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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Girls of Summer
July 28

The Summer of Minute to Win It continues as we break out summer toys for the million, and one person in the audience will have a chance to play for a million dollars as the Million Dollar Mission continues. Enough millions for you? Let's play.

Playing tonight are sorority sisters JULIANA CAMPBELL & HALEY CALDWELL from Alpha Phi Sorority at the University of Arizona.

LEVEL 1 - $1000: HOOP DE LOOP. The contestant must roll a hula hoop so that it comes to rest surrounding a group of three 2-liter soda bottles.

And as always, "Failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in... ELIMINATION."

They will compete as a team on this challenge.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:37, $1000).

LEVEL 2 - $2500: HIGH AS A KITE. Wearing a baseball cap with a kite attached, the contestants must keep it in the air for 60 seconds.

Haley plays this challenge.

First attempt... COMPLETE ($2500).

LEVEL 3 - $5000: WELL DONE. The contestant must guide four golf balls into four small vent holes next to each other in a glass bowl without using their hands. The contestant fails the challenge if any of the balls falls off.

Juliana practiced... she's going for it.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:24, $5000).

LEVEL 4 - $10,000: WHIPPERSNAPPER. Using a towel attached to the floor, both contestants must whip TWO ping pong balls 15 feet to an innertube.

First attempt... FAIL (No balls, TWO LIVES remaining).

Second attempt... FAIL (Still no balls, ONE LIFE remaining).

Final attempt... COMPLETE (:28, $10,000). This is for the second milestone.

LEVEL 5 - $50,000: SPARE ME. The team of contestants must drop marbles down pool noodles to knock over five pieces of chalk.

Only attempt... COMPLETE (:17, $50,000).

LEVEL 6 - $75,000: BEACH TENNIS. Playing as a team, the ladies will use scuba flippers to rally a ping-pong ball across the 60 Second Circle and into a waiting cooler. A carry or double-hit will count as a loss of life.

Only attempt... Looks like it went in, but we had to go to the power cam... There was a carry and a double hit on Haley's part. (GAME OVER). But they do leave with $50,000!

Next up, NATHAN MOON and CHELSEA CHINERY from California. They're perfect strangers hoping to win the million. They met at training camp for the show, but had no idea that they'd be playing together.

LEVEL 1 - $1000: TILT-A-CUP. The contestant must bounce a ping pong ball off the ground and catch it in a stack of six plastic cups they are holding. The player must then transfer the top cup to the bottom of the stack and then repeat the process until all six cups have a ping pong ball in them.

Chelsea wants this one...

First attempt... COMPLETE (:32, $1000).

LEVEL 2 - $2500: GLASS ROAD TRUCKER. The contestant must line up 8 upside-down glass soda bottles and then blow a ping pong ball across the bottles so that it lands in a shot glass positioned at the other end of the table.

We'll play this in a moment, but right now, it's a Million Dollar Minute with... KATHERYN MARTINEZ, a bartender. It's her chance at the Minute to Win It Million Dollar Mission. All she has to do to win the million is get past Supercoin in one try.

LEVEL 10 - $1,000,000: SUPERCOIN. One quarter could win you $1 million. The contestant must bounce a quarter 15 feet into a water jug 5 gallons in volume with an opening 1.75 inches in length. "Completing this task in 60 seconds will make you a MILLIONAIRE."

Only attempt... FAIL.

Back to "Glass Road Trucker". Chelsea plays this challenge.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:24, $2500).

LEVEL 3 - $5000: RULER OF THE WORLD. The contestant must guide a marble down a ruler so that it comes to rest in a hole on the ruler's far end.

Nate says that he can apply some science to this game. So that's what's going to happen.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:13, $5000). Their road to Minute to Win It glory continues next time...

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.