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Today is

"Blow Out" - May 1

Upon returning from Andrea’s firing, Allie is shocked. She can’t believe that Sean turned on her in the boardroom.

[Rule #1: Anyone will do anything to protect their hide]

Sean tries to make it clear that he was worried about being fired and only did what he thought would help him stay in the game. Roxanne and Tammy who are helping Allie hulk over Sean call Sean’s comments crap as they say he wasn’t getting fired. Sean reminds them that they have no control over who is fired and Allie is left with a sick feeling in her gut. Trust broken.

[Good. All this talk about trust started to make me think this was Survivor, or worse, Friend or Foe.]

Trump is in the boardroom preparing their next task. To introduce it, Donald invites Charmaine to inspect his hair. Her verdict is that it is real.

[Real ugly, but real nonetheless]

The candidates will have to run Grand Openings for Hair Cuttery hair salons. The team that makes the most money wins. With this straight forward task in hand, the teams are off.

Synergy will be led by Tammy this week, but all eyes are on Sean. After his boardroom betrayal last week, he is convinced that nay mistake on his part will have the cats pounce on him in the boardroom should they lose. He diligently works on the grand opening flyer and is quickly told by Tammy that it is too wordy.

Over at Gold Rush, Charmaine is in charge which as the sole female seems like it might be a wise decision. Tarek however won’t accept it being a simply a grand opening. He insists on creating a theme. Charmaine is aggravated as she feels Tarek is stealing her thunder, but in the end they do settle on a theme and manage to move forward.

Meanwhile, Sean and Tammy are on a date at a pizza shop.

[And now The Apprentice has turned into the Bachelor, or worse, Elimidate]

Tammy believes that Sean was not being malicious toward Allie, and more so believes that she and Sean have chemistry and thus can work well together.

[Well, good for them. Disregard the quarter million dollar job at the end of the rainbow.]

Gold Rush is getting nowhere. They are rearranging displays but they are doing nothing to help their bottom line. Tarek recognizes this and chooses to complain about it. However, seeing as he is not project manager, he seems more than willing to let Charmaine crash and burn.

[It’s good to be strategic, but in Tarek’s case where he is hurting in Trump’s eyes, it might be smarter to try to save the day]

Michael Lee and Tarek the next day are doing their best to herd in customers from the parking lot. However, it isn’t paying off as salon business in the early going is very slow.
Tarek and Lee are frustrated with Charmaine’s lack of marketing and leadership and laugh at the situation. They even think that Charmaine is wasting her time getting her hair done. She is.

[Welcome to Extreme Makeover: Apprentice Edition]

As Bill Rancic watches on, Charmaine gets her hair teased. Tarek asks Lee in the van what he is going to wear to the boardroom. Lee is planning on a nice suit.

[Optimism has left the building]

Allie is pushing product as its transaction can be completed much faster than a hair treatment. She is right and along with Gold Rush’s ineptitude, we can be pretty sure how the results are going to fall.

The Results:

Synergy: $1,005.37
Gold Rush: $700.00

Synergy scores the win and Tarek calls Charmaine’s leadership job average. As a reward Synergy will be writing a song with Burt Bacharach.

[I guess Burt was rejected by American Idol. Now that would have been a great theme week!]

Before the boardroom, Gold Rush is picking sides, Tarek think he has Lee and Charmaine thinks she has Michael. Lee says that he is finally done taking sides and that he is only going to protect himself.

[Looks like our young man is growing up. If only he had a real chance to win. There is somewhat of a curse on the under 25 crowd. Rebecca almost broke it, but Randal screwed that one up.]

Boom! The boardroom begins and Charmaine is called on the carpet for having her hair done at the salon. Bill says that she should have been out marketing.

Charmaine then attacks Tarek saying that he is impossible to manage. Tarek calls this ridiculous. Lee dances the fence and refuses to name names when asked who should be fired. He alludes to Charmaine, but never actually makes the statement. When the Trump crew calls him a politician, Lee claims not to know what that means. Michael makes an eloquent speech explaining that a project manager can not be blamed when someone is unmanageable, especially when that PM does everything in their power to bring that person into the fold. Long story short, What Michael and Lee say is irrelevant and Tarek and Charmaine both know it.

Attacking each other like Tonya attacked Nancy, violent insults are thrown back and forth and in a garble of blather, we basically get the idea that both are total business idiots.

Trump cuts them off and starts his tirade. Who is it directed at? It’s going to Charmaine! Boom! Charmaine! You’re Fired!

[FYI, the Get Rich With Trump Crowd predicted this. I’m sure it took a genius to figure that one out]

Speaking of geniuses, Tarek is breathing a little more easily with Charmaine gone and as Charmaine gets up, Trump tells her to sit down. The bloodbath isn’t over yet. Trump turns his sight to Tarek, and fast as heck, Tarek, You’re Fired! It’s a daily double folks.

Moving on to part two of this Apprentice double dose.


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