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Today is

"Cereal Killers" - March 20

The candidates this week will have to create a billboard to promote Post Cereal’s new product, Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch. The billboard will be 20x15 feet.

As always, Synergy has to deal with Brent’s brain storming and he wants to jumpstart a weight loss with the cereal. Tammy isn’t happy with this and shuts down Brent’s ideas fast.

Charmaine at Gold Rush is getting kudos from George Ross for managing a group of type A personalities. They quickly settle on the idea of the cereal being so good that it can be wolfed down without milk and the model search is on.

Synergy takes a little more time to come up with their idea but the settle on Grape Nuts being passed down from generation to generation. This idea sticks and Brent is further minimalized when he is told that he will not be allowed to assist in the presentation, rather he will be responsible for coordinating clothing for the presentation.

Gold Rush hits the streets and quickly finds a young faced female model for their photo shoot and they are off to the races. They run a quick and fast photo shoot and there aren’t really any hitches. That is until they get back to the edit and have to design their image. Looking a the photos, Gold Rush is more than under whelmed by their images and starts to believe that they might be in trouble. In fact, Bryce and Charmaine face off when Bryce suggests a new idea of simply using empty cereal boxes. Charmaine wants to know why he didn’t present this idea earlier and he admits that it just came to him now. Charmaine refocuses the team stating that they have no other option other than moving forward and while the team is worried they continue to do their job.

Synergy is having a ball at their photo shoot. After procures a beautiful young girl and a rugged father figure they throw them in front of the lens and start making cat calls. They models respond very well and the photos are terrific. After the shoot is complete, Sean asks for the team members at the edit to send over and image of what the background will look like and boy does that cause some trouble. After seeing the image, Sean and the others are concerned that the billboard will diminish the power of their pictures and look like nothing more than a cereal box. Synergy is officially in a frenzy as the deadline is looming close.

Gold Rush has pulled together their issues and is headed to New Jersey to make their presentation, but Synergy is not having the same luck, Brent is still getting in the shower while everyone else is ready to leave. Andrea has had enough and confronts Brent and Brent mildly suggests that Andrea is being a “disturbed woman.” Andrea has had it and jumps in the car taking herself away from Brent

Presentation time.

Synergy presents their generational billboard and Trump question if the man in the image really constitutes a father. he thought the man was the girl’s boyfriend. Regardless, Sean launches into a slide show presentation with full vim and vigor. He then gets shut down by Trump who feels that they have heard enough.

Gold Rush gives a simple two minute presentation pointing out that a healthy looking female scarfing down their product should be a great shock factor image and the tagline “It’s that good” says it all. Simple and concise wins and just that fast, so does Gold Rush. They will be learning to cook and eat from a world renowned chef and Synergy will get first class tickets to the boardroom.

The Boardroom:

Synergy is chided for their overcomplicated slogan. While Tammy takes blame for this, she is praised by the rest of her team as being the best Project Manager the team has had thus far. And now for the beat on Brent band wagon. Everyone starts to point out that Brent is a liability and Brent tries to toss blame on Tammy being the only one to say that she is a horrible project manager.

Then enters the fat issue. Brent complains that he team would have done much better if he was allowed to make the presentation, but he claims that he was not allowed to make the presentation because he was fat. Tammy steps up and defends herself pointing out that because they were presenting to a health company about a healthy product that it only made sense to put a healthy image before them. Trump agrees citing that sometimes that is just the way that it is, even though Sean ended up choking on the presentation.

Now normally Trump would cut the conversation right here and ask for nominees, but Trump is so aggravated with Brent’s weak performance that he ends it right here. Brent’ you’re fired! Looks of content and glee stream across the faces of Synergy and now they no longer have an excuse.

Well, with one weak link gone the competition is heating up. Turn right here next week for what will hopefully be a great display of business savvy. At worst you’ll get more entertaining bickering.

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