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Today is

"Back Against the Wal-Mart" - May 15

Jumping into the task, Trump doubles the pressure adding Microsoft to the Wal-Mart deal. Bill Rancic and Ivanka will be Trump eyes and ears. The teams will be responsible for creating 3d environments within Wal-Mart to advertise and sell the XBOX 360 gaming console.

The boys are loving the video game task and Sean’s juices are flowing as he steps up to be project manager. He and Lee decide that it would be a good idea to have a circular set up and use parts of the XBOX 360 logo to serve as the ceiling and floor. They have made a conscious decision to outsource all of their work and Lee is confident that they will deliver a victory.

The girls on the other hand are doing very little outsourcing. In fact, with Tammy as their project manager, the girls are shopping inside of Wal-Mart purchasing mirrors and other knick-knacks. Bill notices that Allie seems to be showing a lack of respect for Tammy. Very simply put, the girls are in trouble and are heading downhill fast.

The men of Gold Rush are sitting down chowing on McDonalds and feel confident that everything will fall into place.

[They obviously have never watched any reality shows before.]

Within a couple of hours they are receiving a phone call from the gentleman responsible for their specially constructed floor telling them that he will be 7 hours late with the delivery. Sean begins to flip out but Lee calms him down and pushes the vendor to complete and deliver the floor as soon as possible.

[Hey, “it happens.” Often with an “SH” in front]

Synergy is trying to put together a theme of the “XBOX 360 awards,” but with timing of the essence Tammy is rightfully worried that things might not come together in time. More so, Tammy is convinced that neither Allie nor Roxanne is on her side.

[Take a lesson from Randal from last season. There is only ONE Apprentice. No one is on your side.]

Allie and Roxanne act like foolish sorority girls saying that they have never rolled their eyes at her as they were accused and that they are fully on Tammy’s side.

[Strike that comment. Allie and Roxanne are acting far more foolish than sorority girls]

Sean and Lee are still waiting their floor and when it finally arrives they are in rush mode to complete their booth. But wait, where is the ceiling? They are told the ceiling will take another 2 hours. That would be a problem. Eventually, Lee and Sean are forced to go with out the ceiling and instead take their graphic wrap and tape it around their booth. It is rough looking but still tope the ladies.

That’s because the ladies have a very small sign produced by Roxanne “lowlighting” the entrance to their black drape enclosed area. A few TV’s are inside, but in reality their booth could have been put together by 10th graders in the same amount of time.

This is clearly going to be a battle of who is less bad. The executives in their reviews made it clear that they loved Synergy’s award lounge they felt that it was very inviting and warm and a great place to relax. However, they were concerned that it would be more of a place to kick up you feet than purchase a high end electronics device.

On the other hand, the executives felt that the execution of Gold Rush’s 360 experience was very poor and unfinished. However, they provided price points and a wide array of products that made it clear they were there to sell which is something that the ladies completely missed. As a result, Gold Rush wins the task and Synergy will be sending a lady home tonight.

The fellas will be headed to play with the movie makers at DreamWorks who are working on the animated feature “Over the Hedge” Should be a great opportunity to gain some energy back before the final four.

And now for this evening’s featured catfight:

Allie and Roxanne have already agreed to team up and go after Tammy, even though they both say that they do not want to see her go home.

[Wow, another load of crap.]

Everyone is remaining professional in the boardroom and Roxanne claims that Tammy was a little difficult as a manager. Tammy begins to become emotional and starts wailing about how she thought a lounge was a good idea. Trump thinks that a lounge is a horrible idea and now Tammy makes an attempt to deflect to Roxanne. Tammy points out that Roxanne was completely responsible for the signage and Trump didn’t like that either. Now it is time to throw civility out the window. Roxanne begins to bark at Tammy. Tammy says that Roxanne is only attacking her so that she can protect Allie. Allie is keeping her mouth shut… and rolling her eyes. Bill calls her on it and Allie denies it, but in reality this is still only a sub-plot. Allie quotes that Tammy wanted the project to be about her and Roxanne confirms. Tammy says that she only took control because she was not given any other ideas

However when it comes down to it Trump can clearly tell that Tammy was not respected by her peers and in this case it is probably because she is inferior in skill. She came up with a very poor design scheme and regardless of the fact that she was not given excessive assistance, her ineptitude on this task can not be overlooked. Tammy, You’re Fired!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Final Four. Allie, Lee, Roxanne and Sean will compete head to head to head to head, to find out who will become the next Apprentice. As for you, now is the time to start studying these recaps, because Trump will give you a hand in choosing the winner. Analyze the candidates closely and we’ll be back with more info next week.

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