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Today is

"The Final Battle" - May 29

Sean and Lee are waiting for what seems like a lifetime and Sean decides to eat without either of the girls showing up. He admits that he doesn’t give a crap who comes back, and as a result does not have enough respect to wait to eat. Lee laughs at this and both are interrupted by a phone call. Both gentlemen have been summoned to the boardroom, immediately.

The boys learn the truth from Trump and become nearly giddy. They are notified that they are to head back to the suite and select 3 teammates to join them on their final task, but little do they know that when they arrive back at the suite that all the former candidates are awaiting them.

Sean immediately launches into interview mode and is more than obliged to select Tammy first. He quickly adds Andrea to his team and after discussion with the 2 ladies, he makes Tarek his third Associate

Lee immediately runs to Lenny’s side and then the interview process becomes the Lenny show. Lenny basically talks Lee out of all of his choices and gets Lee to settle on Pepi and Roxanne.

Sean is absolutely baffled by Lee’s choices, but Brent is mortified by the fact that he was not chosen.

[Let’s please take a moment of silence for the last time we will see Brent on the Apprentice. If you can manage to contain your cheering and applause the silence will be appreciated]

Task time!
1. Pontiac Bare Naked Ladies Concert at the Trump Taj Mahal for the World Wildlife Fund

2. Pontiac Celebrity Hockey game for America’s Bravest and the Denis Leary Firefighter Foundation

The candidates will be responsible for all aspect of these events and Trump throws first choice to Lee who selects the Bare Naked Ladies Concert. Sean then gets to make his selection and also chooses the concert. With this conflict Trump is not surprised as he always prefers to work with bare naked ladies. Hiyo! Without much hesitation, Lee backs off of the concert and accepts the hockey match.

The candidates exit the boardroom to begin work, and Carolyn breaks down into fits of laughter. She can’t remember who the guy on the far right was. Trump stares down at the desk and seems to read a sheet of paper that says the gents’ name is Pepi. Needless to say, Trump wonders if Lee has made the right choices.

Sean as head of what will be called Synergy takes his team on a tour of the event locations at the Taj. Sean seems to be feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the large amount of tasks that are falling on his shoulders, but he and his team are ready to persevere.

Lee and what will be called Gold Rush meet with a representative of the Firefighter’s Fund. She is somewhat standoffish and presses Lee and team for some great fundraising ideas. After throwing a couple her way such as a firefighter date auction and a luxury yacht ride, Liz, the director at the Leary Firefighter foundation makes it clear that their ideas are not up to snuff. As Roxanne puts it, they thought they were shooting for the stars, but they were actually shooting below ground.

At the Chelsea Piers ice rink, Lee and Team meet with the representatives from Pontiac. Pepi brings up the idea of a fund matching program and Lee brings up the idea of auctioning off 2 cars. The execs agree to provide 2 vehicles, but Lee and team never re-raise the idea of fund matching and the Pontiac execs point out in sidebar that they missed an opportunity.

Back at Synergy, Sean is splitting up the team for the next 2 meetings. He and Tammy will be heading to in house catering, while Tarek and Andrea will be meeting with the Pontiac executive.

Tarek notes that while they achieved the agreement to auction 2 cars, that the Pontiac exec probably got the idea that either Andrea or he was the project manager. Was it wise for Sean to miss this important meeting? Tarek thinks not.

Via phone, Liz has returned and is all over Lee’s back. She is not convinced that he nor his team has done any significant work on fund raising and as a result she will be coming down to the rink to be given a walk through of what is going to happen. Roxanne being the anecdote queen that she is warns that they are not ready for Liz and that unless Lee pulls off a miracle that Liz might pull out of the event and then they are S.O.L.

However this is nothing compared to Synergy’s problems. Andrea has all of the sudden begun to cough up blood. With her out of commission Sean is now missing a vital member of his team and must reorganize the disarray caused in her absence.

With these problems on the horizon, who knows who will pull it off and who will become the Apprentice? There really is only one way to find out. Check back next week for the Apprentice Finale!

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