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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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November 12, 2005

Joe: You know what the best part of this was? No lame Doppler jokes.
Gordon: We're saving them for later.
Chico: Oh crud. I forgot the lame Doppler jokes!
Joe: 9_9 Me and my big mouth.
Chico: Welcome back. This is still WLTI, we're still here... And it's time to play Categories!
Don: Whoo!
Joe: Cue the Jeopardy game board load-up SFX!
Chico: Here's how it works. Each category has a question. You answer. I give out points. Player with the most points wins one line of IM text to vent. Okay, here are ... the categories.


Chico: Gordon, it's half your show, you get to start.
Doug: Wait! Fast question. Shouldn't that fourth category be colored red?
Chico: No.
Doug: Oh.
Chico: Let's not go there.
Joe: Yes, please.
Gordon: We'll go with Clicks not involving Ryan Seacrest or a Rapping Dragon
Doug: LOL!
Brian: LOL
Chico: Okay, if you watched TPIR last week, you know that you can now get TPIR eTickets online. Rich made a new ticket plug to that fact. Question: Does it take anything from the show after us memorizing the addy to TV City for 33 years?
Joe: He had to get that in there.
Chico: Starting with Pepper.
Gordon: I don't think it does - because regardless of what the address is, you still need to make the outside pilgrimage in order to get in.
Chico: Brian?
Brian: No comment.
Chico: Doug?
Doug: It does. Leave the ticket plug as is. But, also dissolve quickly to a new GFX after the US mail GFX ... "or find out how to get tickets at OK, Bob."
Chico: Don?
Don: I don't think it takes much from the show. I mean, sure, the snail mail ticket plug has been a tradition, but with so many people on the Internet these days, I think it was only a matter of time, to be honest.
Chico: Joe?
Joe: I think it was a necessity. As cool as the plug was, technology marches on, and in order for the show to keep pace, eTicketing was inevitable. Besides, it'll be funny to hear whoever announces the TPiR icebreaker at the GSC next year try to do it.
Chico: Okay. I agree that Doug has a point. Keep the ticket plug as it is, but pan to, because some of us don't have computers. But everyone scores but Brian here.

Doug - 3, Gordon - 1, Don - 1, Brian - 0, Joe - 1

Chico: And I remind you to keep the game going. You get 10 seconds, then I lock you out. Doug, please pick.
Doug: OK. And The Jim Caldwell Award Goes To...
Chico: Question: Who is the most unlikely game show host that ever was? Doug, you're first, remember... keep it moving.
Doug: Richard Karn.
Chico: Don?
Don: I'll pass.
Chico: Joe?
Joe: Richard's predecessor: Louie Anderson.
Chico: On the buzzer, Joe. Gordon?
Gordon: Paul Reubens. You get to press on Pee Wee Herman's
Doug: TMI. T M frickin I.
Chico: No comment. Brian?
Brian: Frank Nicotero.
Chico: You're all wrong. The correct answer is Donny Osmond.
Brian: I should have known.
Chico: But I'll give everyone but Don one point for trying.
Doug: Whoops! My next guess ... Patrick Wayne.
Gordon: I wouldn't say that, Donny has hosted many shows before Pyramid.
Chico: Okay.. Howie Mandel. There. Happy?
Gordon: I'll give you Howie.

Doug - 4, Gordon - 2, Don - 1, Brian - 1, Joe - 2

Chico: Don, please select a category.
Don: Player's Club.
Chico: Question: FremantleMedia is mulling bringing Ant & Dec's Game Show Marathon stateside. What game show should be included? Don?
Don: Sale of the Century!
Joe: Don's been hanging around me too much.
Chico: Back to Joe.
Joe: Card Sharks.
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: The Panamanian version of Millionaire, so Chico can finally get on TV and play.
Joe: lol
Chico: Brian?
Brian: Card Sharks.
Chico: Dougie?
Doug: An eight letter word. The clue is -- the best ever game show based on a board game. SCRABBLE!
Chico: Okay, everyone plays, everyone wins 2 points, except for Gordon, who gets -1 point for being a jackass.
Gordon: I know as a co-moderator that I have no chance of winning, so why not play the Woody Paige card?

Doug - 6, Gordon - 1, Don - 3, Brian - 3, Joe - 4

Chico: No, as a jackass you have no chance of winning. Gordon, you're behind, you get the next pick.
Gordon: Fear and Loathing on Tuesday nights
Chico: Question: Fear Factor's chances on Tuesdays with its new twists and turns? Gordon first.
Gordon: Very good, as there's nothing else on NBC.
Chico: Brian?
Brian: If they can live up to the height on a promo I saw tonight, then a damn good chance is there.
Chico: Doug?
Doug: Its chances are Slim and None. And Slim just left town.
Chico: Don?
Don: Looking quite good to me.
Chico: Joe?
Joe: Personal dislike aside, I honestly haven't heard about the new format yet. That said, the show's long out of business.
Doug: (sorry...never been a Fear Factor fan)
Joe: Me neither.
Chico: Way to invalidate yourselves. Anyway, Fear Factor, while good in its prime, is now going slowly downhill. I don't think a move to Tuesdays is a helper so much as it is we have no timeslots left. So no score. But a bonus to Gordon for putting up that point that there is nothing else on.

Doug - 6, Gordon - 2, Don - 3, Brian - 3, Joe - 4

Chico: You're still behind, so you're up.
Gordon: Life, The Universe, and Every Thing.
Chico: Worst waste of a Wheel of Fortune category. Gordon? That would be the most superfluous, that is. A category that brings nothing to the party.
Gordon: Fun and Games. Can we make a bonus round any easier with a Fun and Games category?
Chico: Brian?
Brian: Around The House.
Chico: Doug?
Doug: Gotta go with the most recent, courtesy of NOLA Food Week. In The Kitchen.
Chico: Don.
Don: I'll just say Living Thing. *Shrugs*
Joe: "Where Are We?" Whatever happened to "Place?"
Chico: Anyway, I'll have to go with everyone but Don again. But the most superfluous... Joe's.

Doug - 7, Gordon - 3, Don - 3, Brian - 4, Joe - 7

Chico: Last category could decide the game. It is IF YOU CAN'T GO TO COLLEGE, GO TO DUKE.
Doug: Tie ballgame. :-)
Joe: Okay.
Chico: Question: what's keeping the college players this week from making the big score? Don, you're first. Big 10 point question, so anyone can win.
Don: I'll go with a lack of guts.
Chico: Gordon?
Gordon: It's too close to Duke. The radiation affects their brain patterns.
Don: lol
Chico: That much I'll agree on. Brian?
Brian: Duke being a dry campus (meaning no beer allowed).
Chico: Doug?
Doug: Bummed they weren't playing the game at UNC?
Chico: Joe?
Joe: I'm thinking high level of competition. Lots of good players in play.
Chico: Okay... Doug and Gordon get 5 for good, but not right answers. Joe and Don get 10 for good and right answers... and Brian gets nothing because they played the games at State.  So to total it up...

Doug - 12, Gordon - 8, Don - 13, Brian - 4, Joe - 17

Chico: Joe is the winner! Which means he gets the floor. Take it away and be quick. :-)
Joe: Cook me in oil and call me a French fry...I won a WLTI game.
Chico: Take it, French Fry.
Joe: When are we gonna see Temptation come to America? Let's see if Fremantle will have some balls and bring this great show to our shores.
Brian: Boy, I hope that Fremantle doesn't F' up SOTC/Temptation like they did with some other revivals and I'm looking at the 2001 revival of Card Sharks.
Chico: Well met. Okay, when we return... Gordon's a daddy looking for his mami.
Brian: Huh?
Chico: Trust me. It'll make sense after the break.
Gordon: We need women...well, we do...and maybe we'll find some on the next segment.

(Brought to you by Bard Sharks. Forget about turning over the cards. This competition will be based on who can create the best opening poems)

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