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Today is

"Get It In Gear" - March 6

The Return of Brent is not well received. Andrea said that she would feel like going home if Brent returned and his arrival back at the suite sent her running for the bathroom. Roxanne tried to console her but Andrea wouldn’t even let her in the door. It’s going to take some effort for the team to get past this.

Aside, Dan and Lee will be observing the Jewish New Year. As a result neither will be able to work over the next two days. Lenny, who is also Jewish, feels that this is absurd and feels that they should work given the situation. Everyone agrees to disagree.

Andrea has emerged from the bathroom with a new resolve. She has realized that this is an opportunity and if she as project manager can handle Brent, she will look great in Trump’s eyes. We’ll see about that. Here is this week’s task:

The teams will have to throw corporate retreats for General Motors as a means for unveiling the new 2007 Chevy Tahoe. Based on survey feedback, one team will win and the other will be in the boardroom where someone will be fired.

Theresa, the Project manager for Gold Rush throws it into high gear fast. Unfortunately she is moving so fast that no one else’s ideas are being accepted, Tarek who was delegated the creative responsibilities is getting quite frustrated with this. Lenny also thinks Theresa is making a mistake by lacking a theme. He comments that he only wishes Theresa’s brains were as big as some of her other parts.

At Synergy, Roxanne is pitching the rugged nature of the Tahoe and Sean picks up on that to come up with the tagline, Nature Refined. Andrea loves it and synergy is off and running.

Lenny has been placed in charge of setting up Gold Rush’s grounds for the event and he is not happy that he has to do it by himself. Tarek is constructing a golf course and Bill Rancic overseeing is wondering why the grass is so patchy. Tarek is mad that he was not permitted by Theresa to get some Astroturf but her keeps putting holes and poles in the unkempt ground.

To top things off, Gold Rush loses electricity and an emergency generator needs to be obtained. Lenny is getting blamed and Theresa is more than happy with that.

Synergy is doing great and setting up their skeet shooting range only to get shut down by the park. While everything else is going great, Synergy is going to have to think fast. So what do they do? They set up golf cart races and as the guests arrive they find out it’s a great hit. Add in the rock climbing wall and a nature trail ride in the Tahoe and you have a great event.

Gold Rush is prepping its spoke models but has only left 20 minutes to do so. As with the stereotype, these models are not picking it up fast and they end up giving the GM guests a lot of wrong information. The horse and carriage rides are ok for showing the “history of horsepower,” but Carolyn is not overly pleased with the execution. She does however think that everyone seems to be having a good time.

Then comes in the comic. Cory Kahaney who you might remember from Last Comic Standing starts into her routine and more than anything begins to offend the crowd. Gold Rush looks amongst themselves but no one does anything. Finally Theresa gives Cory the wrap it up signal and Gold Rush attempts to lick their wounds.

The scores are in and Synergy wins hands down. As a reward, Synergy will get to do cage diving with the sharks.

Gold Rush on the other hand will be dealing with business sharks in the boardroom. Theresa immediately begins gunning for Lenny even before they return from the suite to the boardroom. In the boardroom, however, Theresa calls out both Lenny and Tarek saying that Tarek was responsible for creative. Tarek argues this saying that he was unable to create with Theresa on his back. Theresa then fully turns her attack on Tarek. Meanwhile, Trump is attacking Charmaine for booking such a lewd comedian. Theresa doesn’t heed this however as she chooses to bring only Tarek and Lenny back into the boardroom.

As they re-enter. Lenny believes he shouldn’t be fired because he did what he was told to do. Tarek agrees and believes that Theresa should be fired because she failed to lead. Trump asks Lenny what he should do and Lenny in true Lenny fashion says that he should fire them both. Trump then attacks Theresa for not bringing Charmaine in considering that she was responsible for both the comedian and the spokesmodels. Her lack of leadership gives him no other choice. Theresa, You’re fired.

And so it goes. Another one bites the dust and only time will tell who will be The Apprentice. Check in next week for more.

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