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Season 5
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Today is

"Back to School" - May 8

As Synergy finds out that not one but two candidates bit the dust nothing changes. Roxanne and Allie are still all over Sean about the fact that he has still not apologized to Allie for what he said about her in the boardroom. Sean is getting absolutely fed up with all of the bickering and feels as if he is “awash in a sea of estrogen.”

[Apparently not in the good way, can’t share pizza with Tammy all the time.]

Sean wisely procures a pair of earplugs and Allie and Roxanne are left wondering why he isn’t responding to any of their questions. Priceless.

Task Time!

The candidates head down the 50 yard line of Rutgers Stadium to find out that they will be running a tailgate party for Outback Steakhouse. By selling the most Outback food, one team will avoid the boardroom. The team that comes up short will be paying dearly to Mr. Trump.

First however, sides need to be evened up. Michael and Lee are staring at 2 against 4, so Trump asks Synergy who would like to cross over. With some mild giggling them all (and we all) know what is going to happen. Sean volunteers and we have a battle of the sexes.

The girls are giddy to be free of Sean.

[Tammy might not be but she is wisely playing the part]

While the guys are oozing their testosterone planning on throngs of cheerleaders, the ladies of Synergy head to Outback Steakhouse to sample what the will be selling. In what sounds like an herbal essences commercial, they sample, they scarf, and they love it.

Someone else is loving it too. Michael receives a call from the Cheerleading team letting them know that they will work with Gold Rush Exclusively.

Out at the pep rally, Gold Rush pulls another coup. They run around hand out flyers and get announcement made over the P.A. system to have students head to their tent on the Blue lot. Meanwhile, Synergy has Roxanne and Tammy in the van fetching flyers While Allie is attempting to sell their tailgate at the Yellow Lot empty handed.

[It’s amazing how far back an hour of eating can set you]

Later, Michael meets with the cheerleading and dance team coaches in order to arrange timing, and the cheerleading coach mentions that she spoke with Allie and wanted to send some cheerleaders Synergy’s way. While Michael was willing to bend a little, he called back to Lee, the PM and Lee and Sean cut him off cold. As a result, Gold Rush’s exclusivity is back in tact.

Everything seems to be in Gold Rush’s favor but as sales begin, questions arise. Carolyn notes that with the cheerleaders, money booth, eating contest and more, Gold Rush did a great job of creating a spectacle. However, she does wonder how well they did converting the traffic of people into sales. Synergy on the other hand began a delivery service of sorts by running in their cheerleading outfits to hungry men and offering to chant the fight song if they would buy food. The result?

Gold Rush: $1750

Synergy: $2750


[Note: Synergy sold everything at $5 a pop while Gold Rush sold at bargain basement prices of $2 and $4.]

The ladies have crushed the gents and will be heading to Raphael’s winery via Trump’s helicopter to create their own wine. And we all know what will be happening to the boys.

After a brief scuffle for positioning, the gents head to the guillotine.

In the boardroom there is not that much bickering between the men. Lee is steadfast in believing that they had a great event but admits fault for not focusing more heavily on converting the sale. Michael claims that he believe Lee should be fired because it was Lee’s responsibility to keep the team focused on the goal which again was sales. Sean looks to be sailing through this scot-free, but he does chime in to say that he believes that Michael should be fired for his lack of sales and his egregious suggestion to give up some of the cheerleaders to Synergy. Trump, Carolyn and George Ross are all flabbergasted by this and aren’t sure what is worse, whether Gold Rush didn’t realize this was a sales task, or Michael’s unnecessary kindness/weakness. Trump tells them all to the leave the room and Carolyn mention that she can’t get over Michaels decision.

Upon re-entering, Carolyn continues to steal the show asking where their competitive edge has gone. She seems to feel that they should have been able to win this task, and by the sheer number of people at their event, most would agree.

Trump however ahs had enough, while it may not have lost them the task, Trump can’t see how Michael could possibly explain his way out of giving up a competitive advantage. With that nothing else needs to be discussed. Michael, You’re Fired!

After 2 episodes, 3 are gone and 5 remain. Can the Men turn it around or might we see an all female finale? Time will tell, tune in next week.

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