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Today is

"Live Season Finale" - June 5

Last time we left Sean having lost Andrea to a fit of coughing up blood and Lee being grated by Lys from the Denis Leary Firefighter Foundation.

We check in at the doctor’s office and immediately find that all Andrea is dealing with is an irritation of her mucosal lining. The doctor assures her that this is most likely nothing and only if it persists should she worry. With that Andrea is back in action and her relief to be put back to work adds to her sincerity of wanting Sean to win

Denis Leary’s Lys is breathing down Lee’s neck. She wants to know how halftime is being organized and how the “shirt off my back” auction will operate. Lenny starts to explain via example but confuses Michael J. Fox with Jamie Foxx. Lys pounces on this and asks Lee who he plans to have handle player relations. Lee appoints Lenny and Lys is concerned with Lee’s judge of capability and character thinking that Lenny may not be the best choice

[Russians may know hockey, but Lys is probably right here.]

Barenaked Ladies have arrived!

[The band gentlemen, not the real thing]

Sean is greeting the band while Tarek is discussing with the SLS speaker company spokesperson, how their display space will be organized and how their product will be promoted. George Ross is concerned that Sean may not be hands-on enough, but Tarek is doing a competent job.

Back at the hockey game. Lee is doing some heavy delegating. He has written the script but it lacks drama and he will have to revise it. Lenny started telling some jokes, such as their supplies being stolen. You can believe that no one at the meeting is amused. When asked how he is going to get Jaime Pressly on ice, Lee says she can take off her stilettos and put on ice skates. South, south, south. That’s the only place this meeting is going and Roxanne acknowledges the personal embarrassment.

After the debacle Lenny and Pepi head downstairs to place equipment in lockers for the celebs, but they do not have a size chart. So what do they do? What any smart person would do. Guess… No, not as is you should take a guess… As in they decided to guess.

[This task blunder is brought to you by Drano. When you manage to fill up a toilet this quickly, even with Drano you don’t have a prayer.]

Seeking competence we head back to Sean and Synergy and Tarek and Sean are looking for the CD Music to show off the SLS speakers. They can’t find it. Sean panics and calls Tammy. Tammy comes back to the room and spots the CD in 5 seconds flat. All is well.

[Now for more celebrity screw-ups that Dick Clark’s Bloopers and Practical Jokes]

Jason Priestly arrives, and no one is there to greet him. While Jason wanders, Jaime Pressly arrives and Lee comes out to get her discovering that Lenny is not answering his cell phone when celebrity reception calls him. Lee brings Miss Jaime to Lenny who then suggests they go see all the celeb athletes… while they are changing.

[Donations are now being taken for eye surgery for the viewers that saw Denis Leary and John McEnroe naked]

While no one is caught without a towel or t-shirt, the awkwardness is painful. Carolyn is confused as to why Lee would even have Lenny or Pepi on his team. Hell meet handbasket.

At Synergy, things are just kicking off and the Pontiac spokesperson realizes that is no Pontiac signage at the front. Oops. Meanwhile, Sean is getting some good luck hairspray while Andrea is bringing the guests to the Pontiac vehicles so they can view the features before the auction. Champagne is flowing and things for the moment are ok.

Back at Hockey Lee has forgotten to greet Trump at the door, but meets him on the upper concourse. After some smooth player introductions, the game goes off without a hitch and the first auction is upon us. Lenny barely delivers Jaime Pressly to the right location and she is perturbed, but nonetheless the car sells extremely well. Lys as a rep of the Denis Leary Firefighters’ foundation for the first time is somewhat pleased.

Trump calls Sean and Sean is already waiting for him on the Helipad. Trump arrives and they both head down to the auction. Bids exceed 40k and the transition to the concert goes off without a hitch. We may be on the verge of the largest final task landslide in Apprentice history, but boardroom arguments remain.

In the Boardroom part one, we have an academic showdown. Sean is confident that he has won and believes he won as soon as the teams were selected. Carolyn question Lee on his choices and Lee admits that his choices were risky but feels that especially with Lenny he picked people that would dies to see him become the apprentice. When asked why he is better than Lee, Sean jumped to age. He is 33 and has more experience than Lee who is 22. Lee argues that his age leaves him farther from his peak than Sean and that he was a stellar student, having a 4.0 and Cornell. Sean argues that he has the same to which Lee argues he was the president of his national honor society to which Sean argues he was valedictorian.

With that we move to L.A. and the live boardroom finale.

Candidate opinions:

Tarek feels that Sean is a fantastic leader and stands fully behind his apprenticeship.

Tammy sees Sean’s outward display of passions as a show for his passion for all things and believes it just shows an ounce of what he could bring to the Trump organization.

Lenny stands by Lee suggesting that he is gold and Gold always appreciates in value and thus Trump should invest in Lee.

Charmaine feels both candidates are strong, but thinks Sean is the better choice.

Trump presents the job opportunities:

1. The construction of a new Trump Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii

2. A SoHo construction project which is also a Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Both Sean and Lee feel this decision is a no-brainer and both wish to learn the most from Trump possible by staying in New York City.

Lee argues that he should be picked because he has done more than anyone else. He was PM 4 times, believes he is definitely better than Sean, and feels that his ability and youth make him the true and accurate definition of an apprentice.

Sean believes he has the aptitude and attitude to prove he is better than Lee and has been working for Fortune 500 companies brokering million dollar deals for the past 10 years. Trump asks him if he should pick someone who so outwardly shows his love and after mild pressing Sean says that he is going to marry Tammy

[This is more Sean’s bravado than fact. They are currently just dating.]

Trump then receives the results of the people’s vote which is a good thing considering that Trump Jr., Ivanka, George and Carolyn wouldn’t budge and give him a name. Trump does no read the numbers but he does say that it is very one sided and that he agrees with the at home audience.

Without Further ado Trump lays down his verdict.

Lee, You’re Fired! Sean, You’re HIRED!

Sean erupts laughing screaming and jumping up and down. He runs outside to his new car, Pontiac of course, and still can not contain himself.

With that the Apprentice legacy continues. Bill, Kelly, Kendra, Randal and now Sean have all ascended to the Apprentice throne. Who will be number 6? L.A. will be the locale for the competition and good ol’ GSNN will be the locale for the recaps. Thanks for watching, thanks for reading and keep dreaming like a billionaire.

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