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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 26, 2005

Chico: You'll wish you had less fun.
Gordon: I can't wait for the Curry-oke album, can you?
Chico: Better than Carrie-oke?
Gordon: That one came out a few weeks ago. I listen to it every day.
Travis: Someone needs a social life :-)
Gordon: That's how I can appreciate Bai Ling, you know.
Chico: You're a glutton for punishment. But that makes you perfect for this game.
Brian: And what's that game?!
Chico: Because you get to choose your partner for... TAKE A SIDE!
Gordon: BWA HA HA.
Chico: Then the other two will go against you and I will judge fair and ... yeah. So Gordon, choose your partner!
Gordon: I will select Brian as my partner.
Brian: Okay.
Chico: So Gordon and Brian, you're shirts... Travis and Don, you're skins. Right. Okay...
Travis: Before my diet? Well, alright. Don, you got my back, right?
Don: Yeah.
Chico: If you're ready, I have five topics, you're going to take a side. All of these are random draw, by the way. First up, Let's have Gordon and Travis... Oh, you'll love this one.
Gordon: Great.
Chico: All of these are agree/disagree, by the way.
Travis: K.
Chico: First one...

"American Idol will thrive regardless of whether or not Simon stays on."

Chico: Gordon, take a side.
Gordon: The word here is Thrive. The answer is no. There is no way that American Idol can survive without Simon Cowell being on. Cowell is known as the person that everyone hates - but he's the one that everyone can relate to being right. If Cowell is gone, then the show loses a huge chunk of it's creditability and a huge chunk of ratings as well.
Chico: Travis?
Travis: I don't believe that's true. From what I can tell, people tune into Idol to see the performers. They're interested on how well they do, compare them with the other singers, and follow their progress. The judges are there mainly for show.
Chico: Gordon, rebuttal?
Gordon: Many shows have tried to create their own 'Cowell' judge, and it just doesn't work. Matty from Star Search? Fell Off. Nashville Star's Anastasia Brown? Fell off. Cowell knows the pulse of music talent. There is only 1 Cowell, and if he doesn't come back, Idol not only doesn't place in the Top Ten, it may not get renewed.
Chico: Travis?
Travis: I think Simon, Paula, and Randy come into play only during the initial auditions, but they don't really come into play during the elimination shows. Sure, the talent may use what they have to say for advice for future performances, but the home audience doesn't really care what they have to say. "Know what I'm sayin', Dawg?"
Chico: Okay. ... dawg.
Gordon: So you don't follow the judges. Then why did you just take a quote from judge Randy Jackson, Dawg?
Travis: Because he's just a showpiece with a catchphrase. He's a trivia question.
Gordon: And it's those catchphrases that make Idol what it is.
Chico: Travis does have a point with the talent argument, but the show is also a key factor, and part of the show is the judges. Simon included. Point, Gordon.
Gordon: Thank you, sir.
Travis: This is why I'm not in the debate club.
Gordon: lol
Chico: Okay, Gordon, you got your point well before you started to get defensive. Now back to your corner before I turn on the garden hose.
Gordon: (whimpers back to the corner)
Chico: 'Smore like it :-)

1-0 Shirts.

Chico: Okay, Don and Brian, Let's get it on...
Don: k
Chico: Next point...

"TPIR: Rich is getting less and less air time these days."

Chico: Brian, your team got the last point, take a side.
Brian: I disagree, he's getting his airtime whenever possible, but not as much as the late Rod Roddy.
Chico: Okay. Don?
Don: Have you noticed how the prize plugs have been getting shorter lately?
Travis: (*Sitting tight-lipped and twitching on the bench*)
Chico: Okay. Rebuttal, Brian.
Brian: Well that didn't fly under my radar. Anyways, it may be grounds for more commercial time.
Chico: Don?
Travis: (*Rocking back and forth...must speak...but can't*)
Don: Yes, with more commercials, they gotta cut time as much as they can. And unfortunately, Rich's time is one of those things being cut to save the time.
Chico: Okay. Brian.. you were actually reinforcing Don's point. So point, Don.

Tied 1-1.

