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A million dollars can be yours if you have a minute...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Guy Fieri
Game Agents Lauren Gilmore
Ai-Li Wang
Announcer Tom Kane
Creator Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
EP Craig Plestis
Tim Puntillo
Mattias Olsson
Jock Millgårdh
Estelle Bodėn
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Episode 107: The Fire Fight
April 18

It's about to get plenty hot in here as firefighters, known for excruciating amounts of pressure on the job, will face a new type of pressure, as they go for $1 million in Guy's 60-Second Circle.

First up, from Farmingdale, NY, it's ERIC "Cookie" KUCK, a fire captain and paramedic.

LEVEL 1 - $1000: DIZZY MUMMY. Using only their bodies, a contestant must unwind an entire roll of toilet paper by spinning 360 degrees. If at any time the paper rips, the game is over.

And as always,  "failure to complete this task in 60 seconds may result in ELIMINATION."

First attempt... COMPLETE (:33, $1000). Cookie plays on with...

LEVEL 2 - $2500: Using only a drinking straw, a contestant must suck up chocolate candies and transport them atop positioned drinking straws. This must be repeated twice.

First attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, two lives remaining)

Second attempt... COMPLETE (:43, $2500)

LEVEL 3 - STICK THE LANDING. A contestant must flip a plastic bottle partially full of water so as to affect its center of gravity. The contestant will have 10 attempts to stick one landing.

First attempt... FAIL (BOTTLE OUT, one life remaining)

Final attempt.... COMPLETE (:39, $5000)

LEVEL 4 - BULB BALANCE. Using salt as a means of creating traction, a contestant must balance a light bulb and an egg. He must do this twice for a three count.

Only attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, GAME OVER)

No money, but maybe LA firefighter CEDRICK CLEVELAND will have better luck.

LEVEL 1 - $1000: FISH HEAD. A blindfolded contestant must put a lampshade over his head using a fishing rod.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:19, $1000). Cedrick goes on...

LEVEL 2 - $2500: KNOCK IT OFF. Using a ball of yarn and a contestant's lassoing skills, the contestant must knock off three out of five top soda cans perched at various heights while keeping the bottom one perched

First attempt... COMPLETE (:40, $2500).

LEVEL 3 - $5000: JUNK IN THE TRUNK. Eight ping-pong balls are loaded inside an empty tissue box attached to the small of the contestant's back. Using whatever movements are necessary, the contestant must empty the tissue box without touching it.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:49, $5000)

LEVEL 4 - $10,000: PAPER DRAGON. Using only your arms and hands, a contestant must unwind two rolls of party streamers. If the delicate paper tears, you may pick it up and start again.

First attempt... FAIL (TIME OUT, two lives remaining)

Second attempt... COMPLETE (:12, $10,000). The next game is for guaranteed money.

LEVEL 5 - $50,000: GO THE DISTANCE. Three pedestals are positioned five, six, and seven inches from the start. On top of each is a shot glass. Using only a tape measure, a contestant must place a ping-pong ball into each shot glass.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:11, $50,000). Next is the freeball.

LEVEL 6 - $75,000: MOUTH TO MOUTH. the contestant must pull a one dollar bill from between the mouths of two glass bottles without knocking them over.

First attempt... COMPLETE (:53, $75,000)... Cedrick will come back next time to try for more. He's four minutes away!

For more information on the games, and to see this episode in its entirety, go to nbc.com/minutetowinit.