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Today is

The One Before the Big Super Bowl Dance - February 3

With the Super Bowl just 2 days away, "Dancing With The Stars" gives you the results show to see whose moves fared better than The Temptations. Later on, we'll have Barry Manilow to drop by and perform for us. Right now, let's get on with the show.

We start off with the highlights where Stacy started the show off in a big way. Stacy said she was releasing a caged animal when the routine got started, but there was a controversial argument with the judges after Lisa's performance. George got rid of the gimmicks and got to dancing, while Drew zipped it into 2nd place. Drew sais he should've put the booty shake in, but Tia got shook up when she took last for the 1st time, but the biggest controversy has to be Jerry Rice. He was not happy with the scoreboard, but will he be happy to stay safe? Right now, an encore made the jduges very happy and Stacy & Tony took the floor, but that didn't count towards the scoring and the elimination period. Over in the locker room, we get some highlights starting with Tia & Max. Tia said she stands by every decision he makes, and next up, a highlight from Lisa & Louis. Lisa could only hope for a trophy, but Jerry wants it badly, and we get a highlight with Anna. Jerry doesn't think he wants the judges to challenge him. Not even Tom & Samantha.

The legendary Barry Manilow stopped by the ballroom today to perform his hit "Copacabana" and it featured Louis & Cheryl making some Latin moves while the crowd stood up throughout the song. Now we go backstage for some more highlights starting with George & Edyta. They were crawling up the scoreboard over Jerry and Tia. and lastly, we get a highlight from Drew & Cheryl. and Drew said it felt like a good performance. Right now , we get a segment on rehearsal. It starts when the results show is over where the music rats hand out CDs to the couples and they'll hear music. By Saturday, that's when the whole choreography begins. They'll learn steps over the duration of the next 5 days. Stacy said the 1st day is more frustrating, and Louis said he builds choreography around Lisa. Jerry said when the music is on, he'll start doing off the wall stuff, which leads up to show day, and the next comes the results show where we'll reveal the 1st 2 couples going through to next week starting right now.

In random order...our first couple is...Stacy & Tony! And that's followed by...Lisa & Louis. More couples to be revealed later, but first, we ask the judges to pick their favorites and why starting with Carrie Ann who picked Stacy & Tony who finally had fun, Len who picked Lisa & Louis who gradually developed since the season began, and Bruno who picked Jerry & Anna because they keep building their criticism. Let's have more fun on the floor as Emanuel Pierre-Antoine and Jozhara Zoharovicz take the stage doing a mambo. Jozhara (I hope spelling counts) made up by doing spins and a knee dip with shakes throughout the number.

Next up, a segment on what gets along whenever the show's not live. Drew said George and himself are a bit of a banter, and Jerry said he learns the friendship from the actual competition. Backstage, Jerry said he works hard to train next week and got a Super Bowl ring on his neck, and George said for preparation, he gets...Polka? WHAT!? And Drew said he wants anything for George. Back out on stage is Barry Manilow doing "Unchained Melody" from his new album. And on the big screen, it shows the highlights of the show's best moves. But for one couple, one will watch not only the big game, but the rest of DWTS on TV at home. Let's eliminate somebody!

Stacy & Lisa remain safe. Who else is safe, it's...Drew & Cheryl! Next up is...Jerry & Anna. It comes down to either Tia & Max or George & Edyta. Whose game is over now? It's............................... .Tia & Max. George & Edyta remain safe for the week. We get a video tribute rewinding their best moves, and they'll get serenaded by Barry Manilow for one final dance to "I just can't smile without you." I'll keep smiling to Tia's looks even before she had a baby. Next week, a new routine, plus the "Indianapolis 500" of all group dances, the Viennese Waltz. I'm Pierre Kelly, see you at the track, er, ballroom. Bye!

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