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March 14


A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Guy Fieri
Game Agents Lauren Gilmore
Ai-Li Wang
Announcer Tom Kane
Creator Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
Estelle Bodėn
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
Estelle Bodėn
Packager Friday TV & Smart Dog Media for Universal Media Studios
Origins CBS Studio Center, Los Angeles
Web nbc.com/minutetowinit
Airs 8p Sun, NBC
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Episode 103
March 21

Last time on "Minute to Win It", Big Steve Collier and Rachel Adams won $50,000 a piece. then Mark Staniec won $2500 for dealing out some cards. Now he goes for $5000 in level three, en route to a perfect 10 payoff of $1 million. He has two lives remaining.

LEVEL 3 - $5000: SPEED ERASER. Using a pencil's rubber eraser, you have to bounce seven pencils into seven glasses.

And as always,  "failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

First attempt... FAIL (one life remaining)

Second attempt... COMPLETE (:10, $5000). Mark continues on for $10,000... after some prodding from the wife.

LEVEL 4 - $10,000: BUCKET HEAD. Standing five feet from a wall, a player must bounce 10 ping-pong balls off of a floor onto the wall and into a bucket on his head one at a time.

First attempt... only seven for a FAIL (GAME OVER), and the only thing Mark is going to get is a standing ovation.

Next player to come to play for a million, a band geek turned makeup artist, Hanford, CA's ELIA CANTU. She's got a tattoo from a stint on a trumpet. Can she set a record tonight like she did at high school?

LEVEL 1 - $1000: THIS BLOWS. A contestant must inflate a balloon, then use the escaping air to knock down 15 plastic cups. This must be repeated until all of the cups are knocked out.

First Attempt... COMPLETE (:18, $1000). Elia decides to play on...

LEVEL 2 - $2500: FACE THE COOKIE. A contestant must move two cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles.

First Attempt... COMPLETE (:17, $2500). We're going forward with...

LEVEL 3 - $5000: BITE ME. A contestant must raise five paper bags off of the floor and onto podiums using only their teeth. No body part besides the feet may touch the floor.

First Attempt... COMPLETE (:33, $5000). After a happy dance, Elia gets the blueprints for...

LEVEL 4 - $10,000: LONER. A contestant must shoot marbles at a single pencil 15 feet away to knock it down. She has 20 marbles to do it.

First Attempt... COMPLETE (:34, $1000). Now to play for guaranteed money with...

LEVEL 5 - $50,000: BLIND BALL. A contestant must spin themselves dizzy whilst blindfolded, then, blinded and dizzy, grab two of four polypropylene balls set across the stage.

First Attempt... FAIL (two lives remaining).

Second Attempt... FAIL (one life remaining).

Final Attempt... COMPLETE (:29, $50,000). That money is Elia's to keep no matter what happens, so there's no reason not to go on with...

LEVEL 6 - $75,000: KEEP IT UP. A contestant must keep two feathers up in the air using only the air in their lungs. The feathers cannot touch the ground or the player's body.

Final Attempt... FAIL (:14, GAME OVER). But Elia leaves with $50,000.

Next up, we have two players...

- BLAKE DUPLANT; 26 ; Labelle, TX

They'll be playing in an elimination level to determine who'll get a shot at the million.

ELIMINATION LEVEL 1 - $1000: MOVIN' ON UP. The contestant is given a stack of 49 blue cups and one red one. Using alternating hands, he must move the red cup from the bottom to the top and back to the base by taking blue cups from the top and moving them to the bottom. The first person to get their red cup to the base will move on to the next level.

WINNER.... Blake (:07, $1000). Blake will return next week to take on the other nine levels. He's nine minutes away from a million!

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.