Chico: And Travis is going nuts. Alright, bro. Out with it.
Travis: High-5!
Don: *High-5*
Travis: Am I the only one who has noticed that Bob is now doing the 2nd half throw to break? And that the ticket plug is only shown MAYBE 4 out of 5 times a week?
Don: Ah yes, that.
Travis: And, I clocked a Showcase at LESS than a minute.
Chico: That's... just wrong. Now Rich is coming into his own here. Why just keep his time as is?... Okay, enough from me. Travis, Brian, let's go.
Brian: Okay.
Travis: w00t.

"Old school: John Carpenter's Millionaire win never gets old."

Chico: Travis, take a side.
Travis: Being it "the Final Answer heard 'round the world," it's a part of television history. It'll never get old.
Chico: Brian?
Brian: I definitely agree! It's definitely a classic moment in game shows!
Gordon: (Sigh)
Brian: LOL
Chico: Brian.. This is take-a-side... Travis went for, Brian, you either go against or forfeit.
Brian: Oh. I forefit!
Travis: BOO YAA
Brian: This is my first time with TAS.
Gordon: Can I use my Lifeline?
Chico: ?
Gordon: Instead of Switch The Question, Can I use Switch the Partner and exchange him for Ryan Vickers?
Ryan: Bueller?
Travis: Luggature's here.
Chico: Judge? (DING) I'll allow it. Vickers, you're up.
Brian: Good, I suck at this.
Ryan: What's the issue?
Chico: Old school: John Carpenter's Millionaire win never gets old. Travis agreed. You must disagree.
Ryan: I disagree. The man was smug as bug as a rug.  Could we have not had a more compassionate person?
Chico: Okay, Travis. Rebut, please.
Travis: The only thing I can rebut is...if John Carpenter gets old, then Yolanda Bowersley gets old.
Chico: Ryan?
Ryan: It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth I think.
Chico: Okay. Ryan that was the weakest argument I've ever heard. Point, Travis.

2-1 Skins.

Travis: As they yell at the OU Bobcat Volleyball games...Point...OHIO!!
Chico: *cheers* Now it's New York vs. Toronto. Gordon, Don, cowboy up!
Don: Oh, boy...

"Dancing with the Stars is suited for regular season play."

Chico: Don, start us off, please.
Don: I'm going to disagree. I mean, it was a summer hit, but if they try to go with a regular season thing, then it could likely falter.
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: Television has shown that as long as you don't oversaturate the crap out of something, it will work. You could even have it in a 13 week period with 2 sets of 6 celebs, with the final two facing off against each other on the last show. Run it like you would Idol or Nashville Star and keep it weekly and it will do very well. It's a musical and dance variety show - perfect for a family night. Saturday at 8pm for the show and Sunday at 8pm right before Desperate Housewives for the results would be perfect.
Chico: Okay, Don? Rebuttal.
Don: Um... Geez, what I was going to say was shot down... I was going to make a comparison to Last Comic Standing, where it was a summer hit, but it bombed when given a fall slot.
Chico: Oh! Gordon?
Gordon: Perfect example of oversaturation. If they kept it to September, instead or trying to cram it down out throat, it would have been ok. it learned it's lesson with Biggest Loser, keeping it to once a television year instead of Summer and Fall. ABC also learned that via the Millionaire Complex to not run something into the ground. It was patient until the Winter for DWTS 2, and I think if you kept it once a season, it will get the ratings.
Chico: Don snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for that one... only to have Gordon slap it out of his hands, saying "Not in my house! NOT IN MY HOUSE!"  Point, Gordon!

2-2 Tie

Chico: This... will break the tie. Teams, choose your men.
Travis: Don, whatcha wanna do?
Don: That last one shook me up, so I don't think I could go another round. :/
Travis: Fair enough. Skins sends Plinko.
Chico: So it's Travis... and?
Gordon: Do you want to go or should I go, Brian?
Chico: Should let you know that Brian has earned choosing rights.
Brian: You're better at this than me.
Gordon: ok - I'll go.
Chico: Travis vs. Gordon! The topic to decide it..

"Super Millionaire will return to ABC early in 2006."

