying out clothes on him, Max claming they don't each each other, (hmm...) Tia going to her trailer, and breaks out into humming or singing, (I was hoping it's not "Halo.") Lisa doing yoga on her iPod, (interesting choice) George doing meditation, (Ok) and P. telling us to pray and thank God. (Amen to that!) Wish "The Insider" would've seen it.

Did the rituals pay off? In random order, we reveal the 1st 2 couples to stay safe, starting with...Drew & Cheryl!, and then came...Lisa & Louis! We'll have more couples to reveal later on in the show. Who took out their best routines on the judges? Well, Carrie Ann said it was Lisa & Louis, Len said it was Jerry & Anna, and Bruno said it was Drew & Cheryl. Now, we get a Latin dance from Rodrigo & Ysemia. Ysemia took the credit by doing 1/4 turns, 1/2 dips and a whirlybird move.

The Pussycat Dolls are back out on stage doing "Sway." And it features Anna & Jonathan doing some moves. Anna gets the credit by doing a split, and got more later on by doing solo moves and a dip to end the song. Going back to the locker room, George said he feels pretty good all week, and P. Miller said he loves America and the people. Meanwhile, we get a segment on scoring the routines. Carrie Ann looks for emotion, Bruno scores on performance and Len going for technique. What they look for in a routine are 3 things: The arms, feet and the x-factor. Bruno said the scoring system goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being the "living dead" and 10 being "Hotness." Carrie Ann said she needs to be honest with them to lift people up, and Bruno said she's not there to punish anybody. But who's punishment is getting eliminated? Let's eliminate somebody!

Going back to random order...3rd up to dance next week...Stacy & Tony!...and then 4th, it's...Jerry & Anna!...also up 5th...George & Edyta! it comes down to Tia or P. Who'll survive and who won't? The 4th couple knocked out of the floor is..........................................

P. & Ashly. Tia & Max remain safe for the week. But wait, there's a interview, starting with a video tribute. P. says it's been fun and it was a great experience. He also says he's never done this before, but did it for his injured son, Lil' Romeo. Next up, another monatge of P. saying the word "hood." (Weird, huh?) Ashly said she wants to go out and accomplish something, and finally, a video montage on their friendship, which right now becomes a make up to break up. And over at the locker room, Tia said she's not afraid of being in the bottom 2 twice.

It's the last dance for P. & Ashly as they dance to Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust." P. was the last one standing, but got snakebit thanks to Tia's foxtrot. Next week, who else will get snakebit, and we'll see the 6 couples dancing a samba, and doing a group Viennese Waltz. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, I'm out.

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