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24 people, $50,000. Only thing that separates the two are pain, humiliation, and a bunch of ruthless obstacles.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA
Web abc.com/wipeout
Airs 8p Thurs, ABC

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Episode 4.22 - You're All Acting Like Babies!
July 21

You've frozen through the winter... You've sneezes through the spring... Now it's batter up for some Big Ball action! Welcome to the summer of WIPEOUT!


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- The Teeter Towers... An old favorite from way back in season 1.
- The Big Balls... now with Dreadmill Motivator
- The Mood Swing... A slide bounces over to the giant swing going in the wrong direction.
- The Wipeout Nursery... Call mom!

We start, as always, with 24. We end, as always, with the 12 best times.

Notable: beekeeper Patricia Garza makes it across the Big Balls. Same cannot be said for the Mood Swing.

- Memory coach Laura Leband
- Party animal Lindsey Glick
- Bradley "Home Loaner" Bickel
- Sam "Bullfrog Assassin" Stewart
- Amanda Leberge
- Beekeeper Patricia Garza
- Travis "Socially Awkward" Dixon
- Clownselor Steven Miller
- Donelle "Mr. Wigglesworth" Williams
- Bonni Peery
- Rocketman Marco Suazo
- Christie Mercado


Contestants will start on the red track, grab a red dangler, and make it to a red spot that leads to a yellow dangler and do the same thing with a yellow double dangler. If they wipeout before the spot, they'll have to go back to the start, but the first three teams to avoid the sweeper arms and make it to the finish target move on to the next stage.

- Party animal Lindsey Glick
- Sam "Bullfrog Assassin" Stewart
- Beekeeper Patricia Garza
- Travis "Socially Awkward" Dixon
- Clownselor Steven Miller
- Rocketman Marco Suazo

Meanwhile, we have a snap summer storm in time for...


The sweeper is covered in salmon, and the water is full of sake. Contestants will try to avoid being knocked out for three rounds with a raising sweeper. Last one standing at the end of each will head to the Wipeout Zone.

- Sam "Bullfrog Assassin" Stewart
- Travis "Socially Awkward" Dixon
- Clownselor Steven Miller


It's the moment you've been waiting for. Only one thing stands between our players and $50,000... A BRAND NEW WIPEOUT ZONE!

- The Chairborne
- The Over and Out
- The Point Break
- The Coin Toss

There's a check in the amount of $50,000 American cash money waiting for the person with the fastest time.

First up, Sam Stewart jumps 25 feet in the air, deep into the Wipeout Zone. He wedges himself in the Over and Out... but wipes out... twice. Third time lucky. Next, a paint blast on the Point Break. He sticks the landing after four wipeouts, and he's going to have to crawl over the Coin Toss with a time of 9:34.

Next up to challenge... Steven Miller hopes to take the money and run. Let's see how this clown goes. He has NO IDEA what to do. He too is third time lucky. He's about 25 seconds out... but wipes out again. One more and he's outta here... LANDS IT! He has less than 30 seconds for the Coin Toss... but that's it. The comedy is over.

Can Travis Dixon make the run for the money? He has three minutes to figure out the Coin Toss.. Second time ... NAILS IT FOR THE $50,000! TRAVIS DIXON, THE WIPEOUT CHAMPION THIS WEEK!

More obstacles and more wipeouts next time. Good night... and Big Balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout