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24 people, $50,000. If you're allergic to padded pain and fun-filled obstacles, you probably don't want to be on this course!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host John Anderson & John Henson
Correspondent Jill Wagner
Creators/EP Matt Kunitz & Scott Larsen
Packager Pulse:creative & Endemol USA
Origins Agua Dulce Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, CA
Web abc.com/wipeout
Airs 8p Tues, ABC

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Episode 4.9 - Spring Wipeout:
March 17

There's an old Buddhist saying... "Winter never fails to turn into spring." We had the winter of our discontent for the last eight episodes... But today, here comes the sun! Get ready for SPRING WIPEOUT!


Tonight, the Qualifier consists of...

- The Bed Bugs... Bedhead takes on a new meaning with spring-activated headboards and giant insects.
- The Big Balls... Now with a new SPRING-ovator conveyor belt. No spring there, though. Plenty of spring on the Balls, though.
- The Spring Fling... Giant swing going in the wrong direction.
- The Wipeout Kitchen... Three square meals launching square on your belly, followed by two hurdles.

The 24 spring breakers will take on the course, and the 12 with the fastest times will advance to stage 2.

Cynthia Magana
Edgar "The Nosepicker" Bravo
"Faux Frenchman" Joey Pierre
"Bad Hair Irma" Ellis
Brent "Brogre" Ellis
John Adams
Dave Chambers
Tawny "Da Bomb" Davis
Hailey "Wolf Woman" Welch
Econ Professor Jennifer  Halvorsen
Traffic conductor Amanda Lee
Rod "Hah-vahd" Plaza


What's a spring fling without a carnival classic? Contestants will start on the red track, grab a red dangler, and make it to a red spot that leads to a yellow dangler and do the same thing with a yellow dangler. If they wipeout before the spot, they'll have to go back to the start, but the first six to avoid the sweeper arms and make it to the finish target move on to the next stage.

"Faux Frenchman" Joey Pierre
"Bad Hair Irma" Ellis
Brent "Brogre" Elder
Tawny "Da Bomb" Davis
Econ Professor Jennifer  Halvorsen
Rod "Hah-vahd" Plaza


The mountain has melted, and has revealed... a saloon. Each of the three rounds will start with a spin around the Dizzy Dummy. First up, players will have to dive off of the Springboards onto a rotating platform and a bouncing box. Then it's onto the Crankshaft, the Knee Sweeper, and the Spinning Platform onto the finish. Wipeout at the Crankshaft or the Knee Sweeper, and you can start back there. And here to help out the wipeouts are a couple of the rootinest tootinest shootinest cowpokes that ABC could find.

"Faux Frenchman" Joey Pierre
Brent "Brogre" Elder
Rod "Hah-vahd" Plaza


Back and with a spring fresh smell, it's the toughest of the courses, the Spring Wipeout Zone! Tonight's lineup...

- The Spring Shot
- The Over and Out: two rotating cliffhangers with floors on both the top and the bottom... but the bottom... or is it the top... has a hole.
- The Point Break: climb up one end, then time the slide down to the other.
- The Coin Toss: heads or tails, it adds up to eight spinning platforms on to the finish.

Fifty large goes to the quickest time.

First up, all 6-foot-8-inches of Brent Elder. He seemed to gain a footing on the Over and Out, but he takes a plunge. Second time's a charm. Oh, did we mention a shower on the Point Break? Because that's important. He got off too soon, though, and ends up with a time of... 7:36.

Second, Rahd from Hahvahd. He's outpacing Brent on the Point Break, but he gets exhausted quickly, and NARROWLY makes the leap to the Coin Toss. He leads with 4:28.

It's up to Joey Pierre to beat the time... He makes a costly wipeout at the Point Break, but will he make up the time? NO HE WON'T! CUT A CHECK TO ROD PLAZA, THIS WEEK'S SPRING WIPEOUT CHAMPION, FOR $50,000!

And the spring has just sprung. We'll spring 24 more people onto the course for $50,000 next time. Until then, good night... and big balls.

To view this episode in its entirety or to apply to be a contestant on "Wipeout", go to abc.com/wipeout