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Today is

"King of the Jingle" - April 3

Dan was fried for not bringing back Lenny and Tarek’s return is not received with much pleasure. Charmaine personally was more than ready to see the last of him.

Bryce tried to pull everyone together on Gold Rush by stating in a meeting that everyone needs to learn how to play nice

[Last time I checked, niceness was not necessary]

Tarek seems to resent that fact that Bryce’s comments are aimed at him and he tells everyone that he would be nicer if everyone didn’t attack home solely because they felt threatened by him.

[Remember, on reality TV, saying that people are threatened by you generally means the person who said it recognizes that fact that they are dead in the water]

Just as the candidates are about to get their next task we find that Lee will be absent due to the Jewish Holiday. His team seems to respect this but one has to wonder when his absence will cost him.

Anyway, if you didn’t know Arby’s is releasing brand new “Chicken Naturals” Sandwiches. The teams will be making and performing jingles for the new sandwiches with the winner being selected by the executives at Arby’s

[A songwriting task. They really need one of these on American Idol]

Charmaine immediately jumps on the horn and schedules a meeting for 10:15.

[Yes, this is another situation of someone not giving themselves enough time to travel in the city]

Sean is leading Synergy and he brings his entire team to meet with the Arby’s execs. Synergy seems very positive and they believe that they can forward the message well that Arby’s is more than roast beef.

It’s now 10:39. The aforementioned Gold Rush has still not arrived for their meeting. Once the finally arrive, they receive a heavy scolding.

[Yes, scold the irresponsible children.]

Synergy is still rock solid. They come up with simple lyrics and a jingle is born. They are already in the studio and harmonizing with their musicians

Meanwhile at Gold Rush, Lenny is claiming to not know what a jingle is... He does think however adding chicken sounds will enhance the jingle.

[Apparently mother Russia doesn’t like to sell in song]

After excessive arguing, however, Bryce feels that the team has come together very well and feels that they have produced a great vintage feel jingle.

It’s time to hit the stage!

Synergy’s musicians jump on stage and hit a great jingle. When I’m thinking Arby’s I’m think Chicken Naturals…. and all that jazz.

[It was very catchy, and a Kylie Minogue Can’t Get it out of Your Head Way]

More importantly it grossly outclassed the “vintage” jingle of Gold Rush

[The only thing that should be vintage are jeans]

So how do you know who won, other than the comparison that was just given to you? Just do the Trump-toosie. The Donald was shaking it to Synergy and wouldn’t even lean back for Gold Rush.

The Arby’s execs agree, citing that the message in synergy’s jingle was stronger in addition to better music.

Synergy will be enjoying a ridiculously expensive Truffle dinner.

{Wonder if they serve truffles at Arby’s}

Gold Rush on the other hand has reservations at Chez Trump with preferred seating in the boardroom.

Bryce is heavily dejected and refuses to sink to a lower level to protect his hide. Charmaine recognizes this pointing out that Bryce is not here playing a game.

[I can name one person behind a keyboard right now who isn’t playing the game either. Not playing the game is a kiss of death. See Marcellas’ Big Brother Veto.]

Regardless in the boardroom Gold Rush for the first time stands as a united front. There is little bickering. Bryce points at Lenny for not being able to contribute and Lenny claims that he can’t write a jingle. Bill Rancic calls him out saying that having lived in the U.S. over a decade he must have some clue.

Then comes the issue of being late at the meeting. The team gets chided and the only fact that comes out is that Charmaine scheduled the meeting.

Time to make some picks. Bryce brings back Lee and Lenny and everyone else is sent back to the suite.

Bryce claims that they lost the task due to lack of creative input thus why Lenny and Lee are on the chopping block. Lenny continues to defend that he doesn’t know jingle but the real argument surrounds why Bryce would bring Lee back into the boardroom when he was observing a religious holiday. Especially when Charmaine and Tarek both missed the mark on this task. Arguing in this case truly is futile and Lee and Lenny don’t even need to defend themselves. With sadness, Bryce You’re Fired!

He may have brought the team together, but he didn’t play the game and as a result he lost sight of the main goal. The cab ride home will be a long on, but how much longer can Tarek survive with Trump calling for his blood. Read on to find out.

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