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Today is

"The Razor's Edge" - March 6

Tarek returns to the loft realizing he just had a close shave and he is thankful for Summer’s errors. He knows 2nd is only first in a long line of losers, so he is ready to step up his game.

The next day Trump deliver the new task after introducing Bill Rancic (Apprentice 1 Winner) and his daughter Ivanka who will be acting as George and Carolyn this week.

The Task: Develop a text messaging marketing campaign for the new 5+1 blade Gillette Fusion Razor. The team that gets their catch word texted the most time will win and someone on the other team will be fired.

Synergy starts brainstorming and Stacy can not understand how Brent functions in the business world. Brent continually throws out every idea in his head and the entire team is being hindered by his lack of focus.

Brent does not see it the same way and decides that he needs to confront Stacy about her lack of openness to his ideas. Bad move. Stacy marches back into the room asking for support because she feels that she was unrightfully threatened. Brent does not care and we have a war on out hands.

Gold Rush is also brainstorming. Lee is ready to PM and he is pushing the slogan Get closer with closer being their texting word. Lenny doesn’t care about the word and is more concerned with marketing the word. Lenny takes Charmaine and Leslie and started getting people to text. The Russian seems to be a numbers man and he plans to work early and often.

Pepi, who is the project manager overseeing the Synergy Stacy v. Brent situation, decided that Brent needs to go home. Brent is livid and reminds Pepi that he is not the one in charge of deciding who gets fired, but Pepi stands his ground. Shortly after Brent’s departure, Synergy comes up with a game plan of wearing bath robes and approaching people on the street. With this simply idea, Synergy is ready to go.

Gold Rush is a team divided as well. Lenny, Charmaine and Leslie are trying to hijack the team by demanding that Lee bring everyone to Times Square to aid in the street effort. Lee seems to want to go back to the suite to plan and after much arguing, Lenny hangs up on Lee. You would really think that adult could do business together a little better.

The next morning, Roxanne wakes her team up after she realizes her team is oversleeping while the other team has already hit the streets.

Lee concedes to Lenny realizing that the game truly is simply about numbers. Gold Rush is parked outside the TKTS booth and they are hounding a captive audience.

Synergy on the other hand is making people avoid them with the bathrobes. Brent who has re-joined the team is now dancing in the streets to draw attention. Given his brash nature, this works and creates about the only buzz Synergy has had all day. Unfortunately this came late in the day. Let’s see how it affected the results:

Gold Rush - 683
Synergy - 458

Synergy goes down in defeat and Gold Rush, as a reward, will be helping Career Gear a charitable organization that outfits disadvantaged men in suits to make it easier for them to get their footing in the business world.

As the boardroom brews, all of Synergy is preparing to gang up on Brent. They are even ready to attack his mental stability. If history repeats itself this will be a bad decision, but only time will tell.

Time’s up.

Trump wants to know why they lost and Pepi blames the loss on Brent’s distracting antics. Brent claims to be a star on the task and Trump points out that the other team had 100 text messages before Synergy even started. Brent points out that he would not even trust Pepi to manage his son’s 1st birthday party and that Pepi needs to be fired or Mr. Trump will not get a single night of sleep.

Trump asks Sean who he would fire and he says Brent. Allie agrees. Roxanne has a different opinion thinking that they lost because of a lack of manpower and organization and as a result she would fire Pepi.

Trump wants to know where the idea of bathrobes came from. It was Michael and he tries to pawn the decision off onto Pepi, but Trump isn’t having it. Then as another diversionary tactic, Michael brings up Brent threatening Stacy and Donald is more than happy to explore. He asks Stacy if she was threatened and in many words she basically says no. Trump asks how as a criminal defense attorney Brent could scare her and she continues to state how Brent wagged a finger in her face.

Brent jumps in admonishing Stacy for how she characterized the situation and Trump cuts him off saying that no one on the team shows him respect anyway. Trump asks for Pepi’s selections and he chooses, Brent, Stacy and Michael. Trump then reveals that because the loss was so bad that he is going to fire 2 people. This could get interesting.

Bill thinks Stacy needs to go for her lack of accountability and Ivanka thinks that while she does not see Brent lasting much longer that Pepi had too much of an opportunity to fix things for it to go overlooked.

The candidates re-enter and Trump lays down the law. Brent you are a total disaster, Michael you did a horrible job but in real estate, location is everything and with that, Stacy, You’re Fired. Additionally, Pepi’s lack of leadership was unforgivable and if neither he nor Stacy can deal with Brent there is no way they could handle being the Apprentice. Pepi, You’re fired.

Game, Set, Match. Stacy and Pepi are gone, but who will leave next. Next week the candidates will be swimming with the sharks. Let’s see who will get the shark bite.

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