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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Sister Act
August 25

Last time, Kaylin & Stephanie won $1000. Then they played Movin' on Up... and THIS happened...

Computer: "Level 2... FAILED."

Now, the conclusion of level 2.

Second attempt... COMPLETE (:03, $2500)

LEVEL 3 - $5000: BLIND BALL. BOTH contestants must spin themselves dizzy whilst blindfolded, then, blinded and dizzy, grab two of four polypropylene balls set across the stage.

First attempt... FAILED (TIME OUT, ONE LIFE remaining)

Final attempt... FAILED (TIME OUT, GAME OVER). But the ladies leave with $1000.

You can't win them all, but maybe KANDIS & KRISTIN ERICKSON of West Hollywood, CA have what it takes to take on the 60-Second Circle.

LEVEL 1 - $1000: TILT-A-CUP. One contestant must bounce a ping pong ball off the ground, while the other catches it in a stack of six plastic cups they are holding. The player must then transfer the top cup to the bottom of the stack and then repeat the process until all six cups have a ping pong ball in them. (HIGH SCORE: :32)

First attempt... COMPLETE (:08, $1000).

LEVEL 2 - $2500: CLIPPER. Using binder clips the contestant must roll ping pong balls down a slanted table into a row of three binder clips.

Kandis has a minute to win it...

First attempt... COMPLETE (:18, $2500).

LEVEL 3 - $5000: BABY BLOCKIN'. One of the sisters must balance five alphabet blocks on a plate resting atop their head.

The one... Kristin.

First attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO LIVES remaining)


Second attempt... COMPLETE (:10, $5000)

LEVEL 4 - $10,000: VOLCANO. The sisters must create a Diet Cola/mint cascade from 9 feet in the air.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:43, $10,000)

LEVEL 5 - $50,000: FLIP YOUR LID. The sisters must flip an inverted plastic cup onto a soda bottle one foot away.

First attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE LIFE remaining)

Final attempt.. COMPLETE! (:19, $50,000). The next game is for free money.

LEVEL 6 - $75,000: LAYIN' TRACK. The contestants must place clips of staples to form a track on a slanted table, going over three sections of erasers. Then they roll a marble down the track in hopes that it lands in a glass 12 feet away.

Kristin hopes to take the staples to Naples...

Only attempt... COMPLETE! (:01, $75,000)

LEVEL 7 - $125,000: CHOP STACK. Using only a pair of chopsticks, the contestant must stack four tubes of lip balm.

Kandis gets the nod... This is a $25,000 risk here.

Only attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, GAME OVER). But they leave with $50,000...

More money next week...


MINUTE TO WIN IT - Sisters Got Game - 8/31

We'll get to the games in a moment, but first, here's Mr. NBC with an announcement.

Mr. NBC: "Things ran a bit long, so we now join Minute to Win It already in progress, here on NBC."

The contestants in play are Shalaye & Taneshia Camillo from Boston. So far, they've won $5000. They're playing Play It By Ear for $10,000. Now you're caught up.

First attempt... COMPLETE! ($10,000)

LEVEL 5 - $50,000: TRIPLE PONG PLOP. Both contestants must bounce ping pong balls off of the surface of three 11-inch dinner plates and land a total of four in a fishbowl on the other side.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:31, $50,000)

LEVEL 6 - $75,000: SEPARATION ANXIETY.  Using one hand, separate one pack of 50 M&Ms into its five colors: red, orange, yellow, green, and my favorite... blue.

Shalaye's in it to win it...

First attempt... COMPLETE (:08, $75,000)

LEVEL 7 - $125,000: CD DOMINOES. The contestant must line up 20 jewel cases (presumably copies of "Get Up") around a red sticker in a way that, when one is tipped over, all of them fall and the final case in the series falls into a bucket located next to the contestant.

Taneshia gets this one.

First attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, TWO LIVES remaining)

Second attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, ONE LIFE remaining)

Final attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, GAME OVER). But the sisters leave with $50,000 for mom.

Next time, more of that good stuff...

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.