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Today is

It's a Fox Trot Paso Doble World - January 26

The crowd is packed with capacity, and it's about to become a mad hot ballroom tonight as another sold-out crowd will witness 7 couples trying to master the paso doble & fox trot as we get set for another week of competition on "Dancing With The Stars." As always, it goes like this: Couples perform the routines, judges will mark the scorecards and when it's all over, you vote for who's staying, and if tomorrow night comes, the viewers will hear who is getting the boot. Last week, Giselle & Jonathan were yesterday's news, but who's getting the short end of the stick tonight? Let's rock the house!

George & Edyta are first. They took Giselle & Johnathan out to elimination. This week, they'll paso doble to "Matador Paso," and when the song started, George came out in his Zorro mask, and wowed the crowd with his matador skills, while Edyta came out like a senorita, and danced just like it with her routines including a split. When it was over, the judges marked up the comments that were good including Bruno who chimed in as "a bit more like Antonio Banderas." Now let's get our first glance of the scoreboard:

LEN: 7
Total: 21
Good way to start.

Tia & Max will go next. Last week, she put the T in terrific with her tango. Will she topple the competition. Earlier this week, they went to NYC for an appearance on Regis & Kelly, and then they went to Max's ballroom school to show his students how they do. BTW, if you picked up a copy of "Mad Hot Ballroom," you'll know that it was shot in NYC and featured 5th graders. Wish I had one. Back to LA, and they'll do a foxtrot to "Dream a Little Dream" by Mama Cass. To start, Max did some solo moves while Tia was sitting in her chair, and later got up. They both went around the floor, and Tia made up with a leg spin. Getting near the end, both did a arm-in-arm move. When it ended, Tia walked & did a fan gesture while Max stayed there. Now we go to the judges: Carrie said she didn't see the blender, Len said it blended early on, and Tia had beautiful grace, and Bruno saidit was full of grace and the interpretation was radiant. Now let's chop & puree the numbers:

LEN: 8
Total: 25
And it's first place for them.

P. & Ashly take 3rd. Last week, they ended up last...again. Can they get out of it...for real? For practice, P. couldn't cope with it, so Ashly took him to Utah to meet her parents. They are not as acting smart like Ken Jennings the past 3 weeks, but can they bring up jazz like Karl Malone this week? They'll paso doble to "Please don't let me be misunderstood" by The Animals. P. took it with some stomps, but Ashly made up with some spins & a leg hold. She dazzled up some fancy footwork, did a leg lift, and by the end, a leg squat. Let's see if P.'s moves were improved or declined by the judges: Carrie Ann said it was the best dancing Ashly brought, Len said the viewers were being cruel to him, and Bruno said it was like a nightmare. P. & Ashly have got to wake up. The scores will know, for sure:

LEN: 2
Total: 8
Another trip to the cellar for them.

Now up on deck, Stacy & Tony. They kicked it into high gear for 1st last week. Can they do it again? Over at practice, they went to a spa after hectic hours. Tonight, they are rejuvenated and will be doing a foxtrot to Norah Jones' "Cold Cold Heart." Throughout the routine, it worked out well, and Stacy made some moves by doing a leg lift, another in the later seconds, and a back bend by the end. Now we get to the judges for commentary: Carrie Ann said it was elegant, Len said it was absolutely gorgeous, and Bruno said it was the best legs he's ever seen. Now let's kick teh scoreboard machine, and spit out numbers:

LEN: 9
Total: 26
1 point out and they take the lead.

Drew & Cheryl are 5th up. Last week, a 1st place tie was becoming a rivalry with Stacy & Tony. Over at practice, Drew took some notes with a real matador named Dennis Borba. Let's see how his moves pay off as he paso doble to Michael Jackson's "Thiller." To begin, Drew swooped up a cape, and then Cheryl did a floor spin. Drew throws a cape away, and then he did a knee-bend squat. Cheryl did up a squat and did a fast dip to end the song. Now we speed over to the judges: Carrie Ann said it was fantastic, Len said it gave it everything, and Bruno said he's smells the blood & the sun. And me, I smell 1st place coming. Let's go to the scores:

LEN: 9
Total: 28
Another lead is taken again.

Jerry & Anna are up. Last week, their jive didn't get spark. Will they recharge for this week? Over at practice, he took ballet classes to help him with his leg work. Must be the next Lynn Swann. Now, they'll foxtrot to "Why don't you do right" by Julie London. To start, Jerry was sitting, and Anna went downstairs to the floor, asking Jerry to get up. Anna also did some fine footwork, and both did an arm-in-arm move. Anna ended this thing with a squirm-through. Now we head on over to the judges: Carrie said it had a breakthrough, Len said it came back stronger, and Bruno said the competition is back on track. Will that help? Only the scoreticker will know:

LEN: 8
Total: 24
And they soar ahead in 4th place.

Last to dance for the people at home is Lisa & Louis. Last week, they fired up a good jive, and this week, they'll make fire by doing a paso doble to Europe's "The Final Countdown," so fire up those Jock Rock CDs to track 2 and let's go! Both walked towards each other to start it off, and they did some head moves along the way. Lisa did a 1/2 dip and a kick to wow the crowd. Lou did a squat, and pushed Lisa to the ground to end the song. Now, we get a final say from the judges: Carrie Ann said they nailed it, Len said it was equal to last week, and Bruno said it went into like a woman possessed. Now, we get the final numbers:

LEN: 9
And they tie Stacy & Tony for 1st place.

With that, the dancing clock is on zero. Let's see how everybody did: Drew & Cheryl take top honors with 28, Stacy & Lisa share 2nd with 26, Tia & Max have 25, 24 goes to Jerry & Anna, George & Edyta have 21 points, and way down in the basement is P. & Ashly with 8. This turned out to be an affair. 6 of the 7 couples have all scored in the 20's, but will P. be eliminated forever? Tune in tomorrow & see. We're on a 23-hour break. See you tomorrow when we dance with the stars.

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