Chico: Gordon, take a side.
Gordon: I think that it will all depend on DOND and the Game Show Marathon, but I think that it will get the ratings, and that ABC will air the show.
Chico: Travis?
Travis: ABC has been sitting on a ratings gold mine with SM. It'll come back no matter what DOND's ratings are.
Chico: An interesting take on things.. Comeback Gordon!
Gordon: Well, it has to, because it's contracted to. I can't possibly see ABC losing the show to another network by not fulfilling the contract.
Chico: Travis?
Travis: But the question is, will they fulfill the contract in early 2006. I say, yes, because, as I said, no matter what the ratings for DOND are, ABC will have to get back into the Game Show world and put SM back on.
Gordon: Well, we're both agreeing. We really didn't take a side on this one.
Travis: There are sides taken here. You're saying it'll come back depending on other ratings...I'm saying it'll come back regardless.
Gordon: It will also come back because of the contract. Which I said earlier.
Travis: That's a given though.
Gordon: No it's not. ABC doesn't have to renew the contract - it could not air Millionaire and let the contract expire. But I can't see ABC doing that and risking it going to another network
Travis: It's a given that they HAVE the contract...not that they have to fulfill it.
Gordon: And I'm saying that they will do so
Travis: ...depending on the ratings of DOND and GSM
Gordon: I think it will depend on the ratings if it's in early 2006, yes
Travis: And I say no, it'll air anyway.
Gordon: If not, then they can put SM in the Summer
Chico: You guys trying to give me a headache?
Travis: Yes.
Gordon: Yep.
Chico: Well, you know something... You BOTH misunderstood the question, so it's thrown out. Match ends in a draw, no winner. Bow to each other.
Don: *Bows*
Travis: *GONG*
Gordon: (Bows)
Travis: *bows*
Chico: Bow to me.
Ryan: *does a backflip*
Gordon: Flips the bird
Ryan: yowza!
Travis: Hey now.
Chico: *fist shakey* Okay, bow to me or Travis gets the point.
Gordon: Fine. (Bows). Anyways, we'll be back for a Big Finish right after this.

(Brought to you by Double Dip's Ice Cream Parlor. Run by three wise men since 2004.)

Brian: LOL
Gordon: I'll take one of each.
Chico: Hey, did I mention our year-end special is coming up?
Gordon: Why, no, you didn't. Tell us more, Uncle Chico.
Brian: Yes, tell us more.
Ryan: <Stewie Griffin> OH, DO TELL </SG>
Chico: This Christmas Eve, we'll go over the best and worst of game showdom, the best and worst of WLTI seasons 8 to 10, and maybe even a surprise or two. Because it is Christmas Eve after all. And anything can happen.
Don: Cool.
Chico: That's We Love To Interrupt's Third Annual 30th Anniversary Year-End Extravaganza, believe it.
Gordon: And while you're believing that, I believe we'll go to THE BIG FINISH
Chico: Big Finish time!
Gordon: The Apprentice - You've seen the Final Four. Who wins?
Ryan: America, when it finishes and we get a break?
Gordon: Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.
Chico: Randal. He's a lock.
Travis: If I could remember names, I'd give it...but I'd say the girl on the crutches.
Chico: Rebecca.
Travis: Randal's a lock for final two against Rebecca. Thanks, Chico.
Gordon: I have to agree with you there, Randal is Ivy Educated and he's been very impressive.
Chico: No prob. And he was the architect behind last week's sabotage :-) Wheel of Fortune, another week, another $100,000 win.
Ryan: Ah! But where is the Luggature? WHERE IS IT?
Don: If it wasn't for the fact that where I live, both Wheel and Millionaire are on at the same time, I'd have seen that.
Chico: Yeah. Oh well. It was won by another pair of teen best friends. That makes two wins for them. They're just lucky for them, you know? I can't explain the physics behind that one.
Travis: With $100,000, they could build their own luggature with real Gucci.
Chico: Dude... Louis Vuitton.
Gordon: The WOF loves kids, apparently. But Can They Sing - Can Bai Ling make it to the Final Show?
Chico: No. Carmine vs. Michael, I think The mobster vs. the Power Ranger.
Gordon: I'll say Carmen Vs. Bai, in the search for the biggest train wreck.
Travis: Bai Ling can't make it thru this week, guaranteed.
Chico: Speaking of trainwrecks, it's time for viewer mail!
Gordon: YAY! Do we have mail?
Chico: We sure do, skip.
Brian: Ta da!
Chico: First up, from Ben Wiles. Thanks, Ben!
Travis: Yay, Ben!

