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Today is

"Who Wears the Pants" - May 22

Sean wanted Tammy to return so dearly, just so that he could take her back to the bedroom and give her a special “hug.” However, unfortunately for Sean he is not on the bachelor and will have to focus on the business rather than the personal.

Trump quickly lays down the next task and we can prepare for a true, 2 on 2, battle of the sexes. The mystery ingredient? Is it Tuna? No, it’s fashion design.

[Wait, when did this turn into project runway?]

The candidates will have to create “looks” for 4 different staff positions at the hotel. The staff will then vote on which team did the best job and we know what happens to the other team

Gold Rush is already banking on their metrosexuality to pull them through. Lee is project managing and is confident that even though they are facing off against women that they will do well. After all, Sean feels that Roxanne has no confidence in her style whatsoever.

[Dissing the fashion of the other team will not help you win this task, although it will entertain the at home audience.]

Lee and Sean push quickly to quiz the embassy suites employees on what they like and as a result they find that the employees do not want a drastic change. This information should suit them well.

Synergy, however, is playing the game differently and feels that if they don’t completely overhaul the uniform that they will be missing the mark. Allie is PM’ing and offers ideas ranging from skirts to culottes. She is confident that the boys have no chance here and possibly the overconfidence will bite her.

Gold Rush is in the design studio and Sean is on fire. He is sticking with the original looks and adding some additional comfort and functionality. His vigor for this assignment is coming through but Lee is slightly worried that maybe the Embassy Suites employees want flash but they don’t know it yet.

Synergy is confident in adding their flash tot eh uniform, but the girls get into a quarrel over whether front desk should have a skirt or pants. Roxanne says that she knows they want pants, but in reality, there was no fight because she let Allie bulldoze over her.

[Silence, at least in this case, is definitely weakness]

Sean is on fire at the fabric store

Allie is bumbling along fussing with her designer over charmeuse. Roxanne thinks that Allie is ridiculous for arguing with Mark, their designer when Allie has no design experience. Then again, how can Allie be arguing with Mark when she only calls him Michael?

It’s on to hair and make-up and Roxanne and Allie are feeling confident that their looks are not only fashion forward but also plain sexy. Now we just have to see what the Embassy Suites employees really want.

The runway show was nothing less than a complete and utter travesty. Gold Rush provided simple, comfortable designs that simply fixed the problems with the original Embassy Suites uniforms. They received outward approval from the staff members who applauded and smiled.

Synergy seemed to more so resemble what would happen if the Jetsons met the Flintstones. While this may have been a very entertaining animated movie, seeing Wilma Flintstone in Jane Jetson’s clothing is enough to make one gag. Every outfit aside from front desk was simply wrong. Shoulder pads, poofy garments, Peter Pan cuffs on men’s shirts, French maid outfits… Yes, Synergy had all of this and then some. If they pull off a win with this line someone needs to be euthanized.

Fortunately, Dr. Kevorkian will have no work to do tonight. Gold Rush won in a land slide. 83 to 37 to be exact, and frankly even that is an insult.

Lee and Sean have won dinner with the mini-Trumps, Donald Jr. and Ivanka, who oversaw this task The ladies of Synergy, oh yeah, this one’s gonna be a barn burner.

[Just one note from dinner. Lee let the cat out of the bag that Sean has a crush on Tammy, and now a quote from Sean. “Tammy is bloody gorgeous, now all I have to do is convince her that I am gorgeous and we can have a lot of Apprentice babies.” Giggity.]

Allie and Roxanne enter the boardroom and Trump is confused as to how the ladies could have done so poorly on a task in fashion when they were going against a pair of men. Allie still stands behind her product and claims that everything they did was completely 50/50. Roxanne sits with her mouth shut and Allie rambles on. Ivanka points out that the main area where they lost was functionality. The chef’s uniform being beige was stupid because it could not be bleached of food stains, thus the purpose of the traditional white. Allie did not know this but Trump keys in on the fact that Roxanne has been so silent. He asks if she feels things would have gone better should she have been project manager and Roxanne dances around something that sounds like a yes. Roxanne is literally so afraid of attacking Allie that she is shooting herself in the foot. Finally, Roxanne squeaks out that she wanted to put the front desk staff in pants rather than a skirt. Allie claims that Roxanne never voiced this and Roxanne finally opens the flood gates. Allie is high maintenance, Allie has a lack of respect for co-workers, Allie doesn’t take advice from her team members, Allie doesn’t know how to respectfully ask for changes from the designer… Yada, yada yada, I hate you. Then Allie retorts, Roxanne is weak, Roxanne can’t get along with project managers, Roxanne is incapable of making decisions, die Commie die!

[This recap in no way intends to imply that Roxanne or anyone associated with the Apprentice is Communist. Not that free speech would have a problem with that.]

The bickering keeps heating up and then Trump puts out the fire. He has never seen two people in the boardroom who were closer friends. Further, he can’t believe the way that they attacked each other once they lost. Just because the chips are down does not mean that loyalty should go out that window. Roxanne, Allie, You’re Both Fired!

And the heads are spinning! The Final four gets sliced in half and either Sean or Lee will be your next apprentice. Remember, this season you will have some involvement in who becomes the Final Apprentice, so keep watching, research these recaps and pick your pony. Until next time, Trump Out.

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