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Today is

Going Into Extra Innings - January 13

"Dancing With The Stars" is going into extra innings. Tom Bergeron & Samantha Harris are your managers as they find out who got a home run, and who struck out thanks to the public votes. Only one way to find out, so let's get going!

We start with Tom in an empty ballroom welcoming all to the show, and in about 25 minutes, it'll be live. So, we start with the routines in their entirety, plus what they think on the routines. We start off with Lisa & Louis doing the rumba, although it was average, Lisa says she's the most nervous of everybody. But not as nervous as Drew & Cheryl. Their Quickstep marched all the way to first, but Cheryl said somebody could be giving out 10s. Could They? Tia & Max might try, but failed and went for a scoring mistake and a 2nd place spot. Tia said they need to look good as they possibly can, but did George & Edyta did good? Yes, they did, tying it with Tia & Max. Meanwhile, Tatum & Nick's rumba didn't act right like last week. She said they called Tatum a dance pro, but isn't. Jerry & Anna were dance pros, however, taking 2nd place away from George & Tia, and called P. Miller to bring it on. Before that happened, Stacy & Tony were the first people to get 10s, but did P. Miller top that? No. It was better than last week, but ended up dead last. P., however dubs himself the "Scarface of ballroom dancing." However, Giselle was acting like Bloodrayne when she clawed her way into 2nd place. That'll do it for the highlights, and after a commercial break.....

WE ARE LIVE! Tom now joins Samantha by his side, and we're off & running. We start with the condensed highlights from last night's show. Giselle said it's pretty cool to surprise yourself & find talent, but P.'s talent wasn't up to standard. Who remembered last night when Ashly gave him ballroom shoes, but didn't? Well, he says he's not taking those b-ball shoes off. None whatsoever. Drew said they need to keep up the pace for next week, and when Stacy went to the top spot, she said Len ate his words. Tatum wanted out after a bad routine and says she's glad it's over. Meanwhile, Tom talked about the scoring error that happened last night and Carrie Ann apologized by holding up a "Sorry!" paddle. Now let's have a scoreboard rundown:

1. STACY & TONY-29
4. JERRY & ANNA-23
6.TIA & MAX-22
7. LISA & LOUIS-20
8. TATUM & NICK-17
9. P. & ASHLY-16

Over in the locker room, Lisa has a lot of work, listen to music and have confidence, but Tatum didn't think she did very well. Nick says it was the best rumba he ever saw, and when they came to P. & Ashly, Ashly said they can keep us dancing, and might have a basketball game at the end, while P. said he's just doing his part.

Next week, they'll perform either a tango or a jive, meanwhile, we get a performance by a couple named Ryan & Jenny doing the lindy hop to "That Old Black Magic." Jenny wowed us by doing flips, twists, a slide through and spins that looked like a gymnast. Up ahead was pop singer & "Summerland" actor Jesse McCartney doing "Get Your Shine On" from his latest album, "Beautiful Soul." Nice hair change, BTW. Tony & Elena were out on the floor busting up some salsa moves during the number. Well, that ends the performance, but one's bright light is already on dim. Whose is it? It's time for elimination!

In random order...going up 1st is...Stacy & Tony!...and then comes...Jerry & Anna!...followed by...Giselle & Johnathan!...and then comes...Lisa & Louis!...and up next...George & Edyta!....right behind them is...Drew & Cheryl!....and then comes...Tia & Max! It's down to either P. & Ashly or Tatum & Nick. The lights are out, but who's darker now? It's...........................................................Tatum & Nick. P. & Ashly remain safe for the week. Tatum & Nick dance one last time to Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time." That would've happened had P. & Ashly be knocked out of the ballroom for good. With that, it's time for me to go. Tune in next week to see who's dancing time is almost up. Until then, I'm Pierre Kelly saying dots & power pellets, i'm out.

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