From: Ben Wiles

As one of the 148 people whacked by the Jennings guillotine, I have mixed feelings about his effect on the game. On the one hand, the first week of KJ's run only drew a 5.9 national rating.  The ratings have plummeted since his departure, but they are not as low as they were at the beginning.  Thus, millions of people saw my game who wouldn't otherwise (but not in my high school home town -- stupid Monday Night Football).  Media ho?  Who, me? On the other hand, there were probably 50 or so of the 148 KJL's (as we styled ourselves) who were good enough to win a game, with a good dozen potential multi-day winners and al least 3 potential TOC players.  Likewise, every really good player since has been compared to Ken -- not really a fair comparison, given how easy a game Jeopardy is to lose.  It's harder now to understand just how good Maria Wenglinski or Kerry Breitenbach or even David Madden really are.  They may be good (Maria and David UTOC-good), but they're no Ken Jennings. I still watch Jeopardy religiously (I've missed four games in the last 3 1/2 seasons).  People who watched Jeopardy BKJ still do.  Most of the new people, though, are gone and unlikely to return until another superchamp comes along during an otherwise-slow news period. Just my 2 cents.

Chico: Wow. Long one. Thanks for writing Ben... Couldn't agree with you more.
Gordon: Great e-mail.
Chico: I mean, as easy as a game is to lose, it's almost as easy for a really good player (the current champ Bill MacDonald comes to mind) to start a multi-day clip (we're talking Tom Walsh-level clips, not the monster 20 or 30). As for the viewers that are waiting for the next great champ to arrive, that, like the Fox series of the same name, may be well-promised, but far-coming. Holding out hope for Bill, though..  Crossed fingers. More mail?
Gordon: I have one from John Lee
Chico: We always get mail from John Lee. =)
Travis: Wow. Two letters!
Gordon: We love your mail, John. Recurring writers are always a good thing.

From: John Lee

Hey guys, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I've got a couple questions for you:

1. On Jeopardy, I've noticed that on the Final Jeopardy clues, you can wager zero, but you can't on Daily Double clues. Is there any particular reason why you can't wager nothing on a Daily Double, even though the rule clearly states you can "wager ANY or all of your money" (just like FJ)?

2. On the JD Roberto version of STYD, I've noticed that, in the bonus round, after a shopper opens a box, he/she must wait for the partner to hand the prize off. What's the reasoning for that? Because, IIRC, on the Pat Finn version(s), the shopper (female) opened the boxes, and never handed the prizes off to the runner (male). Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like the runner was allowed to actually "take" the prize to either the prize table or exchange it. That's all I have for now!


Gordon: Thanks for the e-mail, John
Chico: Thanks, John! I wish Jason was here...
Gordon: Calling now....
Chico: Wow. Well, while we get ahold of our phone-a-friend, as for STYD, this was just one of the rule changes implemented from the transition from the Finn-era to the Roberto-era. There were many... So many that we can't possibly go through..them all... nor do we want to :-)
Gordon: ok - I got in touch with Jason.
Travis: (*as Art Fleming*) The Answer is...
Gordon: The answer is from our Contestant Jason, who says that according to the briefs, you HAD to bet something. The minimum bet...$5. Hence that's why you saw the $5 bets from David Madden. It now makes a little more sense now, doesn't it?
Chico: Yes. Yes it does. Okay, one more!
Don: Wow.
Chico: From Dooooooooooug Morris! Had him on the show a while back.

From: Doug Morris

If Bai Ling spoke two languages fluently, would that make her bilingual?

Chico: .... OLD JOKE!
Don: lol
Gordon: VERY old - as we said it on the But Can They Sing Recaps.
Chico: Okay, close it up. Gordon, how can our great viewers send us some more cool stuff?
Gordon: They can send it to us via
Chico: The really cool letters we frame! :-)
Gordon: We love framing letters. We really do.
Chico: Time to tuck this badboy in and send it to bed. Big thanks to Alex Davis, Brian Moore, Travis Schario, Don Harpwood and Ryan Vickers
Gordon: For Chico and everyone at Game Show Newsnet, this is Gordon, saying Game Over!
Chico: And spread the love!
Brian: We're outta here! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Ryan: Happy turkey folks!

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